WARRIORS vs TRAIL BLAZERS | Golden State Comes Back Again | Game 3

WARRIORS vs TRAIL BLAZERS | Golden State Comes Back Again | Game 3

The Golden State Warriors overcame an 18-point deficit to take a 3-0 lead in this best-of-seven series as they defeated the Portland Trail Blazers by a final score of 110-99. Draymond Green registered a triple-double (3rd of this postseason, 7th of NBA Playoffs career) with 20 points, 13 rebounds and 12 assists to pave the way for the Warriors, while Stephen Curry led all scorers with 36 points (11-26 FG, 6-16 3pt FG), alongside 6 rebounds and 3 assists in the victory. C.J. McCollum paced the Trail Blazers with a team-high 23 points (7-20 FG) along with 5 assists, while Meyers Leonard set an NBA Playoffs career-high with 16 points (6-12 FG) in the losing effort. Game 4 is set to take place on Monday, May 20th at 9:00pm ET on ESPN.

GAME 4: ?: Warriors vs. Trail Blazers ?: May 20, 9:00pm/et ?: ESPN

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85 Responses

  1. LeThanos says:

    If Seth plays good again and Dame and CJ bounce back and have a monster game. I can see the warriors winning in 4.

    • Niki Young says:


    • Niki Young says:

      +chaotic Sequence Are you butthurt?

    • Niki Young says:

      +Blade Runner Are you serious? That’s nowhere near the same comment and his was actually better. Get over it. You’re probably just mad his comment got so many likes and I’m guessing yours not so many? And that’s pretty pathetic. So if we all make a joke about the Warriors winning in 4 its copying you since it’s the same concept? Dude, loosen up your panties.

    • Blade Runner says:

      +Niki Young I got top comment over there so…

    • sean roland says:

      lmao that took me a second

  2. DP30 says:

    Paul Pierce nailed his prediction…for once!

  3. Fear The Greek Freak! says:

    At this point the warriors are just toying with Portland….It’s like they purposely give up a huge lead in the first half just to curb stomp the shit out of Portland in the 2nd half.

  4. T T says:

    Portland playing so trash
    Denver was better but choked the 4 overtime game and game 7

    • Jimmy Lopez says:

      +presidentialxxlife 9 losses in a row vs Warriors in playoffs i believe…just a bad matchup

    • Jimmy Lopez says:

      +jjarin jjarin good point actually…lol…

    • Jimmy Lopez says:

      +L VZ 7 games…one was 4 OT…whats ur definition of “hanging”

    • Vincent Theo says:

      +jjarin jjarin No, the matchup is the problem here. The Poor Mans Splash Brothers are still better than no brothers at all at Denver (cough cough Jamal Murray), so Portland at least has some advantage against the Denver despite the Joker was doing his job. But against the Warriors, Portland’s biggest strength turns into relative weakness.

    • presidentialxxlife says:

      Jimmy Lopez u talking bout the nuggets must be years ago not this Denver team with joker if nuggets got 9 loses against them then blazers must have a dozen or more hope blazers fans happy they getting swept ???

  5. Atano Desvarieux says:

    Mvp Steph Curry is back .

  6. Dry Ice says:

    steve kerr perfectly subbed the players in and out to make sure no one was tired

  7. Nehemiah Howard says:

    Steph and dray show???

  8. Timmy king says:

    DAMN!!!!!! draymond was balling, the dude had 12 assists

    • Ed Cho says:

      He can get triple doubles if he wants to.

    • Dice Iverson says:

      +YsB_Boogie you know Draymond, Curry and Durant are all Pisces right?

    • Ren Kylo says:

      For sure man I’m like dam Draymond pushing the ball like he’s a scorer but did a dang good job of forcing them to defend and wear themselves out ….the Warriors are just that dam good jeez lol I’m not a Warriors fan but definitely like their intensity…they don’t get shaken by this team at all

    • Jimmy Lopez says:

      Kris Middleton, Brogdan, Draymond Green….Three 2nd rounders that are important pieces on teams going to the Finals…Celtics got three 1st rders!! Find the talent


      +juan vaca bc it IS statpadding when your talking abt Trash Westbrick

  9. JJ Sparrow says:

    Draymond Draymond Draymond. The heart and will of the Warriors!

  10. Shanta doll says:

    Draymond is the type of player you hate to play against but love to play with!!

  11. Robin-Personal Xiang says:

    Draymond legit should be a motivational speaker

  12. Tarantula Guy says:

    Chef Curry without KD is like Goku taking off the weighted clothing. Just damn unstoppable.

  13. Fernando Marquez says:

    Steph Curry going crazy again!

  14. TeamDC Awesome says:

    How about we take a moment to respect the amount of effort draymond green put in this game in order for the warriors to win.

    Why do the trailblazers keep losing their double-digit leads?

    • Courtney Valdez says:

      Against GS, NO double digit lead is ever safe. It’s been that way for years now.

    • Ramses Stafford says:

      You can be up 20 against Golden State and that lead isn’t safe, I don’t care who they’re playing.

    • YsB_Boogie says:

      Draymond wasn’t about that talkin and I think Portland cant keep up the energy.

    • Ed Cho says:

      +Aditya Krishnan That’s the player anyone would want and to play for. In this game, he is shown he can be the fuel to get this entire team going.

  15. Jaime Garcia says:

    Steph may have had 36 points but the real MVP was Dray

    • Black Lives Don’t Matter This is America! says:


    • Theresa Dichristopher says:

      NBA Western conference finals

    • Niki Young says:

      Of that game, sure.

    • Niki Young says:

      +Life 4 Learning A day? He’s been having a great playoff run, idiot.

    • HOODTHO says:

      I swr this is the reason why Steph probably won’t ever get a finals MVP. Draymond was great and needed but come on more than half of Draymonds assists are caused by Steph , Draymond said it himself. And Steph’s impact and gravity is unmatched. Not to mention 36 whole points and clutch shots . It’s like Steph has to average 50 15 n 15 for you guys to give him the mvp

  16. Roy Grover says:

    When is everyone going to see that Dame is VERY inconsistent…He don’t have it, man…Warriors are sweeping and I hate to say that

  17. Atano Desvarieux says:

    Steph is doing stuff that he was doing during that historic 2015-16 season mvp run and he is showing all of everybody why he is a two time mvp and a unanimous one to.

    • Aditya Krishnan says:

      +Anti-France that’s fair but imo you can’t say giannis is single handedly carrying the bucks when they have several elite shooters and good players on the team too. The fact is the bucks have great depth..

    • Papa Dris says:

      Aditya Krishnan Literally everyone on that bucks team can shoot and most of them can play defense and are willing defenders. And their length is insane as it has been for the past few years

    • Desh 282 says:

      When you hit 97 out of 100 threes
      Missing is a glitch…

    • YsB_Boogie says:

      Curry is the type of teammate everyone wants. He can take charge, step aside and roll play and doesn’t bitch about it.

  18. joshua akotia says:

    3-0 get those brooms ready ???

  19. Baré Alchemist says:

    Wow! The warriors are a fantastic basketballing machine. I feel for the trailblazers

  20. GH1618 says:

    The Warriors often seem to do it the hard way. Maybe they just like to keep it interesting.

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