Watch Elon Musk’s Neuralink presentation

Watch Elon Musk’s Neuralink presentation

Electric vehicles, rockets… and now brain-computer interfaces. Elon Musk’s newest venture, Neuralink, aims to bridge the gap between humans and artificial intelligence by implanting tiny chips that can link up to the brain. At a press conference on July 16, Neuralink’s ambitious plans were detailed for the first time, showcasing a future (a very distant future!) technology that could help people deal with brain or spinal cord injuries or controlling 3D digital avatars.

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79 Responses

  1. Have a great day! says:

    Hopefully it comes preloaded with adblock. ?

    • Lil Cabbage says:

      Elon Crust

    • Brad Childress says:

      @Corey Mckay until investors and people in power roles decide ads will be good for business. But theres no way this will be affordable or even available to average people once it gets rolling and if it is just remember “if it sounds too good to be true”. This country/world wouldn’t work the same for the uber wealthy and they’ll be having none of it unless it’s for themselves.

    • Corey Mckay says:

      @Brad Childress the primary use case for now is medical. Watch the actual presentation. The medical use case is A LOT cheaper than the millions of dollars of medical fees people with seriously crippling disorders pay.

    • Brad Childress says:

      @Corey Mckay Yeah of course it’s going to be pushed hard as something that’s going to be for your health. But on the Rogan podcast (painful to admit I watched that at one pint) the convo got onto having a super intellect. The hustlers and owners will not have a device that puts them at risk to not own countries anymore and theres too much money on the table in the medical world to have something that isn’t going to keep profits sky high.

    • Billy Di says:


  2. Patrick Iton Oliveras says:

    I think you don’t require this tech to be able to play out sci-fi movie scenarios.

    Spam and advertising, political and state propaganda, food and drug addiction, black mailing, accurate recording, evidence tampering, learning behavior from observations of large groups. All those problems have a long history perhaps starting along with advertisement and marketing or older. The trick is to develop countermeasures to these problems along with the discovery of them. I wouldn’t give up on internet as a tech, just because a bank got hacked, and I don’t expect most people would. So this leads to a need of cybersecurity experts and solutions.

    As long as we can keep up the pace.

  3. Phillip Meneses says:

    We can do this but we can’t cure male pattern baldness. Dang.

  4. Isekai no Kyuubi says:

    What’s next? Some game dev made a hack n slash game where the players couldn’t logout? oh wait…


    And just like that!…. THOUGHT CRIMES were no longer abstract concepts.

    • Paula Johnson says:

      Your right, never seen the movie, but I do have 1984 on audio.
      The movie I was thinking of has Tom cruise as a cop, with the girl in the swimming pool. And they punish you for crimes you haven’t committed yet, but we’re thinking about committing… I am on my first cup of coffee so… I’m gonna have to Google it. Lol

    • Brian M says:

      Paula Johnson Minority Report

    • Paula Johnson says:

      @Brian M
      Thanks Brian!
      My internet must have a delay, saw your comment after posting.

    • Paula Johnson says:

      And having to Google it, lol.

    • Angry flagger says:

      I prefer the Thot police

  6. OFFday7 says:

    This is scary Bc Elon Musk can be Tony Stark or Lex Luther.

  7. Knoot _ says:

    *Hey, my name is Connor.* *The android sent by Cyberlife.*

  8. Guy Michaely says:

    How the hell does he run Tesla SpaceX and neuralink at the same time, my god

  9. Ryan N says:

    Elon: now I’ll show you a demo
    *Jeff Bezos trapped inside INFINITY: Space Fleet Mod w/ Starship replacing the Callister*

  10. Sergi0Vega says:

    Tony Stark doesn’t seem so far fetched now lol ?

  11. Siul Nilla says:

    Elon: “I’m terrified of AI. Like really terrified of it.”

    Also Elon: “Sooo guys new plan: humans are too dumb. I’m going to make you robots.”

    • Mario Diaz says:

      @Hans-Joachim BierwirthElon is trying to control the outcome. He warned people of the danger’s of AI but nobody listened. He said when AI is being developed, there needs to be oversight to make sure that it’s safe, and that with the pace AI is evolving, the only two outcomes are our elimination or assimilation. He’s trying to make sure we at least don’t get wiped out. It’s better to have our minds then lose our lives and he’s trying to make sure we go the better route of the two.

    • Guy Unger says:

      “if you can’t beat them, join them”

    • Luigi Trapanese says:

      You just bumped into an amazing concept. Nuances.

    • Paula Johnson says:

      @ Guy Unger
      Join them and become Borg?
      No thanks

    • nate says:

      he’s talked about this before AI is inevitable its coming whethere we like it or not and we can either merge with the technology and have complete control and use it to enhance our species or we can make robots that would be millions of times smarter than us and could possibly gain self consciousness… this way we can prevent that from ever happening

  12. guillelainez says:

    I’ve seen Black Mirror, I know how this ends up!

  13. ohmyafy says:

    Black Mirror should be required watching for Neuralink employees.

  14. Robert Pearce says:

    Bring it on..
    Im sick of being stuck in my broken meat bag and not being able to walk like normal people.
    If they need a crash test dumby. ….im their man !
    Give me a call….im more than willing.

    • HAVIER ABEL says:

      Same here, i am tetraplegic and this could potentially be life changing

    • Miki Cerise says:

      I really, really hope they pull through for you guys. It’s an exciting time without a doubt!

    • George The OG Washington says:

      It’s the individuals like yourselves who live life with the obstacles of disability that truly need this type of technology more than anyone else.
      But then again, most medical and scientific technology usually does come out of a dire need.
      Sometimes by accident, too.

      But really.
      This is good news for anyone who has a disability or a family with health issues.

    • Ryan C says:

      Reach out to Elon.

  15. Yung Sno says:

    The world is about to literally change drastically in the next 20 years

    • undeadpresident says:

      It’s always changing. But people are very stupid if they trust this invention. Very stupid. Words cannot express how unfathomably stupid.

    • Yung Sno says:

      undeadpresident yeah i agree , at least it’s Elon behind it but just think of all the bad people who will have access to this

    • Ottsel King says:

      Well they say technology improves exponentially so it’s supposed to start changing faster and faster

    • Christian Lamas says:

      Imagin in 50 years ?
      I wil be live in this time ?

    • Yung Sno says:

      Ottsel King agreed. But it’s just astonishing to even contemplate that everything is about to change as drastically in the next 20-50 years as it did in like the last 100

  16. Akashdeep Mandal says:

    Damn it… I am afraid that by the time Cyberpunk2077 comes out, Elon Musk will already have made that game setting into reality…. !!

  17. Mike D says:

    We had Bill Gate changed the world back in the 80s, now Elon Musk.

  18. Jon H says:

    Me: “I just learned Kung Fu!” Elon:… “show me”

  19. Rebu Uber says:

    I can believe this is the guy who tweets out anime cat girls

  20. Rátonyi Botond says:

    Unbox Therapy Guy: I’m Switching To The Neuralink
    Unbox Therapy Guy: Neuralink has a problem
    Neuralink: processing information. Changing behavior.
    Unbox Therapy Guy: Neuralink has no problem at all.

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