Was Windows Vista THAT bad?

Was Windows Vista THAT bad?

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I mean, was it that bad?

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82 Responses

  1. Ozan says:

    If it wasn’t for free to upgrade to Windows 10, I would have stayed in Windows 7.

    • Ozan says:

      +YMIHere That’s exactly what happened. If something is free, then you are the product.

    • the presence of fealuthical mammals on this earth troubles me says:

      +Ozan I didn’t, still using Windows 7 on my desktop with Windows 10 on my laptop due to it coming pre-installed.

    • dafff08 says:

      the upgrade was not free.
      its you that they are selling.

    • Jeanne Santillana says:

      I sticked with Win 7, never upgraded to 10. Got a Thinkpad I got via the scool tho, which has Win 10 pre installed on it. I was an avid hater of Win 10, but it’s actually not as bad as I thought. Still think the user interface isn’t as user friendly and “warm” as Win 7.

    • snintendog says:

      you need win 10 pro and last years version of 10 for it to be stable.

  2. wp307d says:

    “outdated janky looking UI”your butt
    Windows Vista is the most beautiful Windows, Windows 10 is the ugliest. Win 10 is literally like if it was made in Paint.

    • MISTER FIAT says:

      yea, i dont like how modern software tries to go for this flat lifeless MSpaint look.

    • Shirley Márquez Dúlcey says:

      +MISTER FIAT Mobile. It’s all about making the stuff look better on tiny screens. And the move away from transparency (which Microsoft went all-in on before partly reversing course in the most recent builds of Windows 10) was about increasing the power efficiency of mobile devices by eliminating the need for the relatively power-hungry process of rendering those effects.

    • Chris Season says:

      +Shirley Márquez Dúlcey i think at this point it’s mostly about vectorial scalability. with flat designs it is much much easier for a window or rendered area to scale as much as the user wants. this actually can come with a performance impact though, so it’s not really about performance, especially with the hardware we have today

      the other thing is just trends. somehow this one has lasted a very long time. there’s a broad market for things that are “simple” and “just work”, and the flat design appeals to those with the desire for things that do not look over-complicated or outside their own reach

    • The SnowMan says:

      Wait what

  3. Brian V says:

    nothing was worse than windows millennium edition…

  4. mmvsn says:

    I was just a poor adolescent summer worker when I paid a full OEM price for Vista to go with my new C2D rig. That was like 150 euros at the time. It couldn’t even play Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, which was the whole reason I was getting a new rig. Ended up reverting to XP. I still hold a grudge against MS because of that.

  5. ejsvifq mabmip says:

    Was Windows 8 THAT bad? or Was Windows me THAT bad?

    • Hucken says:

      used every Windows since 3.11, and ME was by far the worst.

    • Rafael says:

      Windows 8 was awesome for me, it increased my productivity by a lot. The complaint people had against it was the mixed tablet/desktop UI. Fine, I also didn’t like that, but at least for the first time Windows came with a great tool for finding stuff on your computer: press the WIN key and start typing. That was AWESOME. No more clicking on the Start Button and trying to find the app/program I wanted; no more opening the explorer to find files; I could get everything just by pressing a single key and typing part of the name of the program/file. Admittedly, Windows 8.1 was even better since it removed that unnecessary full screen thingy with the apps when pressing the WIN key, but since I was so used to opening programs in less than a second (WIN + partial name + ENTER), I didn’t see that window open for too long anyway, so it didn’t make that much difference.

    • Rachel Brinkley says:

      +Rafael I found it problematic in the tile menu b’s and the fact it wouldn’t let me open multiple programs on the desktop so I stuck with seven thank goodness Ten is good

    • zCATAHAz says:

      +Hucken I used Me quite a lot and don’t remember any huge issues ,mb they were but I fixed em ,as with any other windows – liked styling ,thats why I didn’t use 2000. But I remember hate on XP – everyone hated it on start ,Including me ,It wanted to much resources and was kinda odd – but now everyone likes it 🙂

    • AM Motorsport says:

      Windows 8 was HORRIBLE… literally the only Windows that was WORSE than Vista. I would take ME over either vista or 8. 8 Is still the only Windows I’ve never intentionally put on a computer.

  6. JCORR76 says:

    0:38 I was looking for an authentic Windows 98 License for ages, thanks Linus!

  7. chrcoluk says:

    LUL see the cpu usage in the background, was never fully idle, something was bloaty hogging it.

  8. Cash Bonanza says:

    At least it didn’t spy on us like Win 10 does

  9. Cash Bonanza says:

    I’ll take Vista over 8 any day of the week.

  10. Les S says:

    I stuck with XP until Win 7 came out…going so far as DOWNGRADING my Windows vista ultimate laptops to XP. I also skipped win 8…hated the interface to no end. Now I have a love/hate relationship with win 10.

  11. Hayosiko Takagumi says:

    Windows ME and 8 were as horrible.

  12. sillybaboy says:

    Linus… ma boi, the reasons why Vista failed:
    1. Microsoft tried to make a new file system, but it didn’t get finished. When Vista finally came out they switched back to NTFS as an afterthought, but the I/O subsystem was terribly flawed. The OS was just unusable for many people because file transfer rates got down to a few KILOBYTES/s. When that happened you had to restart/reset your machine, there was no workaround or fix.
    2. It was the awkward time when they switched from 32 to 64bit. Many 64bit drivers were just bad and made the system crash, especially WiFi chips. Notebooks with built in cheapo chinesium WiFi modules had problems with it for a LONG time, they just couldn’t make proper drivers.
    3. Many programmers didn’t use the API for that UAC crap (this is not 100% correct but I don’t want to go into detail), programs failed to request admin rights and just ended up crashing or malfunctioning + Vista failed to detect that.
    4. Aero was fancy pancy and new yes, but it was flawed too. It got deactivated quite often for no apparent reason which made the system feel super sluggish. Also it messed up games because it didn’t get deactivated some times when starting another 3D application which caused all kinds of havoc. In Windows XP the graphics system was a kernel module and ran with higher priorities but for security and design reasons in Vista it ran as a “normal” system process. That’s why XP felt more snappy than Vista AND 7 (with deactivated Aero) no matter what. On top of that Intel GPU chipsets were bad and did not support enough DX functions to even run Aero properly.

