Warriors’ only competition in the NBA is the Celtics and Raptors – Stephen A. | First Take

Warriors’ only competition in the NBA is the Celtics and Raptors – Stephen A. | First Take

Stephen A.Smith states his case that the only competition the Golden State Warriors will face this season is from the Boston Celtics and Toronto Raptors, however Stephen A. doesn’t expect any of these teams to win a series against Golden State. Will Cain argues that the only thing standing in the Warriors’ way is themselves, citing Kevin Durant’s emotions, Draymond Green’s mouth and DeMarcus Cousins trying to fit in with the team.

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92 Responses

  1. J Lee says:

    The finals if it comes to this
    GS vs Boston in seven
    GS vs Toronto in six
    GS vs Bucks in five
    GS vs Philly in five or swept

  2. ZOMBiE says:

    Blasphemy!!! OKC gonna take it all

  3. CK Montana says:

    Bucks a dark horse they can defend they got length

    • Liam Neeson says:

      I’m a Celtics fan but what’s with people sleeping on the Bucks. They’ve been top two in the east the entire season

    • Ha! bEsT tEaM iN tHe eAst says:

      +Liam Neeson bro they beat the warriors at oracle and then went into Milwaukee to destroy them to make a point. They have no chance against warriors. When warriors actually want to show you, they’re difficult to beat. Only raptors and celtics can compete. Get the fuck out of here with these stupid bucks. They aint shit

  4. Geoff Thompson says:

    76ers and OKC are solid teams as well. When you have a big 3, like Steven Adams, Paul George, and Russell Westbrook, along with Dennis Schroder and other pieces. Or, Ben Simmons, Joel Embiid, and Jimmy Butler, those teams are legit.

    • mitchtherevolution says:

      You need Three All-Star players to have a Big Three…

    • John Tatum says:

      Noooo Westbrook has to be shooting efficiently for them to beat the Warriors

    • Pg 13 for ThE liTtLe KiDSz says:

      I’d maybe give you the benefit of the doubt with okc. But the 76ers can’t compete. Regardless of how defensive these teams are. You can’t guard 5 all stars. So you pick ya poison. Which all stars u want to go off. Fr if it was a play off scenario. I’d make klay and Steph be the play makers. Focus on kd and boogie. Splash bros be non existent play off scene. With the exception of the one game they go off

    • The LeGiTnOuR says:

      mitchtherevolution hope your talking about okc, cause sixers technically got three all stars, we just have to wait for Ben

    • Michael Pham says:

      Geoff Thompson remember when that big 3 lost to the jazz in the first round last year?

  5. Kenneth Bevineau says:

    I see OKC being their toughest battle. They can defend, their long and let’s not forget about Steven Adams. Then you got Dennis Schroder coming off the bench.

    • Zachariah-Bin Yisrayl says:

      Kenneth Bevineau Look…Adams ain’t no slouch. But Boogie was THE BEST BIG MAN IN THE NBA before his injury. U can’t say that about Adams. Plus…Boogie is REAL good from 3. How is Adams gonna guard that ???

    • Taevon Jones says:

      C D Adams before Boogie got injured was matching up with him on the Pels consistently and was doing a good job

    • MysticMech says:

      The biggest thing, is efficient play at the PG position.
      Curry. Very efficient overall. From the line. Mid-range. Three.
      Westbrook. Volume shooter. low % from the line. Low % from the three.
      If it’s a bit more even… OKC has a slight chance.
      Then you have to deal with… Durant. Klay. Boogie. Green setting screens, pushing the ball after every miss, finding those great shooters!

      Look at it this way… which team is harder to stop?
      And which team can afford to have a couple of their top players off for a night and still smoke you?

      Just think about it, people.
      That’s all i’m saying.

    • thekingbradable says:

      +Jahleel Sayers Uh, yes he can lmao

    • Jahleel Sayers says:

      +thekingbradable no he can’t. No one in the NBA can. He is a brick wall.

  6. Ed Romero says:

    As I recall, a few weeks ago the Milwaukee Bucks were beating the Warriors by 42 early in the 4th quarter. Warriors coach decided to take out all his starters including KD, & played his bench players, essentially giving up on the game. KD looked lost out there against Giannis. Nobody on that Warriors team gonna be able to stop the Antetokuompo’s wrath in the Finals. I have the Bucks in 6 against the Warriors.

