WARRIORS vs ROCKETS | Houston Holds Serve | Game 4

WARRIORS vs ROCKETS | Houston Holds Serve | Game 4

The Rockets defeated the Warriors by a final score of 112-108 to even this best-of-seven series at 2 games apiece. James Harden led the Rockets with 38 points (13-29 FG, 6-17 3pt FG), 10 rebounds, 4 assists and 2 blocks, while P.J. Tucker added 17 points (6-12 FG), 10 rebounds and 2 steals in the victory. Kevin Durant led the Warriors with 34 points (12-22 FG), to go with 7 rebounds and 5 assists, while Stephen Curry totaled 30 points (12-25 FG) and 8 assists in the losing effort. The Rockets sank 17 three-pointers as a team, compared to 8 for the Warriors, while also winning the rebounding battle, 50-43 (Rockets improve to 4-0 in the 2019 NBA Playoffs when outrebounding their opponent).

GAME 5: ?: Rockets vs. Warriors ?: May 8, 10:30pm/et ?: TNT

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84 Responses

  1. leGoat is the best player ever of all timer. says:

    Kd bricks 3 .
    Curry hold my purse.

  2. Michael Jordan says:

    Rockets in 6

  3. fightnight14 says:

    Commentator said Curry slithers his way in. Should have used it with Durant instead

  4. Marcelo Sanchez says:

    2:41 Put the Mf In skates and shot it in his face With the foul you got to love that

  5. Dats a paddlin says:

    Man without KD the Warriors would be done.

    • Antoine Wright says:

      Omg yes. It was him in every clip.

    • Jonathan Liu says:

      AiRxJoNeS lol name one more dominant team in the history of the game… oh and if you did the warriors would still be 2nd best of ALL TIME. Unless you misunderstood the definition of hype. It’s more likely that your intelligence is all hype and your actually a moron since you can’t even write properly.

    • Nacho2go says:

      Yancy Nunez who beat the warriors without harden? Oh the rockets did dipwad.

    • Jonathan Liu says:

      That’s like saying without Carmelo the rockets would be done.

    • Max Pankau says:

      KD will never have respect from me. Couldn’t win a championship with a team full of stars, so left to a team full of superstars that were OKC’s nemesis. Took the low road to a championship.

  6. Orange County Linens says:

    Jeez That Cp3 x James harden backcourt thou.

  7. Arlie Ferguson says:

    This series is just so intense. These guys are playing at such a high level it’s just amazing.

    • Godlikelobster01 says:

      Patrick They’ll Win In 6

    • Patrick says:

      Godlikelobster01 Flash news, if the Rockets have all their players, no way the Warriors are winning it! They got lucky CP3 was out last year!

    • Godlikelobster01 says:

      Patrick ok bud, whatever you say. I really don’t give a flying fuck about the NBA, I just know that the warriors will win every year.

    • Александр Король says:

      Nicholas Pagano : of all time ??? What do you smoke ?? And yes , no defense at all. You put Pippen or Harper or Rodman or Jordan on any of those star players in those teams – and they will be average “ Joe’s” scoring maybe 18 points a game . Not even mentioning Detroit pistons . That’s was defense and men playing . That was game . But if you are born in 2006 you wouldn’t know

    • Александр Король says:

      Stebo- while I agree about great offense , they didn’t discover America . Nothing is new . In a defensive game you put that warriors rainbow team of clowns and team hoppers against 2004 pistons , or late 80s pistons or Bulls . It ain’t even a contest . The game now is pussies that whine when they don’t get foul call and players that hop from a losing team to a winning team . Holly fuck , Ben Wallace , Rasheed , prince and Billups would destroy them . Lakers with Shaq would destroy them . Bulls with or without Jordan would destroy them . Yes curry would still make maybe 2 threes a game . But nobody would let him shoot 10 three pointers . He would be an average Joe in the defensive game before . So many idiots proving wrong . 2006 born kids here , what do you expect

  8. Isaac .A says:

    2:41 & 2:53 , Play was so nice they had to showed it twice??

  9. RontheGoat says:

    Harden once again activated his sharingan. As long as Harden plays like this, Houston will win.

