Watch Duke, Zion Williamson advance past NDSU (Extended highlights)

Watch Duke, Zion Williamson advance past NDSU (Extended highlights)

Duke rolled past North Dakota State with Zion Williamson scoring 25 points and RJ Barrett dropping 26 points with 14 rebounds to advance in the NCAA tournament.

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63 Responses

  1. Nehemiah Howard says:

    Duke highkey teased em ?? 1 down, 5 to go

    • Carless Link says:

      I would say lowkey but the second half wasn’t even close looked like JV scrimmaging with varsity out there.

  2. SamTooDrippy says:

    Duke shot the 3 good this game they will win the championship

    • Madison Morris says:

      +Brendan Adams VT has potential. But it took a lot for them to beat Duke when Zion was out.

    • Madison Morris says:

      +Mick Funny In your opinion, who is above Tre Jones?

    • Luke Waters says:

      +Madison Morris Okay who says they will play at full strength?

    • Madison Morris says:

      +Luke Waters True. Zion is probably going to try to dunk on Tacko and give himself a concussion on the backboard

    • Mick Funny says:

      Madison Morris for pure PGs who areone+done, not sophs like Morant, ( who will be # 2 o r# 3 in draft) then Darius Garland and Coby White. When you add in all the Soph/Jr/Sr and combo guards, and Euro guards, Tre Jones will be last in 1st round, at best.

  3. randy martinez says:

    Duke blue Devils are way way too good with Williamson

  4. Overnight Millionaires says:

    RJ seems more like a legit player.

    • brian faux says:

      Well you don’t know what ur talking about! Are you even watching the whole game? Cause if you did and were not texting someone while game was going on you would see all what Zion does during the game! Now go and take ur bath.

    • mkingadiffernce says:

      Shalom – Have you watched RJ all season he takes the most shots on the team and averages 20 shots a game. I disagree he does not shot the ball 7 to 9 times a game that is more likely Cam Reddish. RJ is a volume shooter. One thing I do agree is that he needs to help and do a better job on defense because sometimes his man makes a lot of basket!

    • mkingadiffernce says:

      He also does not shot midrange jumpers a lot even though he should to mix his game up and his 3 point shots need the be more in rhythm and he needs to play more with Zion and Cam. I wish he was more of a pass first guard instead of shooting all the time because a lot of times he’s to selfish on the court in shooting the ball and dribbling the ball too!

    • Devvv says:

      feels like his offensive game still looks so forced and limited(at least compared to his potential)

  5. Mr. Milko says:

    When you realize ndsu was in it for the 1st half

  6. Will Holland says:

    Is Zion playing volleyball?

  7. Shawn Whitter says:

    Duke shot a little over 40% from 3 which is good, they don’t need to shoot it that high every game but if they can avg about 37 or 38 percent than they’ll be in good shape

  8. ACAnakinAhsoka says:

    convinced Duke was not trying first half. lol

  9. ThreeCreators says:

    RJ Barrett player of the game. Zion lookin like a beast as usual. Connie Shahid out there lookin like Allen iverson all by himself!

    • ThreeCreators says:

      brian faux I respect that perspective. Who was in your opinion?

    • ThreeCreators says:

      iwontlose187 I think Zion is better but still think RJ was player of this game. But I ain’t got no problem with people who think RJ is better and prefer to watch him or chose him over zion. That’s their freedom of choice.
      There’s no need to even compare though or get upset over conflicting opinions especially if u are secure with your own opinion. We can just enjoy the game from our own perspectives!

    • Matthew Wiley says:

      +Anonymous Secret who is OP? ?

    • Hammeraffe Jo says:

      +Troy Moore dude zion sit out 10 minutes with 23 pt

    • The REAL mike thegamerguy24 says:

      +brian faux saying “smfh” over just a game looks real silly

  10. NerdNeckJason says:

    As an NDSU fan, gg’s to Duke and good luck to them for the rest of the tournament.

  11. Scottie Fegans says:

    Kid ran down a PG his going to be something

  12. Janet Jackson says:

    I still can’t believe I got to see Zion in person tonight. My baby bought me the ticket to go I’m still wired up. Duke fan for 30 years!!!! I shall sleep like a baby?

  13. Darcseid27 says:

    Zion beat a guard up the floor to a loose ball

    ? what the fucc? 4:38

  14. Gerard Williams says:

    So just forget about RJ Barrett and his 26 and 14

  15. My Thoughts Are Just That says:

    When you realize Ja morant and Zion played AAU together … sheesh. South Carolina stand up!!

    • ChanChanTheRapper HD says:

      When you realize that maybe a chance of seeing them play against each other in the final four

  16. Brandon CR says:

    Can’t wait for Zion to dunk all over taco

    Of course no disrespect to taco, I just love watching Zion.

  17. Adrian Hernandez says:

    Pay your players from all these commercials. You know somebody is getting Rich

  18. Ethan Xiong says:

    Is it me or is Liangelo Ball playing at NDSU

  19. Sergeant Danelarton says:

    This Duke team could easily beat the Lakers right now

  20. Mo Rush says:

    At 2:43 #34 made a business decision lol

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