    • Ed Romero says:

      Bucks have road games against the Thunder & Raptors coming up. That’s 2 top 5 teams. I say Milwaukee wins both.

    • TIMOTHY CHENG says:

      Do u remember their second matchup in Buck’s Home Court?

    • M says:

      These people saying the Bucks won’t make it out there first round XD XD XD FOH. barring major injuries, the Deer will be a tough team in the playoffs.

    • Jason Jason says:

      Bucks ain’t good man, literally it’s a one man team: Giannis, without him y’all are shit.

    • DeadEyePickle says:

      Gurantee you Bucks will lose to Golden State or Toronto. They cant shoot 3’s but Toronto and Golden State can definitely shoot behind the arc. I’ll see you in July 🙂 By the way, there was a fanbase before they started winning chips fym. Im a new fan but I dont think anything is wrong with that.

  7. Doros Petsas says:

    The less everybody speaks for Milwaukee the better… for the Bucks.

    • Naruto Uzumaki says:

      +Chris Machado not in the playoffs, if Kyrie goes down with an injury than all of the players will get there touches and destroy the bucks

    • noah starr says:

      Naruto Uzumaki philly probably would stand no chance against boston, and we could take toronto to a game 7 and win, you know nothing about basketball, your irrelevent pretty much

    • CodyS777 says:

      That makes ZERO fuckin sense. If these NBA players weren’t fuckin stupid they wouldn’t pay attention to what Anybody Says. People shit talked Mike and he then went on to Win SIX Championships and SIX finals MVP’s. Let them talk, Let them scream like children. Only the greats will prevail REGARDLESS OF WHAT PEOPLE SAY.

    • CodyS777 says:

      Ben Mangrum If he is an idiot tell me how many Finals have they been to in the last decade?! Thats what I thought you dumb bitch. Bucks are the Rockets of the East, CHOKERS NOT CHAMPIONS.

    • yoo It's mel says:

      +Joh p the Raptors will fold b4 the bucks

  8. Pinky Ring says:

    Besides the warriors, the league is otherwise balanced and even. You guys are a bunch of wishful thinkers trying to make things seem more interesting than they are.

  9. Jaye Xl says:

    Okc pretty good . Don’t disrespect them and say that can’t compete

  10. snitch the snitch says:

    Warriors deserve all the praise they’re getting for the way they assembled this team and for their great style of play. Don’t get angry with their dominance just enjoy them playing together.

    • mediacenter man says:

      ‘Assembled’. Like people just bandwagoning? No props for the Snake and Boogie

    • Paulafan5 says:

      You had a 70+ win team and then added the best scorer in the league and now an all-star center… If they don’t win, the coach should be fired the second the game ends.

    • Sean Boyle says:

      Warriors went 6 games in the 2015 finals to a Cavs team without Kyrie and Love and then proceeded to blow a 3-1 lead in the 2016 finals. Then they have to add the 2nd best player in the league? Why are we praising them?

  11. Dt Finesse says:

    Raptors & Celtics ? Bro have you seen the bucks ???

  12. husbandofsamus says:

    Ignore the Bucks at your own risk!

  13. Shane Anthony says:

    I’m a Raps fan, but did they forget about the Bucks??? I’d say they’re a bigger threat than the Celtics right now. Sheeed, even i’m nervous about seeing the bucks in the playoffs this year.

    • Ben Mangrum says:

      Randall the kid My prediction is Bucks-Raptors in the Conference Finals too the team that I believe will go to the Finals will be the team that has home court advantage

    • Melbester9 says:

      +Sal S Because a lot of people still think the Sixers are better than the Celtics. That’s why. There’s a few that sleeping on them.

    • Fine Supplements says:

      Your a Raps fan? I feel sorry for you

    • Randall the kid says:

      +Ben Mangrum I agree with that … if the season was to end tomorrow both teams would have homecourt advantage in the first two rounds, but I will say both teams have proven they can win on each other’s court so even though having homecourt advantage is the goal… I think the team that’s playing the best basketball by that time will go to the finals ?

