Warriors won’t win title if Draymond Green keeps missing shots – Stephen A. | First Take

Warriors won’t win title if Draymond Green keeps missing shots – Stephen A. | First Take

Stephen A. Smith expresses concern at the Golden State Warriors’ chances at a threepeat if Draymond Green can’t find his shot. Max Kellerman has no worries about the Warriors because Steph Curry missed 10 games due to injury and he is the team’s “engine.”

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105 Responses

  1. Andy22 says:

    This is funny cuz draymond hasnt made shots since 2016

  2. YSL.Slimee says:

    So now he the scapeGoat?? LMFAO maybe the warriors do need another all star

  3. Loc Dawg says:

    Dude they have 4 other all stars what are you even talking about

  4. LA Clippers says:

    Thanks, Captain Obvious. Draymond Green should go to the Lakers. He can’t shoot. He’ll fit right in with them.

  5. Ambition says:

    Draymond most overrated player ever. Didn’t deserve to be an All-star last year. Smh

  6. Jay Lee says:

    Like Draymond was really a good scorer like Draymond is ok a best

    • Michael D says:

      +smittyhurst If majority is calling Draymond (a all star) “a bum” “a role player on another team” “overrated”….Draymond is not overrated but follow trends on social media

    • smittyhurst says:

      Michael D he’s a good defender that’s it anyone could get 10 assist when u pass it to klay curry and Durant

    • smittyhurst says:

      Michael D and I don’t follow internet trends I don’t think westbrook is a stat padding player

    • smittyhurst says:

      Michael D and I never said he wasn’t a good player honestly He is a good player I just think he is overrated I would take a lot of other player at his position over him

    • Joe Shmo says:

      I had a stroke trying to read this

  7. j0epark1 says:

    Donkey Green starting his farewell tour today.

  8. A Friendly Hobo says:

    Draymond isn’t paid to shoot 3’s.

  9. KERLOND says:

    My god….He’s so stupid…Warriors don’t need Green to make shots, it’s a bonus. He shot 26% from 3 in playoffs both in 2015 and 2018….the Warriors have been champions both in 2015 and 2018…

    • Nba live mobile Nigga says:

      Y’all clearly don’t get stephen means ..smh y’all are the ones that don’t know basketball…he means teams are starting to notice green can’t cause havoc on the offensive side so it gives them the chance to be able to use greens defender and play double defence on klay, steph,and kd which would clearly be a problem for the warriors

    • Andy22 says:

      +Nba live mobile Nigga Teams have been doing that for years now i mean houston basically played 5-on-3 because they didnt guard draymond or looney

    • fightnight14 says:

      Without your Donkey the Warriors wouldn’t win 3 titles. Not even close.

    • Michael D says:

      +Andy22 Houston almost won to & Houston could of won if it was not for CP3 injury so that does not help your point

    • Cagon415 says:

      +Nba live mobile Nigga teams have always noticed that. When the warriors didn’t have kd, teams would leave green wide open to double steph. It looks like you don’t watch basketball.

  10. Christian Byars says:

    he couldnt shoot last year or the year before, and they still won

    • AJ!zzL3D says:

      Actually Draymond was lighting it up in game 7 when they lost to Cleveland. The might’ve won had they continued to go to him. It seemed like they wanted Steph to be the one to win it for them and it cost them lol.

      Went back to double check and yeah Green had. 32pts 15reb 9ast

    • Maurice Williams says:


  11. Laker Nation says:

    If Stephen A says your team will win you’ll lose if he says your team will lose you’ll win

  12. FP says:

    Klay Thompson is the issue. The man shot 25% last night and is shooting about 10% worse overall this year from 3. The guy has not fully healed from his injury last year.

  13. Luckii DaGodd says:

    Now draymond the key last week was curry ???

  14. Xavier Woodley says:

    Draymond is paid to play Good defense and kick people in the nuts. ?

  15. K Ali says:

    Warriors just need another piece…

    5 hall of famers isn’t enough

    • Bj Compton says:

      +Mike A maybe klay nigga for real klay is a top 15 sg all time I’ll admit that and i hate the warriors

    • Mike A says:

      +Bj Compton haha nice joke man klay is great shooter and all but he’s overrated he’s just a normal 3 and D guy if you ask me nothing special curry makes those guys special curry the only real hall of fame player on that team in my eyes Klay does mostly catch and shoot on offense being facilitated by curry without curry klay shoots worse

    • Somregularguy says:

      K Ali LOL now they need all stars in their bench

    • Chirayu Desai says:


    • Michael D says:

      +Mike A Draymond is a elite defender & playmaker….Draymond has been in DPOY conversation…how are you going to say Draymond not a elite defender?

  16. Omar Usmani says:

    Wtf Draynonds never made shots lol. He averaged like 5 ppg in the Houston and Cleveland series. Boogies coming. Warriors will be fine. It’s december.

  17. Shawn Gordon says:

    I can’t even score with him on 2k ?

  18. navid a says:

    Sound like max just watched and summarized Jxmy’s video on steph ?

  19. KING K says:

    Is Stephen A’s hair color is green or I’m just too high

  20. swaggershivers says:

    Draymond shoots like he got on a backpack ?

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