Was LOST even a good show?

Was LOST even a good show?

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LOST was a good show and I’m tired of pretending it wasn’t. You don’t have to agree with me, but you do have to watch my video.

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45 Responses

  1. Person 123 says:

    why is the pinned comment always so dumb?

  2. nisipisa says:

    man between this and the video breaking down the tragic end of arrested development, it’s so interesting to think about great shows that would have thrived in the binge-era but were cursed by the confines of cable

    • llorTA toN says:

      What is this a fuckin poem for edgy kids?

    • s dub says:

      @Maiv like Sam said above, it really didn’t thrive on cable (or more accurately network TV). The content may have been better quality, but it struggled to build an audience and maintain the kind of ratings it needed to get renewed for more seasons. Ultimately Netflix is the thing that gave it longevity by exposing so many new fans to it after it was canceled; it’s just unfortunate that the revival couldn’t live up to the original.

    • s dub says:

      To be fair, Lost did thrive on network TV. It was very expensive to produce but was hugely hyped and positioned very prominently on a major network for 6 seasons—that was a pretty long life for a serialized show at that time. I think it would have been better suited to streaming and more compact seasons, but I wouldn’t call it cursed, not by a long shot. (Arrested Development, though, very different story.)

    • Boob Dylan says:

      Bitch I luv u

    • alex kunnen says:

      I’m still upset about arrested development 🙁

  3. DannyDorito23 says:

    My man really spent like 6 minutes recognizing how underrated of a composer Michael Giacchino is. Respect 👊🏻 Under appreciated*

    • Water says:

      he won an Oscar

    • SeemsLogical says:

      I knew of Michael Giacchino way back in 1999. He started out as a composer for video games back when video games were still thought of as a “trendy fad” by the rest of the industry. Medal of Honor: Frontline was made so much better because of Giacchino’s contributions. His two tracks “Knights of Arnhem” and “After the Drop” are his two best works for that game in my opinion. Definitely worth checking out once your done reading my comment.

      And his work on Lost produced even more memorable tracks: LAX, Moving on, Sun’s Theme, Shambala, The Gathering, Life & Death… I can name more but the point is that he always manages to make soundtrack masterpieces wherever he goes. Michael Giacchino’s work is unsung but in general a good music composer can find ways to elevate an acting performance because it can reveal a character’s internal feelings without explicitly telling the audience. It’s simply amazing how powerful a backing soundtrack can be without even noticing it half the time.

    • Jordan Layton says:

      I was shocked he didn’t know him already tbh but yeah good on him for respecting the throne

    • kleerude says:

      Sideways has a great video breaking down how he composed the score for Rogue One. That’s where I first heard about him.

    • knifu says:

      why are y’all being so rude to someone that just made a mistake-

  4. Flaming Sword says:

    Fun fact about John Williams music sounding kind of similar. The scene in Chamber of Secrets where Malfoy and Harry are chasing the snitch has the same score as the scene in Attack of the Clones where Anakin and Obiwan are chasing the bounty hunter. He was working on both movies at the same time and there was some kind of mix up, but you wouldn’t even notice cuz it fits both movies.

  5. Jime MC says:

    I feel this exact same way about Grey’s Anatomy. My sister and I still watch it every year just to hang out and make fun of it, but I recently rewatched the first few seasons and was really surprised at how good they were. Everything from the characters, their dialogue and line deliveries, to the cinematography and score choices felt so genuine and natural, it wasn’t the melodramatic mess that the later seasons currently are. Sure there were cheesy moments, it’s always been a show about doctors falling in love and hooking up at the end of the day, but I feel like the initial magic of the show lied on the fact that they were all very normal people with normal human problems, just trying to figure out their own personal life while also trying to keep people alive every single day (I also LOVED how the format of the show basically consisted on each character having a different medical case almost every episode, and that episodic storyline always ended up intertwining or reflecting on what they were going through throughout the entire season). Now the show is basically a parody of itself, with incredibly unnecessary twists and turns every other episode to make up for the fact that 95% of the original cast is gone and none of the newer characters are even slightly interesting enough to make this a character-driven show again.

    I also reconfirmed the fact that Cristina Yang is hands down one of the best-written characters for a tv series in the last 15 years and Sandra Oh’s departure from the show (although necessary) definitely marked the end of it in many ways.

    • Just Me says:

      When Yang left, my heart died a little. I half watched the rest of the seasons until season 12 and then I stopped all together. I was done.

    • finn says:

      yeah, i miss the dynamics between all the characters. now they all just do something to piss someone else off, or have left the show, or make crazy changes so it’s so depressing you can’t even watch. also everyone single one of them should be fired lmao

    • certifiedhoodclassic says:

      Greys anatomy sucks

    • Honor Solbé says:

      Can you be my best friend?

    • abendrot___ says:

      yeah it’s really say what they did to grey’s. the show kinda ended for me with the plane crash at the end of s8. but before that it really was a pretty good show.

  6. Mskittenlover12 says:

    Seeing as Riverdale is a thing that exists, I can no longer comfortably say any show has gone off the rails unless its reached Riverdale’s level of absolute insanity.

  7. Joe says:

    New title: “Michael Giacchino is underrated and also Lost exists”

    • Dan Eden says:

      Lol exactly. I’m expecting a Lost defense and all I get is an unnecessary Giacchino praise. We know he’s great! Lost still sucks in my book.

  8. - letsdancetojoydivison - says:

    this show is AMAZING. you almost get attached to every single character, even the minor ones. Desmond’s arch, Juliette and Sawyer, Ben and Alex, and Claire’s danielle-ification oh my gosh UNMATCHED everyone watch lost

  9. Envy Spooks says:

    Fun fact: the writers actually had no idea which characters were going to get screen time and many actors were left not knowing wether they would have prominent roles. The set was such a mess that the writers got Steve and Scott’s characters confused accidentally killing off the wrong one- hence why it was a running joke in the series

    I know this cause the actor who played Steve was my ex boyfriend’s dad and he talked extensively about this

  10. SoupRS says:

    11:45 – my current goals still at the age of 27

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