Watch Adam Levine Perform an Emotional Tribute to Christina Grimmie on ‘The Voice’

Watch Adam Levine Perform an Emotional Tribute to Christina Grimmie on ‘The Voice’

More from Entertainment Tonight:
Levine and his team sang a beautiful rendition of The Beatles’ ‘Hey Jude’ on Tuesday’s episode of the competition show.

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20 Responses

  1. Madison cooke says:

    Adam You’re So Sweet.Christina Would Be Proud Of You.❤

  2. Monica Carroll says:

    Adam did such a great tribute to Christina she would of been so proud!

  3. LOVER LINK says:

    fuck guns rip Christina

  4. BlahBlahBlah says:

    aww this is so sweet of him to do…bless him?

  5. Mooriah Carey says:

    Mariah Carey will do tribute to christina too by showing her fake boobs & lipsyncing relentlessly?

  6. Alissa Idek says:

    I was just trynna eat my hot pocket now I’m crying

  7. Ricky Bronze says:


  8. Kevin Kelley says:

    R.I.P. honey.? That shits not right..
    Nice tribute, Adam..Love to the Family..❤?

  9. Alizé Paredes says:

    omg i still can’t believe shes really gone :,(

  10. Katch'emAll says:


  11. Caitlyn Waltler says:

    that coward went and took her, then himself.

  12. NirvanaSucks says:

    They should have played “Another One Bites The Dust”.

  13. anitabreakone says:

    Thank God someone from the show finally made a comment concerning Christina’s passing. I’m sure it was a hard thing to do but Christina deserved some kind of acknowledgement from the show. Adam had some beautiful and heart felt words and I’m sure Christina and her family appreciated everything he said and has done for her and her family. Now everyone needs to purchase her album as the proceeds will go to help others affected by gun violence and breast cancer. The Christina foundation is a great way to help keep Christina’s memory alive.

  14. Void Fren says:

    why are all all of these comments so disgusting ?? she was still a person with parents and family oh my God show a little respect ??

  15. Gold Dust Man says:

    R.I.P. Christina,i hope and pray that you are at peace and surrounded by the love of our Lord. Fly high honey. ?

  16. Frank N. Stein says:

    What did she die of? She still looked bedable.

  17. That Man Was The Braun Strowman says:

    r.i.p. Christina

  18. Cat.exe has stopped working says:

    0:05 look to the right.

    Kurt cobain is still alive?

  19. Moczie says:

    Just incredible…yesterday I watched a movie on Netflix without knowing who she was, but her character atract me to her so much. I wish I would had known about her. She deserved the best from everyone that loved her. God bless her family.

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