The Golden State Warriors defeated the Portland Trail Blazers, 121-107. Jordan Poole led the way for the Warriors with 30 PTS, 5 REB and 5 AST, while Stephen Curry added 13 PTS, 5 REB and 5 AST in the victory. Damian Lillard tallied 19 PTS (6-8 FG, 5-7 3PM), 4 REB and 2 AST for the Trail Blazers in the losing effort. The Warriors improve to 1-0 in the preseason, while the Trail Blazers fall to 0-1.

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56 Responses

  1. chicknbs says:

    I’m a Blazers fan, but man, Poole is something different!

  2. Rjejdjjebdbd says:

    Man. Imagine how dangerous the warriors will be if Jorden Poole plays like this consistently with a healthy klay.

  3. King Taylor says:

    Curry must’ve been teaching Poole about shooting them deep 3’s like he does or something

  4. Edmond Richmond says:

    Moody, Jordan Poole, Kuminga, and Wiseman. The future of Dubs

    • gio vanni says:

      kuminga will be rookie of the year

    • Santa Clause says:

      U do know 3/4 probably won’t even be a warrior or any good in a couple years. I’m not even counting Poole as plans for the future lol. He won’t even play much. Already too many liabilities on d and shooters on the court for warriors, not like they need another. He’ll play like 10-15 mins a game tho. More if klay is out obvi.

    • Jay says:

      @Santa Clause too many liabilities on d and shooters? Bro have you even watched them or at least scouted the roster? So many players on this team that can lock down and score such as nemanja , Otto , Poole , JTA , Avery Bradley , wiseman , Steph , Klay , etc.

    • Jacob Jason says:

      @Santa Clause They said this about the 2015 and 2016 warriors.

    • Doffy Donquixote says:

      @Santa Clause genius..when u think that well thats the same that yannis, kd or tatum is playing 10-15 mins too

  5. Dezreel Jan Alfuente says:

    Adding porter, avery, iggy and bjelica is huge for the warriors.

  6. Carl Luis Cupido says:

    Hope warriors will be healthy throughout the season! 🤞

    • Carl Luis Cupido says:

      Yeah! They will have a good run in this season if they’re healthy.

    • Say _my_name says:

      Yes sir hopefully we stay healthy this time, and health is the only thing that can stop this team, I honestly believe we can beat any team if we can just stay healthy, very excited for this season especially to see our young guys Poole, Kumingod, Moody and Wiseman

    • Cucum Ber says:

      Yep, hope all teams will be healthy to be honest. It’s insanely boring to watch incomplete teams Matching Up at the playoffs every year. We need healthy teams yo

    • Doffy Donquixote says:


    • cherry wrldd says:

      i hope so

  7. Alphasaurus 94 says:

    Jordan Poole and Tyler Herro… the underrated 2019 picks.

  8. Kahmad Davis says:

    My god the Warriors are deep. A healthy Klay puts them right back into serious title contention. Favorites out the west if you ask me.

    • Spider-Man123 says:

      @DAB Smooth Beats I hope you realize that the Clippers are going to be playing without Kawhi, and that the Nuggets are going to be playing without Jamal. Let’s not forget the Warriors had a top 5 defense last year, now with some new additions and the return of Klay they can possibly be a top 3 defensive team in the league. The only struggle was the Warriors offense last year and it’s inconsistency. Now with Klay coming back, Poole looking better than ever, and additions like Bradley and Porter Jr they could be lethal on the offensive end, and their deeper then the 2021 Warriors lmao

    • The King With 34 subscribers says:

      @Kalynn Foster I meant hes the highest

    • Jams says:

      @DAB Smooth Beats you been speaking pure bullshit this entire thread. the Warriors can still defend and size isnt as much of an issue as you think it is. Ask any big in the league about Draymond’s defense on them and see how they respond. The Warriors know how to play winning basketball now with Klay returning, they have the pieces to see it through. Just say youre a Laker fan and move along.

    • Kahmad Davis says:

      @DAB Smooth Beats The only truth you stated was Iggy age & Klay injury. Again it’s wishful thinking either way of how Klay is going to play. However im taking a “not the same” Klay over damn near every player outside of Joker on those teams you listed. Kwahi and PG are simply unreliable. Health & effort wise.

    • Kahmad Davis says:

      @Dew Man The bench is much weaker? Lol.

  9. GlanzerGaming says:

    Love seeing Poole develop so well. Always liked him and his game a lot. Let’s get it Dubs!

  10. Brandon Ladelle says:

    Poole is obviously on a mission this year 💯. He’s going to extend the big 3 to 4 this year and I’m excited to see how it will frustrate every team this year. I love my team man. Made me proud today.

    • Cashmade Shawn says:

      It’s crazy cuz when he got drafted 2 seasons ago and I seen him play, I saw somethin in him that made me feel like the warriors didn’t realize what they had. I was like “yooo, the man has got some real talent and potential If he stays in the gym” now to see him ballin like this I’m just like make me a talent scout already 😂

    • IAmYeyito says:

      @Cashmade Shawn Fr in 2 k i fell in love with him😂😂😂

    • Doffy Donquixote says:

      @IAmYeyito hes my 6thman in 2k in averaging 25ppg 5apg 5spg 1bpg😅

    • Marcus Rougeau says:


    • Juniooor says:

      Same! Warriors are going to do very good this season!

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