Watch Courtroom Erupt In Applause After Larry Nassar Sentencing | MSNBC

Watch Courtroom Erupt In Applause After Larry Nassar Sentencing | MSNBC

Warning: some testimony and statements may be graphic in nature. As Larry Nassar is escorted out of the courtroom, following sentencing of up to 175 years in prison and days of victim-impact statements, applause and cheers fill the courtroom.

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Watch Courtroom Erupt In Applause After Larry Nassar Sentencing | MSNBC

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82 Responses

  1. Fernanda Mendez says:

    I am crying Jesus!

  2. Prince O'Humour says:

    Oh it’s not over just wait until the inmates get a hold of him.

  3. patrella bell says:

    Thank God for the verdict. But it’s much harder to get the same verdict for the Elites unless they turn on each other. So when you talk about Clinton’s you’re also talking about the Trump’s they both in the same swamp.

    • Grace Grit and Glory says:

      patrella bell And Putin. Don’t spare the biggest rat of all, your country’s leader.

    • patrella bell says:

      Grace Grit and Glory Putin, President Trump and Hillary are Conrad’s and business associates behind closed doors. MONEY ALWAYS COME FIRST BEFORE FRIENDSHIP FOR THE GREEDY.

    • Hillary for Prison. FeelTheBern says:

      Hillary is going to jail.

    • Kevin Spacey Jam says:

      patrella bell stop bringing politics into this. This isn’t President Trump related or Hillary Clinton. This is about what happens when you’re a disgusting human being your whole life. This sentencing is the result of being a disgusting person. It really is. Don’t bring politics into this dude, seriously!

  4. A Walloopia says:

    Too bad they won’t put him in general population .

    • bundycamp says:

      A Walloopia All I said was that Hillary is innocent and that Trump will be in prison. Why did that make you so angry?

    • A Walloopia says:

      bundycamp look in your mirror

    • john doe says:

      bundycamp why would trump go to prison? Please explain

    • bundycamp says:

      john doe I don’t know if you are aware, but he is under FBI investigation for colluding with Russia.

    • john doe says:

      bundycamp first of all, being under investigation is not the same as “going to prison”. 2nd hes NOT under investigation for “colluding with russia”. This has been confirmed many times now. Mueller is currently looking into obstruction of justice but theres nothing there and he knows it. Did you hear what trump said yesterday, he said he would be willing to be interviewed by mueller under oath, something he didn’t have to agree to.

  5. Jennifer Morris says:

    Is this dude Stephen Miller’s father?

  6. Hannibal Barqa II says:

    I think Jared Fogle should have gotten 1000 years sentence instead he only got 15.6 years and his crimes were much worse than Nassar. At least we got one of the two, I hope more charges be filed against Fogle.

  7. Anti Trumpster says:

    What a creeper…….karma to you in jail!!!!



  9. Project -iFi- says:

    another Anthony Weiner. sick dems

  10. Roger gr says:

    Me too….. thats why this gets so mich attention and gets dramatized by the US media. Of course this man has been so wrong and should be sentenced and punished for the horrofic crimes he has commited. This judge however is a true American Hollywood star and sounds more like an executer and is far from hoe a good judge should be: being objective without emotions!!! Ever heard about human rights dear America? I wonder why this judge had to be a woman in the first place…long live the American system😘

    • J Surh says:

      “supposed to be impartial”…”had already made her mind up”…?

      I resoundingly disagree with this stance regarding Judge Aquilina and her compliance with the Code of Judicial Conduct.

      It’s important to remember that this was a sentencing hearing, not a trial. A judge must be afforded the right to decide cases based on objective facts and the law–not based on his/her personal beliefs or public opinion. Judge Aquilina’s decision to publicize the victim impact statements came only AFTER Nassar pleaded guilty to several state sexual assault charges, not to mention he was already convicted for child pornography for which he was given a 60-year federal sentence. Shaming and making a spectacle of the convicted criminal in front of the world was part of his punishment–and considering how much Nassar seemed to suffer as a result, I would venture to say that not only was it richly deserved; it was (equally) justified.

    • Fayanna Rena says:

      J Surh amen! Couldn’t have said it better myself

    • crazy cat lady says:

      i was about to ask what is with judge being so theatrical

  11. Roger gr says:

    I wonder if America also clap their hands when they ruin another country by their unjustified wars….

    • Tee Tuh says:

      If a one armed guy claps his hand in the forest is it still a clapping?

    • Scientific Machine says:

      Well you cannot blame everyone for it. About 99% of americans werw not responsible for those wars or why they happened. Maybe if they were not brainwashed we could account them more.

    • Youtube Account#:457 says:

      We actually just make epic movies about blowing them up.

      Meh, they were just a bunch of goat farmers. What were they really worth? Like 5 cents a person?

    • WoebegonLlama says:

      Roger gr Wow that has absolutely nothing to do with this video.
      Can’t we just be happy that this disgusting monster is going to rot in jail for the rest of his miserable life?

  12. Rex The Thoughtful T-Rex says:

    Actions have Consequences.

  13. 1NinjaSamurai says:

    Even his lawyers don’t like him lmao

  14. PoKoJoE says:

    Awsome… Lets sentence Trump Next…. Ouh wait… He has money… Sorry does not apply sentencing

  15. Sam Jones says:

    Forgive this Man Lord Jesus!

  16. Aloyce Junior says:

    They make it sound like the guy just committed a horrible genocide #fake news

    • Aloyce Junior says:

      Laura Beth some of the women are indeed fake. Women need attention all the time. That’s why they use make-up even in the restroom.

    • Aloyce Junior says:

      TheJulianmc thank God your a ginius. go raise the dead.

    • WoebegonLlama says:

      Aloyce Junior The fact that you think women wear makeup for attention is hilarious. Women (and some men) wear makeup because they like it and most women see it as an art, hence the term makeup artist. Odds are when someone puts on makeup, they’re doing it solely for themselves.

    • Leave a like for no reason Please says:

      deaf dumb he pleaded guilty

  17. Mukund Gujjar says:

    But Weinstein goes to a special rehabilitation facility. The things you can do when you have power.

  18. Ashely Burke says:

    I don’t care what someone does, no-one should clap like that for something like that.
    And don’t bother commenting dissenting opinions, I won’t see or reply.

    • Genevieve says:

      Ashely Burke well I don’t care that you won’t see my reply to your shameful comment, but YES they should applaud the justice of the rule of law against a doctor who took a vow to ‘do no harm’ and then went on to sexually assault and abuse children and teenagers when he was supposed to be ethically caring for their injuries. You say “you don’t care”, but not until it happens to you or someone close to you.

    • Jennifer G says:

      CLAP CLAP CLAP CLAP CLAP CLAP CLAP 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  19. NaderR says:

    This case took much media exposure, only because it occurs at the same time as the Weinstein scandal. Btw, why isn’t Harvey Weinstein dragged to in court too?

  20. XtinaKat says:

    For the people just tuning in….This was a sentencing…NOT A trial. He plead guilty. He didn’t fight the charges. A condition of his plea was that his victims got to speak at his sentencing VOLUNTARILY. If you would have listened to a QUARTER of the 100+ victim impact statements you would have applauded too.

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