Was the Killing Joke That Bad?

Was the Killing Joke That Bad?

It’s gone from the most hyped to the most hated, but did the Killing Joke really offend as much as people say?

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20 Responses

  1. TrixTrax says:

    I have an important test tomorrow.. meh nostalgia critic is more important

  2. mike jones says:

    The joke wasn’t even that funny!

  3. Channel Awesome says:

    So, what does everyone think about The Killing Joke? Good? Bad? Ok?

    Also, check out our store to grab some of our DVDs/signed autographed prints – https://theawesomestore.com

  4. BenIsRandom says:

    “The most hyped DC release ever became the most dreaded”
    Batman vs Superman anyone?

  5. C4DNerd says:

    7:56 – 8:02
    Dude, I can’t believe you made that mistake AGAIN!
    The song sequence IS in the comic. Like… really, read it again. It’s in there. You may have just read it as dialogue, but the way it is written out, it’s clear it was always meant to be a song the Joker sings.

  6. DAY-V Entertainment™ says:

    You know, even if it was just a 45 minute long movie, I would be fine with it. Everytime I watch the Killing Joke again, I just skip half of it since I don’t count it as canon to the second half. BM and BG having sex was wrong. It was out of character for Batman.

  7. vindurza says:

    the fact they added an unneeded sex scene to the film to get it R rated I’d say yes if you drop that scene you get a very hard PG13 the R rating was just to make it gritty to make it look adult like Deadpool that also came out at that time

  8. Sam McGuire says:

    I love how this movie tries to make batgirl a more powerful character by having her as a batman obsessed, annoying, and sex wanting idiot who literally gets her clothes taken off by joker

  9. NitsuaGamer says:

    As a Harry Potter fan, yeah I would probably be annoyed if they did a pointless prologue with Ron Weasley. Especially since there’s no noteworthy character development for him until he becomes friends with Harry who should rightfully so should remain the main protagonist. Thanks Chris Columbus for making a faithful version even if there were changes and plot points taken out!

  10. The Dynast Queen says:

    My interest in Batman is pretty shallow so unless he oddly has sex with Batgirl I had no inter-*_finds out Batman and Batgirl bang_*


  11. Sarah Walter says:

    You made a mistake. The song is in the comic

  12. Cartoon High says:

    My main problem is that this movie was pretty tame to be rated R.
    It’s obviously not PG but I don’t recall anything that was that intense. I’ve seen more intense PG-13 movies tbh.

  13. TheHypocritic says:

    My main problem with this film is the stagnant animation. Just compare the vibrancy and color of the comic to the dull grey’s of the film. Not to mention incredible stiff and jerky movements more at home with a VHS original film than a theatrical release.

  14. Michel says:

    “There’s no song and dance sequence in the comic”

    Yes there is.
    I’ve heard this so often from reviewers it has me seriously wondering if any of them have actually read it.

    There is a song, with lyrics and the Joker and his Freaks are dancing about.

  15. Jack says:

    I just thought it was really bland and boring, and it just felt like a tv show. Doug says it nailed the look and feel of the comic, but I have to disagree. It looks flat and feels cheap. I don’t mean the ridgid and jumpy animation, I’m fine with that, I mean the glaring lack of style or vision to it. The comic is so atmospheric and gripping, and it leaves you with a pit in your stomach and a feeling like you need to take a shower after reading it. The film is the exact story with the exact dialogue and visual cues, but with every aspect done in the most bland and style-less way imaginable. It’s like the 90’s Psycho remake: technically it’s identical, but it lacks every smart aspect of the direction that made the original any good.

  16. JakeTheTastelessCasual says:

    I’m sorry Doug, but I strongly disagree with you. The first act of the movie changes the whole story more than you might think. The Killing Joke is supposed to be a Batman/Joker story. Not only does it explore their relationship, but it humanizes the Joker in a way that had never been done before and hasn’t been done since (at least not as masterfully as Alan Moore). Because of the amount of time spent on Batgirl it’s no longer a Batman/Joker story, it’s a Batgirl story with Batman and Joker as supporting characters, and it focuses more on her intimate relationship with Batman rather than Batman’s psychological relationship with the Joker. Now it feels more like Batman has a personal vendetta against the Joker for hurting his once lover and less like he’s trying to reach out to him and end the madness. Not to mention it makes Batman look like a complete scumbag for sleeping with his partner/possibly best friend’s daughter. “Don’t worry, Jim! I won’t let him get away!…BythewayIbangedyourdaughterBYE!” Even if we were to look past the first act, it may seem like the rest of the movie is faithful to the comic, but it really isn’t. Alan Moore is a writer all about visual story telling rather than using dialogue, showing rather than telling. Every panel has at least one image that symbolizes something that ties into the overall story. Even if you don’t see it, it’s there and that’s what makes his work worth re-reading over and over again. For every minor detail you pick up on, every experience you have is different from the last. One in particular being Jim Gordon walking by Harvey Dent at the beginning. There is a bar in the middle of Dent’s face, showing the man he once was and the man he’s become. Gordon looks back at him as he walks away. Moore is implying that Gordon might possibly head down the same road as Dent. The movie gets rid of that and replaces it with Dent having a temper tantrum over losing his coin. So not only does the movie fail to add to the story, but it actually takes away more than it gives. That’s why it is damn near impossible to adapt any of Alan Moore’s work. It’s too complex for most people to understand, let alone re-create (that’s not to say I myself am an expert, don’t get it twisted). It especially doesn’t help that he himself has said his stories are intended to be told as graphic novels. I also disagree with your point of Return of the Jedi and Avengers. Those movies are their own stories, Killing Joke is an adaptation of an already existing work. Also, how does making something a prologue make it a separate story? Prologue or not, it still ties into the rest of the story. It still has that intimacy between Batman and Batgirl throughout the whole movie. That’s like if I didn’t like Age of Ultron and went into Civil War trying to ignore the events before. I can’t ignore them because the movies tie into each other, they’re chapters of a bigger story. Your Harry Potter argument doesn’t work either because the prologue for Killing Joke is in the movie, not separate as its own short film. If they were to do the same thing with Harry Potter that they did here, not only would they butcher the source material by adding bad a side story but they’d cut more important plot points out due to time constraints. I’m sorry for this is being super long, and I apologize for being “that guy”, but this movie really gets under my skin. I truly think this is a bastardization of one of the most beloved comic stories ever.

  17. End Credit Reviews says:

    Not the best D.C. animated movie, but it still beats the Hell out of most Marvel Animated movies.

  18. Thiago Leão says:

    Ignoring all the complaints possible, let’s just consider your final thoughts.

    People that would be more willing to accept the Prologue (beside its flaws) are the ones that will complaint on the lines of your complaints about the Killing Joke part. It is just a copy; it doesn’t add anything; even as a copy it is not as good; etc..

    Now, on the other hand, people that would be ok/happy with the Killing Joke part being a faithful representation of the comics will go berserk (with good reason) with the Prologue.

    So, basically, it is a lose-lose scenario and a fails both ways.

  19. Darth Theron says:

    um… that song is in the comic… word for word….

  20. Ryan Ozog says:

    Sadly this hated R rated Animated Batman film is still tons better than Sausage Party a stupidly loved R rated CGI Animated film about Food with a swearing/sex obsession.

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