The Golden State Warriors defeated the Los Angeles Lakers, 121-114. Stephen Curry (21 PTS, 10 REB, 10 AST) tallied his first triple-double since 2016, while Jordan Poole added 20 PTS (4 3PM) to lead the Warriors. Anthony Davis (33 PTS, 11 REB) and LeBron James (34 PTS, 11 REB, 5 AST) combined for 67 PTS for the Lakers.

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LA Clippers at Golden State Warriors – October 21st at 10pm/et on TNT

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40 Responses

  1. I'm Just Saying says:

    Russell used to worry about his numbers. Now he gotta worry about his playing time.

    • Adam Theman says:

      Brons teams always start slow, eventually find their identity, and put it all together by playoff time to make a run at a championship……This year will be no different! And Steph will likely drop at least 30 next game after an off shooting night, like he ALWAYS does!

    • Lovely Minx says:

      @LeUltraInstinct You’re a lebron fanboy but That was funny 😂😂😂

    • Jbearproductions 406 says:

      @LeBozo James

    • Mr. Fresh says:

      @TmacAttack? Manners? Da hell are you talking about? Movie critics don’t make movies, should they not be allowed to critique movies??

      Stop pretending like grown men who get paid millions of $$’s need to be shielded like they’re fragile. If they can’t handle being criticized, they don’t deserve being in the NBA.

      Care less about manners and care more about speaking facts and truth tactfully, regardless of who it offends. Only weak people get offended. 😁

    • Mr. Fresh says:

      @DW 19 First off, the word you wanted was transpose, you didn’t need to conjugate it.

      Second, this isn’t the preseason….. you truly must be a Lakers fan 🤣.

      Enjoy watching the worst franchise in sports history blow another season after attempting to buy everyone in the league and a championship.

  2. Sarah PRT says:

    The fact that they won w/ Curry’s horrendous shooting night is impressive.

  3. Kit Opetina says:

    Great ball movement by the Warriors. Lakers are still on “getting to know each other”.

  4. Some Guy says:

    Warriors finally look like they don’t have to depend on Steph for EVERY single possession

  5. I like turtles 21 says:

    Warriors has chemistry to play together and even old igi found the fountain of youth.

  6. Kurt Matulac says:

    Curry’s assists are crucial, Poole stepped up big time.

  7. Anthony Moore says:

    Dang. Curry had an off night, but still ended up with a triple double.

  8. Huzaifa Asif says:

    In the first half, Steph was getting mad doubled and Bazemore played good defense. Curry was just passing the ball around the whole game, he’s bringing the team together and I think that is what is going to help them be contenders rather than Curry averaging 30+ every game.

  9. Han Solo says:

    Lakers and Nets lose on the opening night. Funny how the warriors and bucks got no media love yet stepped up and showed out. Love it.

  10. metahand says:

    The Warriors played their first game like they’ve been playing midway through the season. Golden State back with Strength in Numbers.

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