WARRIORS vs ROCKETS | Stephen Curry Drops 33 Points in the 2nd Half | Game 6

WARRIORS vs ROCKETS | Stephen Curry Drops 33 Points in the 2nd Half | Game 6

Behind 33 points (playoff career quarter-high 23 in the 4th quarter), 5 rebounds and 4 assists from Stephen Curry, the Golden State Warriors defeated the Houston Rockets, 118-113, to advance to the Western Conference Finals for the 5th consecutive season, where they will face the winner of the Portland Trail Blazers-Denver Nuggets series. Klay Thompson added 27 points (10-20 FG, 7-13 3pt FG) and 2 blocks in the victory. James Harden led the way for the Rockets with 35 points (11-25 FG, 6-15 3pt FG), 8 rebounds, 5 assists and 4 steals, while Chris Paul finished with 27 points (11-19 FG), 11 rebounds and 6 assists in the losing effort. Game 1 of the 2019 Western Conference Finals is set to take place in Oakland on Tuesday, May 14th at 9:00pm ET on ESPN.

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100 Responses

  1. Rushking20 #Cheesehead says:

    ‪Curry went scoreless in the first half and still shot better then harden??‬choke artist 30>13

    • Jeremiah Combs says:

      +zai green how many attempts did it take him to get that 9 points

    • Jeremiah Combs says:

      +Draven Livingston he is out of shape. And it shows

    • Tuan Nguyen says:

      +MAXIMUM OVERDRIVE You rockets fans were way too confident that your team was built to beat the warriors this season and last season. Now you say you only have one good player on your team. Right now the rockets fans are blaming every rockets player for losing. Even blaming the rockets arena janitor.

    • WadeCounty Mafia says:

      zai green Former Division 2 point guard and religious 24 hour fitness hooper. Check the IG my guy @wadecountymv3 for athletic corroboration ? 26 years old, 5’11 flat playing weight was 160-165 at 10.5% body fat. Very reputable words are being spewed by me on these bums I’m exposing. Been watching hoops perpetually since 2003 when Flash took over Miami.

  2. SSM Prod says:

    Rockets: steph scored 0 points in first half we gonna win for sure

    Steph: hold my finger

  3. Lil Dagga says:

    23 in the 4th in a closeout game? Yea Steph different

    • MLG_Gamer1 says:


    • Antonio Mitchell says:


    • Marc 0 says:

      Deep Tewari hes reached his potential.

    • Savon Sanders says:

      +Deep Tewari Dames potential or ceiling is never going to touch 2015-2016 Steph dude. 30 and 7 on 50/45/90 with 400+ 3s made!? Steph is different different man. Um this season Steph missed what 13 games and still made 354 3s made, putting up 27 and 5 with KD, Klay and Boogie who are 20 PPG scorers? Steph’s a 2X NVP and 3X Champion. Steph’s still in prime as well. Dame is the 2nd best PG in the NBA so he’s good.

  4. Teezy says:

    Never doubt the 2x mvp 3x nba champ and the greatest Pg of this generation. Wardell Stephen Curry

  5. James M says:

    All the haters are quiet as the baby-faced assassin reminds everybody why he’s the greatest shooter of all time!

  6. Last Of The Starmakers says:

    This game by Curry should erase all the doubters and haters saying he’s not a playoff performer. Put respect on the name of the best PG in the game.

  7. Mr. Sauceman X Backup Account says:

    Harden and CP0 were supposed to win this game

    It’s even worse when their best player goes scoreless in the first half! They will never live this down. All time embarrassing

    • L says:

      Boy if the Raptors lose Sunday

      You’re the entire reason why
      I don’t care

      If they lose
      It’s because the Basketball God’s have had enough of you

    • Questo Britton says:


    • incognito mode says:

      +Questo Britton CP0* that nigga trash

    • asdf says:

      RIP all the StateFarm commercials.

    • Harvey Grant says:

      James Harden is trash in clutch moments, idiots are going to learn to stop trusting this clown to close out games, he was the reason OKC lost to Miami in the Finals, he was 6th man of the year and totally disappeared in that entire series, feel sorry for Houston fans better luck next year.

