Washington Football Team vs. Cowboys Week 16 Highlights | NFL 2021

Washington Football Team vs. Cowboys Week 16 Highlights | NFL 2021

The Washington Football Team take on the Dallas Cowboys during Week 16 of the 2021 NFL season.

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44 Responses

  1. Sports311 says:

    This felt like we were playing easy mode on a Madden video game. The Cowboys made the game easy on all 3 phases: Offense, Defense and Special Teams

  2. Beardown Highlight City says:

    This wasn’t a game…. This was a MASSACRE

  3. Tony Smith says:

    The worst beating the Washington Football Team took in decades! Knew they were going to lose but not by this many points!

  4. Zkeleton Z says:

    Those Washington DB’s were really laying out the big hits, but they couldn’t stop the Cowboys receivers from actually catching the ball.

  5. Wesley Antrim says:

    In 40 years of watching the cowboys, I’ve never seen a more dominant half of football. I wish they’d done it to the eagles lol

  6. Marcus ._.2x says:

    Sent them with their tails tucked, heads down, and fighting each other.That’s exactly what I expect from this team, if we keep playing like this we’re really going to win it this year, good win Dallas🤠🤠🤠🤠🤠🤠

  7. Supperdude9 says:

    When they aren’t racking up penalties and making mistakes, the Cowboys can own anyone on the field.

  8. Call Me Soul says:

    I was at this game, my first NFL game. Dallas vs. Bishop Sycamore. I’ll never forget this experience.

  9. Youngblood 58 says:

    They always say defense wins games, both sides played excellent, keep it going cowboys, we got to win the big one. Cowboy fan for 52 yrs.

  10. Leonardo Cucchiara says:

    The drive right before halftime by Dallas was perfectly called and executed! Just beautiful!

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