Warriors blow out Blazers in Game 2 – Are they better without Kevin Durant? | UNDISPUTED

Warriors blow out Blazers in Game 2 – Are they better without Kevin Durant? | UNDISPUTED

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Did the Golden State Warriors’ Game 2 win over the Portland Trail Blazers prove they are better without Kevin Durant? Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe discuss.

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20 Responses

  1. Logan says:

    they are not better without Durant. They are just playing a weaker team in Portland

  2. Ester indi says:

    There are two things in the NBA that will never get the respect they deserve:
    LeBron and the Warriors.

  3. Kmd says:

    when durant is on the floor it’s to much thinking who will ” take the shots”

  4. Self Made Trillin says:

    KD should be the 6th man!


  5. I, Sheldon Cooper, want 15,000 Subscribers says:

    Kevin Durant is the second best player of his entire generation. Of course the Warriors are better with him.

  6. DJ KHALED SQUAD #WeDaBest says:

    On paper, yeah he looks better

    On the court, it’s a completely different story

  7. LordNaud Industry says:

    You know Shannon serious bout something when he cuts mid word to say “SKIIIP ??” ?

  8. K5 says:

    When KD is on the floor, Steph thinks to much, Klay does as well..”How many shots do I take”, “How many passes should I make”, “Who gets the ball in crunch time”, without KD they don’t have those issues

  9. Steph Curry The G.O.A.T says:

    I feel bad for KD. He’s in tough spot to where if he comes back and they lose everyone is gonna put the blame on him. I’m a Curry fan, but I know KD better and we cannot win the finals with the team we have currently without him

  10. UNDISPUTED ON FS1 says:

    Who is the most important player on the Warriors?

  11. Artur Vasiljev says:


  12. Commandosoap777 says:

    Again with this ? Make up ur damn mind one day they need him to make the finals the next they don’t . Of course they are better with kd a top 2 player but without him the bench players step up because they had to smh it’s common sense why do you think it’s called “strength in numbers ” .

  13. Chris Renshaw says:

    Warriors will win the title

  14. Adam Leon says:

    Didnt i tell you faggots
    Warriors own bLazers

  15. koen prins says:

    Imagine the Warriors winning the title without Durant, or with Durant on the bench. It would be hilarious.

  16. tod bob says:

    Curry > Lefraud

  17. Dennis Atsagbede says:

    What Shannon is neglecting is that Dame And Cj werent just cold but the defensive pressure from the warriors was monstrous. Thats why even with Stephs poor shooting night he had a +/- of 30+. The warriors are underrated defensively and as long as they keep this up then any team will struggle beating them, even if Steph and Klay shoot 35%

  18. nellymacc91 says:

    So Shannon sharpe is going to act like the warriors aren’t the number one team in defense? The warriors can shoot badly and still clamp you up and beat you….the warriors are showing that they can beat teams in multiple ways. They can outscore you, they can go to the paint, they can clamp you down defensively, play you physically etc ….. I think they can shoot bad and still beat the cavs or spurs just off of their defense.

  19. 1885xyz says:

    why ask this again and again

  20. Sam Koo says:

    This is all meaningless talk. Just give them the damn trophy already. The Warriors have no legitimate contenders in a 7 game series. Still, instead of hating, why not enjoy greatness?

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