  8. Jared Ferguson says:

    Can we all finally agree that Steph is clutch? #Mamba

    • Name Here says:

      +TURNUP PAPI lmao imagine being so delusional ” let’s see him in the finals ” nigga hes won the 3 finals out of the last 4 years. How stupid can you be bro

    • Young Soldier23 says:


    • 0ZKAR says:

      *cough* 2015-2016 Finals Game 7 *cough*

    • Chasity Carney says:

      TURNUP PAPI ok but who said we are going to the finals and yes we can agree he is clutch enough to put away the healthy Houston rockets and we don’t even have Kevin Durant or Demarcus and we pretty much did t have steph in the first half but did they take advantage of that NO

  9. Bruce Bruce says:

    Everyone is healthy for Huston!! Still LOST!!?? one two three Huston…Cancun ??

  10. willemdee says:

    I love CP3 but damn he can’t get past the Warriors or the Splash bros to save his life. Kinda sad at this point..

    • klove20w says:

      CP3 is thus biggest reason they lost followed right by Capela. They’re paying CP3s old ass big bucks and hes not doing much

    • Jaime Palomino says:

      +As I See It kd needs them more than they need kd. Last night they proved it.

    • TruMusic89 says:

      +As I See It Somebody always has to bring up KD smh. Thanks for calling that shit out.

    • TruMusic89 says:

      +che li They better in terms of team ball without him, but as a team they are not better without KD. They were champs against a team that was missing 2 key players. They have never shown that they can beat a full strength Cavs team ever in the finals. Without KD they wouldn’t have won the last 2 titles, it’s that simple.

    • TruMusic89 says:

      +mcbrideart No the Warriors RECRUITED him. And without KD the Warriors were not going to win another championship so long as LeBron had Kyrie and K Love. They would be 2 of the easiest rings LeBron ever got had KD never joined GSW.

  11. Fox Mulder says:

    Reporter – How do you think this game will go without Durant?

    Curry – Yes

  12. tmroadrunner says:

    Klay held it down the first half then the second half, bro Curry the GOAT!!!! Charles Barkley and everybody who picked the trash Rockets is SICK ???!

  13. Ed Smith says:

    Jay Z be like…… Houston got 99 problems and Durant ain’t one!

  14. lawreneph says:

    @ 8:08 Curry with that shot over PJ Tucker, Oh my lord. That was insane how he cooked dude like that. ??‍♂️??‍♂️??‍♂️??‍♂️

  15. Naanu Loper says:

    the harden offensive foul on green …. ?????????????… harden lost with that in his final seconds …. rofl ….. great flop by green to give harden his own shit …. made my day

  16. Solomon Allen says:

    Those sports analysts don’t know anything…The warriors are going to win with or without Kevin Durant

    • Jay money313 says:

      +Solomon Allen well I’m glad he did cuz he’s been the man ever since he did. Besides westbrick was holding him back..now he the two time finals MVP with two STRAIGHT chips

    • Joseph Leary says:

      +Solomon Allen the Thunder already had a championship caliber team. They almost made the finals and blew a 3-1 lead to the Warriors in the Conference finals…

    • Benjamin Jackson says:

      Golden State wins end of discussion….keep the hate for the loosers who are now on vacation they’ll have plenty of time to listen and entertain hate …the warriors have a ring to when they have no time for bitter haters and fans who pick loosing teams and cry when they loose lmao…maybe there’s something wrong with your brains or eyes sucks for u..

    • TruMusic89 says:

      They can’t beat a full strength team without KD and have never proven that they could. Before Durant they beat a Cavs team that was missing 2 key players and then blew a 3-1 lead against that very same team when everyone was healthy. Shoulda, woulda, coulda is not valid for 2016. Bogut was not inherently needed to win and Draymond and Iggy were both only off for one game each. Steph and Klay both underperformed in that series, scoring under 20 points in 4 out of 7 games in the 2016 finals.

    • TruMusic89 says:

      +Joseph Leary The Thunder ALMOST made it to the finals? I KNOW for a fact that you’re a new fan lol. The Thunder were in the finals 3 years prior to the Warriors getting there. However, unlike the Warriors, the Thunder had to face Lebron’s Heat and all key players were healthy. Had Wade and Bosh been injured in 2012 like Kyrie and Love were injured in 2015, KD would’ve been a champ before joining the Warriors. Funny how that works.

  17. Muse Artan says:

    Once again the Splash brothers eliminate the Flop brothers!

  18. David Marshall says:

    So I guess, we finally have the answer to what if CP3 wasn’t injured.

  19. Adam Roshak says:

    Steph reminding everyone that he was the best player in the world prior to KD joining the squad. Curry raises Durant’s ceiling but Durant lowers Curry’s. His makes in the 4th were absolutely astounding! This is why he’s always been my favorite player, he’s why I play basketball

  20. x2pm says:

    dude… the bench players were so good tonight! legit the team was great and give some love for looney man.

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