Warriors spoil Russ Westbrook’s Lakers debut on opening night – Skip & Shannon I NBA I UNDISPUTED

Warriors spoil Russ Westbrook’s Lakers debut on opening night – Skip & Shannon I NBA I UNDISPUTED

The LA Lakers’ opening night wasn’t as smooth as they’d have liked. After leading for all three quarters, the wheels came off for LA in the fourth quarter as the Golden State Warriors went on to win 121-114. LeBron James and Anthony Davis both had over 30 points, but Russell Westbrook finished with only eight points in his Lakers’ debut. Meanwhile, Steph Curry finished with a triple-double despite calling his own play quote: ‘trash.’ Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe react to the Lakers’ loss despite big games from AD and LeBron.

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About Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED:
UNDISPUTED is a daily two-and-a-half hour sports debate show starring Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe. Every day, Skip and Shannon will give their unfiltered, incisive, passionate opinions on the biggest sports topics of the day.

Warriors spoil Russ Westbrook’s Lakers debut on opening night – Skip & Shannon I NBA I UNDISPUTED

Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

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56 Responses

  1. Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED says:

    Listen to Out of Character: http://sprtspod.fox/OOC

  2. xx S H O C K HD says:

    The warriors having 30 assists on 41 shots reslly reminded me of the warriors form 5 years ago

  3. Tiger Hoods says:

    The fact that gs won with curry’s horrendous shooting night.. is impressive

  4. King Tshilobo says:

    This might sound crazy they don’t need Russ. Lebron and Rondo are their playmakers. As great as Russ is they played better when he was on the bench. Healthy Lebron and healthy AD can give you 70 pts combined. Then you get 16 from Melo and some bench points.

    • Eduardo Narvaez says:

      @King Tshilobo OLD LEBRON, naa, Ad should Anthony street clothes Davis should average what Emiid Averages

    • CactusJack22 says:

      They need players who know how to play defense, they have shooters, Buddy Hield probably would’ve been the better pickup for them tbh it seems to be what they need both offensively and defensively, Westbrook is not what they needed but instead what they wanted.

    • SpaceJam_J says:

      Russ should come off the bench and be surrounded by 4 shooters. It might be good because while the other teams starters are resting Brook can go to work on second units.

    • peewee3030 says:

      U do realize that this was only the 1st game, right?

    • Celly Cell says:

      Should’ve have gotten buddy

  5. Rambooo says:

    Westbrook didn’t play good at all but at the same time, Vogel didn’t put him in position to be successful either, he had that man running with Rondo 😂

    • michael hill says:

      @Taurean Z Depp exactly your a hater you bron fan’s lol 😂 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 yeah exactly no fair criticizing what so ever bum

    • Shaquille Heath says:

      @Taurean Z Depp you surely didn’t watch all of MIA games with the big 3 because he surely called the shots with Spo as he was LBJ’s “puppet”. He left because he had wanted to get Cavs to a ring.

    • Jalen Rushing says:

      Vogel is not an offensive minded coach I like his defensive approach to the game though but yeah it’s going to be harder for the team because he doesn’t know what to do he’s he hoping LeBron figures it out

    • Taurean Z Depp says:

      @jimmy because good coaches don’t get fired twice like Vogel did prior to becoming Lakers coach. He’s a puppet and everyone knows it except Bron worshipers 😂

    • amir ahmednur says:

      @michael hill yeah and people forget ty lue has championship pedigree

  6. Avi Gupta says:

    The Warriors bench is so damn deep and has so much basketball IQ and shooting. And this is without Klay and Wiseman 🤯

    • Johnny Baxter says:

      @spencer shaw Hes def not duncan or AD but hes good

    • CactusJack22 says:

      Not really, they honestly just outplayed the Lakers. That’s all it came down to, they played like a team while the Lakers didn’t.

    • spencer shaw says:

      @EastCoast Flame nah wiseman hasn’t really shown what he could really do but he still ain’t like et fr even when he did play he shouldn’t have been a number 2 pic specially after only play 2 games in college and you tripping if you think he’ll ever be better then LaMelo fawk no melo is cold enough to be the actual face of the NBA in a few years wiseman isn’t even that good to be a number 2 pic but we’ll see what he does on some yrs

    • spencer shaw says:

      @EastCoast Flame nd I’m definitely not hating I don’t even know dude I’m just keeping it real he gotta long way to go

    • peewee3030 says:

      U trippin

  7. OrlandoMagicFan9 says:

    I love this show so much. Of course I like when the Cowboys lose and see Skip’s reaction but the thing I love the most is when Shannon and Skip just talk like this on sports two friends talking sports without all the fighting and yelling you see on some other shows. Great clip.

    • Will M says:

      @OrlandoMagicFan9 ok got chu
      I’m an all around Washington fan
      Just rare to see a fan of dc and Orlando

    • Fiestaboy_kari says:

      @OrlandoMagicFan9 yeah unlike first take where Stephen A just yells at everyone and disqualifies others basketball or sports take on every topic.

    • LG3 says:

      I think Skip isn’t going all “Skip” because the Nets lost too.

    • TNAG says:

      @OrlandoMagicFan9So were you a Sonics fan when they were a team

    • OrlandoMagicFan9 says:

      @TNAG no grew up in DC not Washington state. Did not like basketball until Orlando got a team in 1989. I lived here in Orlando when they first became a team. I did think Shawn Kemp was always cool when he played for the SuperSonics though.

  8. Mr. 007 says:

    Lakers loss affected Unc Shay so much he even forgot to wear a tie today 😆

  9. Mahmoud Waheed says:

    Give some credit to the Warriors! they were down almost all game but they stayed in it until the last minutes.

    • GloNavy Tray says:

      Facts! Everyone talking about Russ playing trash which he did but can we close out a game with Lebron and AD on the court? 🤦🏾‍♂️

    • Eric Y says:

      That 5-0 preseason wasnt a fluke, I said this team is going to be good. I dont know about championship good, but they got back to what got them to the dance to begin with, unselfish basketball and a bench that doesnt suck.

    • Mahmoud Waheed says:

      @Eric Y also, we still have Klay, Wiseman, and Kumenga coming back.
      I think if the Warriors are healthy throughout the season they can challenge for the championship.

    • Michael Williams says:

      THANK YOU! All the “Well the Lakers didn’t do this…” and “The Lakers should have done that…” how about giving some credit to the Dubs for just being a better basketball team despite being at 85% health.

    • Roland Liggayu says:

      They need to put Westbrook to play point sometimes coz he needs the ball in he’s hand

  10. Deandre Enoch says:

    Jordan Poole was a big factor in the warriors win. He wasn’t talked about enough

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