    BUT almost all of that got fixed with SP1 or 2 (I don’t remember) which made Vista ~95% identical to Windows 7 but it was too late. The OS already had a bad name, ppl just went back to XP or upgraded to Win7 later. Microsoft didn’t backport everything of course to make ppl switch to their next OS. So at the end Vista was not a bad OS.

    • Atila Motila says:

      yep for sure, the visuals were too ahead of its time and like u said chipsets werent ready for it

    • Roy Mazingo says:

      I still have win vista on my gateway, everything is stock pretty much, 2.2 ghz CPU, 2 gig of ram(which I upgraded to 3[odd number I know]) but it’s not bad really. The driver update system does suck, and the windows update process is a dead end for which I dont know why. But if I had a choice, I’d choose vista over sp, and win 7 above all, just because I hate the app system look of win 8 and win10

    • This Latvian Person says:

      I fucking hate people like you who writ essays like this in youtube comments…

    • Kevin Bhasi says:

      Not to mention, MS artificially lowering the requirements in order to satisfy manufacturers like Acer. My Aspire 5050 had an AMD, 768 MB RAM (single channel!), 160 GB hard drive (split into two equally sized visible partitions because Acer), and tons of bloatware, and after upgrading to 2.5 GB RAM (still single channel), it was somewhat usable, but the laptop itself just felt plasticky and started falling apart, but back when I bought it, I just wanted to try Vista as I was jealous of my sister’s 5580, and didn’t know about mods that could make XP look like Vista, and I was also strapped for cash. My 5050 cost a little over $1000.

    • Darkfox Hammerthall says:

      I had a thousand dollar laptop back when Vista was still the new thing. It had high end parts in it. Not a gaming rig but it did have a dedicated graphics card and a stronger GPU. I was constantly having technical issues and OS failure out of Vista. I was constantly working on it because of issues from Vista. It ranged from simple driver problems to complete OS failure. It made me really dislike windows for the longest time. It was one of my first more expensive computers and it was a constant battle keeping Vista running.

  13. MusicForHours says:

    I still like the windows 7 and even vista menu better than windows 10
    After years of having windows 10…

    • daft nord says:

      the best thing about windows 10 menu is the right click start button and all the “power user” shortcuts there right handy

    • sferrin2 says:

      Windows 7 UI is light years ahead of Windows 10.

    • German Weeb says:

      Download Classic Shell then

    • XenoSpyro says:

      +Damsen If you haven’t been paying attention, 10 is following the same flat appearance that Youtube and Outlook switched to. Zero sense of color coordination. Vista and 7’s UI was actually, well… designed.

      To say it’s “exactly the same”, you’re either stupid or lying.

    • snintendog says:

      lets not forget the data that microsoft during the begining of 10 was maxing out data caps that wrer good for a month for low end users suddenly maxing out after a day when they updated to 10 from 7 or 8. the countless driver issues caused by microsoft pushing their Universal driver system the constant issues when win 10 gets a major update such as the recent “document destroyer” update that if you stored files not on the c drive as a library 10 will just delete it. Bricking was happening alot to the lower end note books during and after 10s launch and i still see bricks that had 10 on them today. And the big one OS corruption from updates that forced you to fresh reinstall 10. then 10 had an issue where it used to change a previous Partion from NTFS to Raw when updating that issue was extremely common and we used to dread when a new update came along because we would be swamped at work for those people with the endless window update screen.

  14. My Instant Search says:

    That intro – ad transition was smooth AF 10/10

  15. Top ten most autistic Singers says:

    Windows seven will never be beaten

  16. Neym says:

    0:38 I wonder how many people have written down Windows 98 key

  17. Marcos says:

    Vista is windows 7 beta

  18. G4m3m4st0r says:

    Joke is on you, I still have a machine from the early 2000’s running Windows ME on it’s original heavily partitioned 30GB HDD from back then with McAfee from 1999 still starting up every boot. (super secure)
    The OS has never been re-installed and the software/games put on it still work. Except it has a new dvd-drive, psu and an upgraded videocard now.
    It used to run on a Diamond Multimedia Viper V330 4mb but now it is some Nvidia TNT2 Riva 64 32mb. The original Pentium 3 overclocked to 500Mhz is still present too.

    Despite Windows ME never been really seen as a good OS I have fond memories of using it and back then I never experienced too much trouble with it during gaming.
    I kind of skipped Windows 95/98 because I used MsDOS/Windows 3.1 prior to ME mainly, but I’ve worked with those OSes too for short bits.

    Hell, I think I still have a pentium 2 running Windows ME from the same era.

  19. Gunjan shrestha says:

    Windows vista was my favorite OS spend most of the time on playing games on it…

    • Mattie's World says:

      Hey, i’ve used it from 2007 until 2013 without any problems on an HP Pavilion dv6204ea(i ran vista home basic), and I only switched to windows 8.1 because the laptop died(had it since it was new) and now i’m on windows 10, because the other laptop died as well. if it weren’t for the laptops dying, i would still be using vista. also, my desktop is an XP machine

    • Ad FLoRiN says:

      Gunjan shrestha you are too young 😄

  20. Immortal Beast says:

    My broke friend still uses his windows vista PC…

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