    • Daniel Flores says:

      +Aizen THE G.O.D
      He’s playing like he is lol

    • Jersey Buzz says:

      Fire style Jutsu

    • Asmosis Jones says:

      harden-uchiha confirmed..no wonder why I didnt like him before…now it all makes sense why I got this weird vibe from him..i the uchihas but I hope harden is sasuke in this series as gordon is naruto and just changes my mind and beats the villain warriors as a scary duo…gordon really has pulled this team out of the slumps of all 4 games with his play…hes the hope and harden is the firepower..put them together man…spark my interest…

    • kev127 says:

      The injury is what awoke it

    • Porter house says:

      From a rockets fan it won’t matter it’s all rigged for Golden State to go on with that being said I’ll be shocked if the rockets won

  10. Jonathan Arellano says:

    To all he haters that said it was over in the first two games lol

  11. Jay Buissereth says:

    Damn James Harden is one of the best offensive players in this game

    • Duke Guerra says:

      +Carlita James Hold up. Harden relies on his shooting and scoring at the basket. However, KD draws the same fouls. To say KD is better than Harden is crazy. Harden is the leader in scoring and generates more points off of assists, than any other player in the league. Just because KD has ONE more total point than Harden in this series, all of a sudden he’s number 1? I don’t think so. You don’t get to act like there weren’t 82 games plus a round 1, that led up to this series. Just in the reg season alone:

      Harden: Durant:
      MIN – 36.8 MIN – 34.6
      PTS – 36.1 PTS – 26.0
      REB – 6.6 REB – 6.4
      AST – 7.5 AST – 5.9

      Harden scored 1 point per minute, the ENTIRE SEASON, (10 more average points per game than KD). He even out rebounded the 6’11” Kevin Durant. James Harden did things this season, that could only be compared to Wilt Chamberlain. KD is only 2nd to Harden.

    • LoneWolfAlpha says:

      KD is better I’m rocket fan

    • Duke Guerra says:

      +LoneWolfAlpha Prove that KD is better.

    • Jay Buissereth says:

      Carlita James He’s definitely not number ☝️ one but he’s there with the greatest offensive players we’re witnessing today.

    • Lamaur Sligh says:

      One of the best ever.

  12. Donna Schlatter says:

    Let’s go Rockets let’s win the next game and then when the next game at home now the pressure’s on the Golden State Warriors now

    • Porter house says:

      It’s rigged I want the rockets but Golden State will win I’ll be shocked if the rockets win this series

  13. Simple Human says:

    Dig Tucker’s spin at 4:46…..GENIUS!!!

  14. you know why im here says:

    I heard if rockets win kd will go play there

  15. Jeremy Dailey says:

    The Rockets showed heart and the Terminator eyed Harden balled out ?

  16. nathan hensn says:

    Watching KD and Harden has been an absolute joy these playoffs.

  17. Brickhouse9398 says:

    Harden blowing minds like Ser Gregor with those bloody eyes ?

  18. Duke Guerra says:

    Funny how after Gm 1, Warriors fans, players and even Steve Kerr were making fun of and talking mad shit about Harden and the Rockets flopping as if they can’t beat GS legitimately. Gm 4, nothing but Warriors flopping all over the place and still lost and series tied 2-2. Now, the haters got nothing to say.

    • dee is your highness says:

      +Asmosis Jones if zaza never hurt Kawhi they don’t even win a chip the prior year. Warriors are hype and with the help of officials. They’re not much to deal with. You cant breathe on them without a whistle like Tom Brady

    • Jose Gonzalez says:

      +dee is your highness as a spurs fan this comment is very appreciated, because that incident has my boi playing in toronto now smh

    • dee is your highness says:

      +Jose Gonzalez it’s more to it. If Kawhi Leonard wanted to be there. He would’ve stayed. Like a relationship but white is coming along good. And we have 2 first round picks. We will be just fine. I got to see parker, Ginobili duncan live in action. So if I died today. I’d be happy as a spur fan lol

    • PG13 Wrestling says:

      The don’t flop for shit dumbass

    • Shane Na says:

      I think they both shitty flopping teams. I wish they could both lose.

  19. Olukokun Adedeji says:

    Honestly I cant watch this series. It is too nerve racking. I wish Rockets can pull this off but that’s a very tough wish

    • Michael Williams says:

      They will lose big on the road shots will not fall as they did in this game game 6 shots will fall but golden state will match them bucket for bucket

  20. Champ 226 says:

    Harden was cooking like he just got food stamps ????

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