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The Golden State Warriors defeated the Washington Wizards, 96-87. James Wiseman led all scorers with 20 PTS (8-11 FG), 9 REB and 2 AST, while Stephen Curry added 6 PTS, 3 REB and 2 AST for the Warriors in the victory. Rui Hachimura tallied 13 PTS and 9 REB for the Wizards in the losing effort. The Warriors improve to 1-0 in the NBA Preseason, while the Wizards fall to 0-1.
Next Game:
Washington Wizards vs. Golden State Warriors – October 2nd at 1am/et on NBA TV

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52 Responses

  1. Rose Macasaol says:

    Hopefully, Wiseman plays like this for the rest of the season.

  2. I miss the part where that's my problem. says:

    I love the crowd in japan they all cheering both teams as long as its a good basketball they are all happy

  3. B7 Sl says:

    Wiseman looking more comfortable out there.. league is shaking

  4. B-Fiber Production says:

    Good to see Hachimura back.

    • Shaolin says:

      @Sasaki Kojiro Olympics ain’t the NBA.
      Hachimura could be the first to play in an NBA game in Japan as a Japanese player.
      Not only that, it’s a preseason NBA game.

      As I said, I’m not about to google it.

    • Sasaki Kojiro says:

      @Shaolin yeah let’s just pretend olympics never happened 😂 whyd you even comment?

    • Jaquevious Russell says:

      @ybn. shieldz Bro…….He’s Canadian/English he said originated from Chicken and Waffle County in Serbia

    • Shaolin says:

      @Sasaki Kojiro he might mean the first Japanese player to play in Japan in the NBA. I’m not about to google whether Yuta Watanabe or Tabuse got to play in front of a Japanese audience.

    • Sasaki Kojiro says:

      @LeUltraInstinct he wasn’t even the first japanese player. Of course you happen to be a typical lebron apologist

  5. JOE WELL says:

    Love to see Wiseman play well! Can’t wait for the season.

  6. Tre Flock says:

    Japan crowd just give you so much serotonin. They are so excited for everything in the game, cheering on both teams 🥲🥲

    • Kanaia McNair says:

      It was a nice change of pace watching the crowd cheer for both teams. But I guarantee you they were only cheering for both teams because these teams don’t mean much to them since we’re across the world. They like the teams but it’s not the same as a person from San Francisco cheering on the GSW. If they were from San Francisco, they would NOT be cheering for both teams.

    • ZayToDiffrent says:

      @Vaughn Miller But y’all like to talk about the bulls In the FUCKING 80s and 90s saying he is the goat but when Lebron is mentioned the same rules don’t apply 🤦🏽‍♂️

    • Vaughn Miller says:

      @ZayToDiffrent bro brought up a finals that was 6 years ago wym he didn’t do anything 😭 he meat riding fs

    • ZayToDiffrent says:

      @Tre Flock He literally didn’t do anything for you to say that like y’all niggas quick to say something when Lebron gets mentioned 🤦🏽‍♂️

  7. Patrick Riñon says:

    Donte Divincenzo was a great pick up for the dubs, his 3 and d playmaking is a great fit for the warriors as you saw with those pick and roll passes to wiseman.

  8. Yer Boi says:

    Loved how Rui players out there today. Hope Davis develops more with these minutes

    • Dmannnnnnn says:

      @skillethead15 being real it’s another development season for the wizards but there on the right path

    • Nicestfilms says:

      @Golden State Fan since 1954

      Nope. Learn basketball

      Monte Morris, beal, Deni/Barton, Rui/Kuzma, porzingis, with a bench of Gafford, delon wright, Kispert, Johnny Davis, Taj Gibson:

      Is a 10th seed at the worst. They’re gonna be in the 6-8 range most likely. Not a play in team. Beal is one of them ones.

    • Golden State Fan since 1954 says:

      @skillethead15 10th seed at best

    • jf09 says:

      @Gabe Nieves we Def don’t need him but I just feels like a wasted pick how bad he has been. I hope your right tho

    • Gabe Nieves says:

      @jf09 I’m honestly not worried. I think he’s going to need some time to fully develop to the speed of the game and to get his confidence up to where it was at in Wisconsin. With the amount of depth we have this season, we don’t really need him to have a role atm. Alll he needs to focus on this year is to learn from his teammates, pay attention to details, and develop from there. He could really use a year of sitting, watching, and learning and/or even spending part of the season in the g-league. Keep in mind Jordan Poole was dog shit as a rookie and look at him now. Just give him some time

  9. tgeno bolton says:

    Wiseman looks like he’s moving smoother, moving faster, and getting better at screening and spacing.

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