Warriors Welcome Kevin Durant

Warriors Welcome Kevin Durant

The Warriors welcomed Kevin Durant to the Bay Area on Thursday afternoon as Warriors TV’s Laurence Scott interviewed the newest member of Dub Nation.

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20 Responses

  1. Andrew Young says:

    way worse than LeBrons move, I had respect for him, not anymore, the league
    is getting way to more about money and not competition

  2. KLN says:

    …And the Warriors band-wagon grew larger

  3. Dillon Cochran says:

    What a piece of shit

  4. staxtono mAn says:

    fuck Kevin Durant

  5. Cue Gaming says:

    Damn I remember we traded Ellis for Bogut

  6. Ed Morgan says:

    Warriors are slaying and I’m just hoping my Nuggets do a better job of
    tanking their seasons.

  7. Danish Naveed says:

    fuck kd bitch beytrayer

  8. Raymond Long says:

    warriors taking over welcome to dub nation Kevin Durant

  9. CharlieHaggis says:

    Best part about kd haters…They all sound or read just like DanGilbert’s

  10. Hack Tutorials says:

    R.I.P other teams

  11. Lenny Face says:


  12. Haze Man says:

    str8 lil Bitch

  13. Fluffy Flove says:

    Bron Bron went back home, Wade went back home, Now its Bosh turn to go back
    to jurasstic park

  14. The Hornet says:

    Dont mind me… Just here to drop a dislike

  15. James Quick says:

    i just dont like the warriors

  16. Christian Correa says:

    Fuck you

  17. Princeville says:

    Here Comes The Hate??

  18. Juan Acosta says:

    you pussy if you can’t beat them join them so desprate for a ring what a

  19. Daniel Barro says:

    No one ever cared or knew about this team, now it’s suddenly the shit cause
    of one player

  20. Mr dc Him Helly says:

    Condom Maniac facts ????