WARRIORS vs CLIPPERS | Kevin Durant Leads Wire-to-Wire Victory | Game 3

WARRIORS vs CLIPPERS | Kevin Durant Leads Wire-to-Wire Victory | Game 3

The Golden State Warriors have now won a road playoff game for the 20th consecutive series, the longest such streak in NBA history, as they defeated the L.A. Clippers, 132-105, to take a 2-1 lead in this best-of-7 series. Kevin Durant led all scorers with 38 points (14-23 FG), along with 4 rebounds and 7 assists for the Warriors, while Stephen Curry tallied 21 points (7-11 FG, 4-6 3pt FG) and 5 rebounds in the victory. Ivica Zubac led the Clippers with a team-high 18 points (8-12 FG) and 15 rebounds, while Lou Williams finished with 16 points and 6 assists in the losing effort. Game 4 is set to take place on Sunday, April 21st at 3:30 p.m. ET on ABC.

GAME 4: ?: Warriors vs. Clippers ?: Apr. 21, 3:30pm/et ?: ABC

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59 Responses

  1. TheChronicDocumentary DreGame says:

    KD was cooking bruh ??. Warriors are definitely winning this series

  2. Shanta doll says:

    Nothing to see here just Jayo Young owning another LA Team SMH!!!

  3. LaPretty says:

    Kevin Durant wanted to make sure everyone knew who he was.

  4. G T says:

    Sports talk shows are gonna forget about Beverly by tomorrow afternoon. ?

  5. david williams says:

    Talk about how dominant Kevin Durant was, bet they won’t.

  6. DP30 says:

    KD: +32
    Beverley: -20

    KD > Beverley

    • Mike Tank Brown ll says:

      Who thought otherwise???? That’s obvious, and people who said kd wasn’t better don’t know shit about basketball.

    • ROBBIE SilentHiLL says:

      man i dont kno how old you are man, but who in the hell would compare them 2? KD is a SUPER STAR. Beverley is just a average nba player wit a big mouth.

    • Brandon Buchholtz says:

      +ROBBIE SilentHiLL skip Bayless and shannon sharpe

    • ROBBIE SilentHiLL says:

      +Brandon Buchholtz yea and u think they really think that? haha.. man they are not stupid. you dont listen carefully to that show AT ALL and wasnt paying attention what they was tryin to say… lolol… hell nah..

    • MRTUPAC 28 says:

      Brandon Buchholtz I can’t believe morons actually watch that show, but wack people cosign to wack people all the time.

  7. Carlos Randolph says:

    Good job Clippers. You came back to reality!!!?????

  8. Zuh_Tha_GoaT 29 says:

    Time for GSW to end these Clippers ?

  9. Stoner GamingTv says:

    Clippers gave up 5 minutes into the 1st quarter?????

  10. joshua akotia says:

    GS let’s clip this team

  11. Anthony says:

    KD’s not playing around anymore…
    Warriors in 5.

    • Jojo Soares says:

      F. Yeah.!..but. please tho
      .please Understand it takes a ‘Team’..and Warriors are The Best Most UNSELFISH Squad I have Ever Fu..king seen Cheif

  12. Stephaun Grant says:

    KD could do whatever he wants whenever he wants to. The most effective efficient player of all time!! These are all shots as well, not layups or dunks

  13. Luffy SkyWalker says:

    Can’t wait to see the sports talk shows tomorrow.

  14. Mr. Nigeria says:

    Let’s be honest, they’re still going back to back to back championships and they’re going all the way

  15. RatedR Pinto says:

    You know who I am right? “I’m keven Durant “

  16. kev127 says:

    Legend has it Clippers fans are still there waiting for the comeback

  17. Robert M says:

    Woke up the sleeping monster wrong move KD is a beast

  18. Mustafa H says:

    He is Kevin Durant. Ya’ll know who he is.

  19. AK The Phantom says:

    KD just reminding yall who tf he is

  20. Alfred Mclaurin says:

    They have woke a sleeping giant omg…… Kevin Durant

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