Washington Football Team vs. New England Patriots | Preseason Week 1 2021 NFL Game Highlights

Washington Football Team vs. New England Patriots | Preseason Week 1 2021 NFL Game Highlights

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52 Responses

  1. David Wilson says:

    Ay when heinike got warm he was starting to look pretty good

  2. JDoc Fitness says:

    Was I the only one that didn’t know there was a game tonight????? I literally was looking at this at the gym thinking it was just highlights from last season and didn’t even give it more than a few glances…

  3. ZillTheGOAT says:

    I like how Heineke plays! He seems poised in the pocket.. I see too often where young QBs just automatically go to the checkdown after looking downfield. I think he can really develop into a solid starter

  4. Horito Spangalez says:

    Looks like there’s a lot of potential and room to grow for both teams. Heinike lookin like his post season performance last year was not a fluke. Guy can ball.

  5. Cameron Hunt says:

    Man Young is looking good on the snaps he was out there. I can not wait until I see this starting defense in the regular season

  6. Andy says:

    Pats fans saw what Michigan fans saw for years: Nordin is good, really good. He’s not always the most consistent or reliable, but he’s got all the talent and ability you could ask for.

  7. Jarod Giametta says:

    I was at this game (Patriots fan) and yo lemme tell y’all, this Quinn Nordin kid is the real deal at kicker. Saw him nailing from 60 during warmups like it was nothing. I think we got our next “automatic” kicker

  8. Arthur Li says:

    Whoever’s editing the NFL videos – you gotta add enough time at the end of videos so the next video recommendation doesn’t overlay the last few seconds of the highlights.

  9. J D says:

    Stevenson is an absolute monster… That kinda speed and agility out of a man that big is insane.

  10. Wali Ahmad says:

    Man Chase came around that corner and it was over for Cam. SMH that dude Chase is a beast

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