Washington Commanders vs. San Francisco 49ers | 2022 Week 16 Game Highlights

Washington Commanders vs. San Francisco 49ers | 2022 Week 16 Game Highlights

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48 Responses

  1. Edgard Bermudez says:

    This cements it. Brock Purdy is the real deal, he is legit. He has won the starting job, it’s a wrap!!!


      @Joshua Maddox Yep. It’s kind of sad what happens to NFL QBs coming out of the draft that just don’t make it. Sometimes you can spot the obvious problems: Manziel, Rosen, Z Wilson – attitude; Bridgewater – durability. But I think a lot of times the QBs drafted don’t truly fit the organization, at least in the beginning. This is why Jordan Love may yet succeed. He took the Rodgers route and was able to sit behind a great for several years.

    • Hs 4a08 says:

      Lol chill dude! We’ve seen this show before. We all hop on the Jimmy bandwagon when he first started and look at him now!


      @John Re You have to be honest in the end. I am hoping Trey Lance will succeed. I’m hoping Zach Wilson will succeed! But eventually it starts to become clear which QBs will shake out and those who won’t. Niners system just may not be a good fit for Lance, or else he would have taken over from the begininning, like Allen at Buffalo or Herbert in LA.

    • Kyle Newcomer says:

      @Dewi B-J this is the correct take

    • Andrew J Castaneda says:

      @Dewi B-J ceiling is only on paper… Big Difference looking at whats on paper and looking at actual game…RG3 had a huge ceiling, where is he now?

  2. Victor says:

    It’s only a matter of time until Samuel and Mitchell return. Crazy team

  3. Anthony(49ers faithful) says:

    Scary thing is the Niners offense is going to get even better once we get Mitchell and Debo back

    • ah fad says:

      I think 49ers already elite without deebo and mitchell, we dont need them now

    • James MacKinnon says:

      Yeah, in the defensive interior line Armstead and Kinlaw are back in there, and Deebo and Mitchell will be back for this already explosive offense. What the heck happened in those games against Atlanta and Kansas City? The Chiefs are the real deal, but every win of theirs has not been as overwhelming as that one over the Niners 🤔

    • Nathan Tilley says:

      @Whoizjoe just his presence opens up the offense, it’s another guy they have to worry about so it helps to free up other players

    • WingPikaChief says:

      @Paul V I thought he was out for the season

    • Paul Campbell says:

      @Christian Gonzalez
      Valid point, but with Debo on the field. It will separate the defense much further

  4. Sports311 says:

    Brock Purdy has really improved game by game with his pre-snap reads and hitting his target on time for big plays in the passing game

    • Ben Maxwell says:

      @P he’s played 2 top 10 defenses in 3 starts and one top 5… learn ball

    • Christopher Hardy says:

      @Xithr so that’s 6 what’s your point shessh. Every week folks be saying that wait until he faces this coach or this person or that. I heard it for Tampa, Seattle and coach Carrol scheming and Washington defense has been Solid and topped ranked. Not he is the next best thing. But at this moment Brock has looked better and better and better than anything we’ve had. Washington took away the run game and short game. He adjusted and blazed this. 49ers ain’t never looked this good and dominant. I hope continues but I appreciate Brock bringing it. The sample is getting bigger now so he getting a good portfolio on him. Shanahan for the most part has been dialing it up and he has been balling and completing the task amazingly.

    • Xithr says:

      @Kai Washington and top 5 defense 😂 Dallas, eagles, 49ers, Denver and Patriots all have better defenses statistically

    • LTrain45 45 says:

      ​@Lance.da.legend eagles and cowboys

    • LTrain45 45 says:

      ​@P these people don’t seem to realize Washington is last in their conference. Wait till the post season

  5. Parental Advisory says:

    Bosa the way he just walks off the field with the second sack of the game , it just great 🎉

  6. ll_payload_ll says:

    My favorite C. Ward #7 play is 6:10

  7. Lycan4647 says:

    I am officially Sold on Brock Purdy. He has proven that he reads defenses well and is great at avoiding pressure. On top of that he isn’t afraid of pushing the ball downfield! Great win Niner Gang let’s keep fighting for the 2 seed 🔥🏈

    • encinobalboa says:

      Nobody is talking about Trey anymore…except me. Purdy has the team.

    • x518 BEATDOWNx says:

      @Erick Mireles True, however what Trey has done thus far hasn’t been great. Have we said “Damn, That kid Lance is a beast!”? Hell naw… But I have said that about Purdy 4 times in 4 games! Hahaha… Just my opinion of course. =D

    • Raven.Bloodrot says:

      @Aaron Tait lots of interceptions/ fumbles by the other teams resulting in short fields, he’s doing well but there’s still a lot for him to prove.

    • truckermax1 says:

      @Yourgirllovesmangos so you can do better?😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • truckermax1 says:

      @Bob Jonsun That’s your opinion,no one cares about it and neither does Purdy!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  8. E-Light says:

    Gotta respect that Niner defense, they make things even easier for Brock.

  9. psell says:

    Great adjustments by the 49ers offense in the second half. Scoring on 6/7 possessions is a recipe for success

    • Boon Ai Mor says:

      This 49ers team look scary hot🔥. Watch out when Deebo come back..going be even more scarier. Purdy fit perfectly into the 49ers offense as QB that’s driving the juggernaut of an offensive. Jimmy G been holding the team back for years despite his winning records. 49ers need draft OLs next year and DBs depth as well as top end speed WRs and RBs

    • Boon Ai Mor says:

      @Vitaliy I doubt Jimmy G would drive them to TDs and would only be happy for FGs. Plus Mcglinchey is the weakest link with his fault start.

    • Lan Ho says:

      Need to score TDs instead of FGs.

    • Vitaliy says:

      Easy to score when you start in field goal range every time

    • Rocky Top Phil says:

      The defense put them in good field position on a lot of those. Credit to them too.

  10. King1 says:

    Wow. That second touchdown pass. He had 2 guys who could have caught that TD. Kittle and Aiyuk.

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