    • M says:

      Yeah I’m a Milwaukee native and Toronto has had our # the past few years. But the scales have tipped a bit with a new coach, player additions built around Giannis, and Giannis developing. But the Raptors is the team I would be most concerned about come playoff time.

  14. Dustin Bishop says:

    Lmfao the Bucks have the best record in the league and have shot more 3s than anyone not named Houston Rockets and Stephen A. Picks that part of their game to dissect.

    This show is silly.

  15. Nader Fawadleh says:

    Damn man as a raptors fan, how you gonna throw shade at the bucks like that.. they’re legit

  16. Brian Bustamante says:

    Why disrespecting the bucks so much damn???? Idk one player who can stop Giannis on that team

    • PRETTY FLACKO says:

      Randall the kid smh y’all trash ass bucks have one successful season and y’all be thinking y’all have arrived lmfaooo ????

      Gsw gon grab the brooms and y’all real quick (even if y’all are lucky to make it out of the first round ??????‍♂️

    • Ha! bEsT tEaM iN tHe eAst says:

      Warriors destroyed the stupid bucks at their home. Shut the fuck up. Everyone who knows bball know bucks cant compete especially not in the playoffs….

    • Myles Johnson says:

      Brian Bustamante Fuck is u talking bout KD is just as tall if not taller than Giannis and draymond green could also play help defense because we all the bucks can’t shoot

    • Kicknowledge Smith says:

      one man not beating the warriors!! sorry!! and who on the bucks stopping, klay, curry, KD, and boogie?!!

    • M says:

      @ha best team. And the bucks whooped the shit outta GS in GS and Giannis sat that game.

  17. GAMMA RAY says:

    Sixers are starting to get better…

    • Profound Sound says:

      GAMMA RAY i don’t think they could get past the bucks raptors or celtics in the playoffs. especially the celtics, they always struggle against them

  18. 925 Sports says:

    The Milwaukee Bucks are on pace to have the 3rd best season in the last 20 years. They are winning by 10 + points per game!

    Plus the Bucks match up best against the Warriors. Plain and simple the only team that can take down the Warriors is the Bucks.

    The people that are not respecting the Bucks, and are giving the Celtics respect are now watching basketball this year.

    The people that said the Sixers and Celtics were better than the Bucks lack NBA awareness. Bucks have a better starting lineup than any other team in the East. The Bucks were a Center and a good HC away from being the best team in the east. They got that in the offense. Not only are they the best team in the East. They are the best team in the NBA.

    • 925 Sports says:

      +Shane’s Camping vlogs … Yea that was with a horrible coach, and a real need at Center. Both those problems have been solved … I could see the Raptors getting them if they had home court advantage. But the Celtics are just highly overrated.

    • Boo Taylor says:

      They got put on punishment by their daddy Lebron…. Low key if he was still in the east they’ll get swept again…

    • MYKASKRRT says:

      FACTS!!!! These idiots didn’t even have bucks as top 3 this season yet bucks have the best records in several key categories, 3s, defense/offense, point differential etc. Literally entirely different team from last year because they got someone other than a high school coach.

    • Female Ass Is The Hottest Thing Ever says:

      3rd Best record in 20 last years ?
      2016 Warriors went 73-9
      2017 Warriors went 67-15
      2015 Warriors went 67-15
      2018 Rockets went 65-17
      2016 Spurs went 67-15
      2013 Miami went 66-16

    • James Deegan says:

      Whens the last time Milwaukees won a playoff series? 18 years ago… the bucks wont make it out the fucking first rd! There “star” player cant even shoot a fucking basketball but you wanna talk about playoffs? Giannis mr 18% from 3 fuck outta here. hey cementhead raptors the only team to have swept golden state this year. Now pick up the cheque cuz im done eating.

  19. CupofMilk 19 says:

    Not even mentioning the bucks or sixers is just disrespectful

  20. Nintendo Prime says:

    Stephen A: “their length, their athelericism, the way they get after you defensively”

    Ahh, so you mean the Milwaukee Bucks. After all, you just said all the things they do to teams defensively. Defense travels.

    If toronto can take em 7, got news for you.

    So can the Bucks.

    • Warren Mazengwe says:

      He only said Celtics cuz they playing tomorrow. Otherwise he wouldnt single them out. He would name 4 teams.

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