Was Jenna Dewan Tatum Justin Timberlake’s Rebound Chic? | WWHL

Was Jenna Dewan Tatum Justin Timberlake’s Rebound Chic? | WWHL

Actress Jenna says whether or not the rumored dance-off between Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears happened and also tells Andy Cohen if she dated Justin when she was his backup dancer.
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Was Jenna Dewan Tatum Justin Timberlake’s Rebound Chic? | WWHL

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20 Responses

  1. MarieAmicalola says:

    She is so gorgeous and I miss Witches of East End.

  2. Candela Niz says:


  3. Looo oool says:

    568 views trending? lol k

  4. femme fatale says:

    She has a gorgeous body but her face is so mannequin like.

  5. SAM I AM says:

    712 views and TRENDING ( #32 ) ?hmmmm YouTube !!

  6. Karma Fairy says:

    Jenna is 100x sexier than Jessia could ever be. Justin has a poor taste in women.

  7. Rattu says:

    Justin TImberlake, Shane West and now Channing Tatum. Man she has good taste

  8. stipV says:

    LOOOOOL Andy is OBSESSED with Britney! Every time someone who just vaguely has a relation to Britney comes on the show he asks them about her and I honestly bet he screens the phone calls and puts through the ones asking about Britney, lol! Also I bet Jenna and Justin had some overlap with Britney and Justin’s break up, see how she gets awkward and doesn’t want to talk about it, doesn’t want to get dragged into the mess. Funny how Justin was doing break up interviews with Barbara Walters acting so heart broken but he was out with girls like Jenna and Alyssa Milano.

  9. matzmx says:

    Just clocked this is the girl from Step Up movie… (Watched step up yesterday)

  10. MrRhys T says:

    Yeah he brought the sexy back to her

  11. Leroy Rodgers says:

    YouTube algorithms are broken

  12. Tyron Johnson says:

    YouTube fail that this is considered trending.

  13. lousyacrobat says:

    shes like i cant believe you asked me that! meanwhile thats the only reason anyone cares about this.

  14. Ray Foss says:

    may be trending because a new episode of Lucifer came out yesterday and she looks like Lesley-Ann Brandt as Mazikeen

  15. Butter Cup says:


  16. WakeThePeople says:


  17. QueenE says:

    Jenna is a transgender mtf

  18. Arturo Sánchez says:

    wtf why is this trend

  19. Persona Non Grata says:

    Those shoes ?????????????????

  20. ally luna says:

    she said “us weekly” hahhaah

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