Washington Commanders vs. Philadelphia Eagles | 2022 Week 10 Game Highlights

Washington Commanders vs. Philadelphia Eagles | 2022 Week 10 Game Highlights

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43 Responses

  1. Samuel says:

    There’s no way Carson Wentz starts over Taylor Heinicke after these past few weeks. 4-1 in with Heinicke and now a statement win against an 8-0 Philadelphia team

  2. OfficeHanchoBoxing says:

    11:39 That exact same thing happened to the Titans against Arizona in 2009. Kenny Britt caught it just like that and fumbled it with almost the same time on the clock. Only difference here is Titans and Vince Young led a 99 yard drive after the 2min warning with no time outs to score the game winner. Idk what happened here

    • Macabree says:

      Yeah you’re a real one to remember that game. Almost same exact scenario and time. I will never forget that game. Probably Top 3 stamp games of Young career. 99 yard drive with “no time outs” against a good Arizona team

  3. Nikki Williamson says:

    As a Falcons fan all I can say is WOW. Nice win Washington.

    • Carlos R says:

      We’re in trouble when the Falcons visit Landover in a week.

    • Gabriel Bartholomew says:

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    • Chris Echols says:

      Facts rise up

    • Goldie Voerman says:

      As a falcons fan I wish we had there defense

    • Allen Rose says:

      Washington better get that check book dusted off for terrible Terry Mac next year that’s all I know!🤔🤔🫣🤫💼💼💼💼💼

  4. Zacmrd says:

    Heinecke deserved this win, such a humble guy. Plays with all his heart every game

  5. eric archer says:

    Everyone thought the commanders were going to get blown out 42-14 including me.Great win and confidence booster for Washington.

  6. J Vaz says:

    That Knee by Heineke was the most big brain play I’ve ever seen.

    • AKNismo says:

      @Richard W None of your arguments stand to even the slightest bit of scrutiny. The rules are what they are, and all of these players are paid to understand the rules. You’re just too god damn dense to seem to understand that. You should remove your head from the sand where it seems to have been buried since 1985.

    • Yeahh Im Godly says:

      @Memphis Cry little baby cry. Btw the word is MOMENTUM we all understand it, but the rule is very clearly after 1 step it’s a flag whether or not he could physically stop himself he took more than a step. Get over yourself

    • Memphis says:

      I don’t think anyone who says it was a penalty on Graham, fully understand physics. You also are naive to the time required by a person to see, analyze and react. Imagine a NASCAR race and the lead driver knowing if he is in a accident and can’t finish he still has enough points to win the race, so on a straight part of the track he slams on his breaks, then the driver behind him, hits him. Why did he hit him? Cause this is a something no one ever does, and he did not have the time to see, analyze and react fully, the same as Graham when he slid into Heineke. Imagine teams doing this instead of having to go for 4th and long, they wait to they are about to get sacked and then take a knee to draw a penalty. You all are praising garbage Heineke on a trash play, bringing down the integrity of the game, then criticizing Graham for doing something that would naturally happen to anybody in his position. The way Heineke got up and celebrated let’s you know he knew he got away with some bull crap. Y’all may not like the Eagles and don’t want to see us win but that crap was pure trash. They had some great plays, however that Roughing the Passer and Missed Face Mask penalties were egregious and it’s lame to gloat about that last penalty saying it’s a “big brain play”. If so when that happens against your team, keep that same energy.

    • Marquis Bryant says:

      @Alex Umana I’m not salty. It is what it is, we should have won, but we didn’t. Y’all needed it more than we did, and they had a great game plan. Why be upset it’s just 1 game. I feel sorry for whoever we play next week tho

    • Marquis Bryant says:

      Very interesting details. Well I wish you guys luck for the rest of the year. I can promise nobody will look past you guys. Please just beat the Cowgirls lol. Fly🦅Fly

  7. spacemanonearth says:

    Inspiring game, both teams played outstanding football, but W won this game. What a MNF game it was. This week had some wild games, and some upsets. What a week! TY NFL lot of entertainment, to be had. Thanks!

  8. DeFilipinoNinja says:

    I was so pleased to see Heinicke having enough time to throw the ball! Our O-Line stepped up to protect him. Our defense stepped up even more! Our kicker made FGs and extra points. The whole team stepped up and it was such an amazing game to watch! #HTTR #HTTC

    • Andrew J says:

      @Bleed they gave them some make up calls

    • DeFilipinoNinja says:

      There were definitely calls that weren’t called especially that face mask. But the unnecessary roughness on Heinicke after he kneeled down was not BS. Graham had enough time to slow down or at least jump over Heinicke so that he doesn’t seem like he was trying to tackle. Heinicke got up because he knew that it was an unnecessary roughness. Yes, he celebrated and the refs didn’t call for taunting but Heinicke wasn’t taunting or getting into any Eagles players faces. Instead, he ran off where no Eagles players and celebrated.

    • Bleed says:

      Good win agisn’t eagles but im gonna say that the calls where bs grab the face mask and no call ruled fumble 55 pushed Heinicke helemet back i understand dat but he was celebrating in front of the defense no taunt ? well all in all is qb’s get protected

  9. Colin Wanke says:

    Great gameplan by the commanders. Shrunk the game, efficient on 3rd down. Forced Turnovers, never flinched. Got points when they could. Really embraced the challenge against a great defensive line. Just a complete game. As a Vikings Fan, I say thank you!

  10. donner party of 1 says:

    The commander’s o line was incredible.

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