Warriors Talk | Draymond Green – Oct. 8, 2022

Warriors Talk | Draymond Green – Oct. 8, 2022

Draymond Green met with the media prior to the Golden State Warriors’ last day of Training Campo.

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34 Responses

  1. Matt Herbert says:

    It’s crazy how it got reported as just an altercation. I moved on tbh and didn’t even think about it, but that video is honestly crazy. A full on knockout punch is a different story. It would’ve just been hidden and move on. It makes me wonder what other tiny stories have a bigger story behind them as well.

  2. Jason Austin says:

    You said all the right things, Dray. Now back it up. Anger management has to be tough in such a competitive environment. That fire you have is key to the teams success, but when it becomes toxic its time for you AND the team to reevaluate your worth. Find the balance! Dubs!

  3. Choo Fu Yen says:

    Sometimes just talking about your flaws and remorse doesn’t justify your actions in the first place. There are consequences and a equal reactions. You can’t keep preaching you will keep improving and still continuing crossing the line and expect everyone to forgive you.

    • ap says:

      moving forward???

    • herbhealsus says:

      Honestly I have to believe this is an everyday practice. I think David west said it first

    • Kim King says:

      I feel like this is not an apology at all. I feel like he’s bragging about his actions behind close doors.

    • puggirl007 says:

      Ain’t that the truth? That brotherhood is split for real. Draymond know he really screwed up. Now the chemistry of the team is like. Weird. And now. Poole needs to get from under Draymonds mentorship. Once a person show you who they are. You better believe it. And that sorry @$$ apology was horrible.

    • norvinzor says:

      its a Great Well Rehearsed and scripted apology by Lebron and Klutch sports!

  4. Jon N says:

    Dray, great job maning up and taking accountability. At the end of the day, even brothers fight, heck twins fight, so what are we talking about??? Whatever led to it happened, the fight happened, either way regardless of whatever led to it, it was wrong, he apologized. That’s more than most people are willing to do. We are all human and err, ummm, nba players are human too!! Besides, look at that video very closely, and you would notice that once Dray threw that punch and Jordan started to fall back, Dray immediately launched forward to hold him up so he did not fall, Dray immediately acted to protect him from falling to the floor. That’s that love people, he immediately realized he had hurt his younger brother. They brothers, it’s a brotherhood, it was a fight, they will get over it. My love and empathy to Jordan and family and to everyone concerned.

  5. P Bellak says:

    Temper management is key to Draymond’s success. Got to keep some edge though for rebounding.

  6. Vladimir Sempio says:

    Yes Dray that’s what you need to do is contemplate. Your actions and anger should be managed as it really affected the team. You know too well that they look up to you. Your intensity in the game is contagious, that’s where you should channel your energy or anger. It means the team will be unstoppable. Cooler heads prevail. By being apologetic and having remorse, it shows your sincerity. Realizing you are wrong and accepting the consequences is courage. Move forward now from this as the season is about to start. Heal and forget. Play as a team, work with cohesion, support each other. Go dubs☺☺☺

  7. Nii Amart says:

    Work on yourself Dray. What you did was really wrong and I’m glad you’re giving Poole space to deal with what happened and decide on what to do in the future. I hope Dray gets proper anger management issues and comes back stronger. Love the team and our main reason for all these years of success is unity and/or togetherness. Let’s not ruin that now. Dubnation!

    • Random Android Games says:

      Deep down I’m sure Dray is a decent human. He really to work on himself and prove he belongs where he is

    • Patrick Henry says:

      @Maher Al-Barati Draymond is not a great player. Great players don’t exhibit that type of behavior. If. I acted that way, as a professional basketball player. My mother would kick my grown ass butt. Saying, what the hell are you doing..You’re embarrassing yourself. And, your family is affected by your bullying actions. In fact, she might even slap me across my head. And tell me to get it together. ASAP.

    • Maher Al-Barati says:

      No player is bigger than the club, trade him, even if he were the #1 player in the team – which he is not – i would still say get rid of him. We are talking about a team’s global image here, if they keep him, it shows that they are a team that condone and enable bullying and assault in the workplace. And this is coming from someone that rates Draymond as the best defender in the league. I hate that he kept saying as a leader of this team, dude you are no leader, you are a great player with 0% leadrship qualities or personality. Dubnation we need to stand tall at booing this guy at every game. This is not an appology, more like a PR stunt. He failed his kids, all the children, and young players that once did look up to him.

  8. Vince says:

    Praying for all parties involved. Man, NBA has alot of storylines in a short period of time..

  9. Alvin Armstrong says:

    Yes I agree, now Draymond you have to back up what you’ve said – and everyone else who was involved needs to KNOW THAT IT WILL TAKE TIME on his part and they can work with him.

    • Tutubee 🐝 says:

      @Connor_Phillipz they should suspend him for the remaining of his contract. I don’t think the young guys want him around, especially JP. Cut him loose and focus on the future all stars.

    • Connor_Phillipz says:

      What time? This is a contract year for 3 of their most important players and Draymond punching Jordan is just another in a long line of idiotic decisions. He has no self control and has clearly not made any effort to improve that about himself. At this point he has made it clear what kind of person he is and how the Warriors should proceed without him on the roster.

    • Kim King says:

      @Tutubee 🐝 Agree. To add to that, they need to have a serious talk about cutting him loose when his contract is up.

    • Tutubee 🐝 says:

      @Kim King well if you’ve been doin it on a regular basis, and his boss keeps believing him, then it’s not only him is the problem, but the whole league for allowing a criminal act exist in the organization such as the Golden State Warriors. And here they are more worried about the video leak. It only shows that violence is totally acceptable. Of course he is not sincere and deep inside he is laughing an feeling good that he got a good one on JP. He just ride with the flow and knows it will be okay in time, because he knows the owner is in his side. After all that’s all they worried about a championship and who cares about the victim they can manipulate the young players and make them hush with sweet talks. I would sincerely get legal advice if I were JP and get what he deserves.

    • Kim King says:

      I don’t feel like he’s remorseful. I feel like he’s bragging about it behind close doors.

  10. Olivia Lam-Toone says:

    For a smart veteran professional basketball , it was very disappointing to see Dray act like he did. I hope he can rebuild trust.

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