Watch Highlights From The First Democratic Debate, Day Two | NBC News

Watch Highlights From The First Democratic Debate, Day Two | NBC News

Ten 2020 presidential candidates faced off in round two of the first Democratic debate, sparring over inequality, immigration and race.
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Watch Highlights From The First Democratic Debate, Day Two | NBC News

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83 Responses

  1. richnutz97 says:

    yall should’ve had 5 debates, one everyday for a week because this chaos is stupid and theres better ways to hear all the candidates policy in a fair and open way . #imjustsayin

    • Blatio1 says:

      For Democrats, you don’t even need that. Free stuff, high taxes, no jobs, demand fascism, welfare state, demand racism, demand sexism, open borders, slander 1/2 the country (conservatives), shame the successful, stunt GDP, apologize to adversaries, push for divisiveness, and tax businesses out of the country.

      There, I saved you several hours of watching the DNC clown show.

    • r B says:

      richnutz97 Please, the only way to pick out the strong and discard the weak is through debate which is exactly what we have witnessed. I whittled down the field too four so far so I don’t know what you were watching or maybe you don’t have the ability to discern and really listen.

  2. Daniel Solano says:

    Yaaaaanng 🙁
    Make Andrew Talk Harder!

    • beetheb says:

      @X-Kid Z But that’s what I’m saying, I watched the Rogan interview with him too, and not one word of what Yang said was a new or fresh idea. He lines up with the Democrats on basically everything, straight down the line.

      You may not have been a political person before seeing him, but if what he said really turned you on, I’m here to tell you; You are and always have been a moderate Democrat, because that’s essentially what Yang is.

    • X-Kid Z says:

      @beetheb That’s fine. Like I say I don’t care about political parties. Whatever I may be labelled based on what I like or think is just a label. It doesn’t make me intentionally join any side, wherever I fall. What are some examples that Yang is about that lines up with democrats?

    • The Maestro says:

      chaeyeon’s hair all I need to know is that he supports free healthcare for illegals. He cucked himself. Embarrassing .

    • beetheb says:

      @X-Kid Z All of them. Abortion, immigration, healthcare, taxes, he is straight down the line moderate Democrat. You’re not a political person so you don’t realize this. I am, so I’m letting you know.

      Anyway, the candidate will be either Bernie Sanders or Joe Biden, so I’d go check them out if I were you (a Democrat who doesnt know they’re a Democrat).

    • oscar bortZ says:

      He bombed in this debate

  3. lick Noise says:

    Drinking game take a shot every time they avoid the question

  4. Progressive Humanist says:

    At the end lol@ Biden’s face when he realized Harris just ended his campaign.

    • Hunter says:

      It just shows how truly uneducated people are if you support that corrupt POS Biden, you need to delve a little deeper into Biden and who he is. He doesn’t care about you, he cares about his corporate masters, oh and he’s a pedophile

    • Carlos Figueredo says:

      @ice man Victim Card (Any kind of victimization works)

    • Omari .C says:

      ice man there’s no evidence of a race card in this situation she was just speaking facts.

    • Cade Latham says:

      Progressive Humanist Harris has about the same odds I have of ever being in the White House….

    • Anne Collins says:

      The Commiecrsts are waiting for someone or something to end Bidens campaign.

  5. Regan Bond says:

    This debate should have been a round table conversation with a speaking baton.

    • Jillian Aguilar says:

      This is the talking Stick, whoever has the stick gets to talk.

    • Bob Bobbington says:

      NPC 1 “I am a unique and beautiful flower… and would let illegals into the country.”
      NPC 2 “I am a unique and beautiful flower… and would let illegals into the country.”
      NPC 3 “I am a unique and beautiful flower… and would let illegals into the country.”
      NPC 4 “I am a unique and beautiful flower… and would let illegals into the country.”

    • Twiistz says:

      They have more debates, just wait. This is the first round of debates. More and more candidates will be eliminated . What do you guys expect when there are so many people and only 2 hours of programming?

    • Michael O says:

      Or just one microphone

  6. bananfejja says:

    Important question: Who decides the questions? Because, as I see it these ‘debates’ mostly consists of a bunch of bs questions, very likely
    driven by someone’s agenda. Etiquette prompts you to answer questions you are being asked, thus the whole debate will consist of answers to a
    bunch of bs questions in order to promote an agenda.

    • Pressley - the YouTuber formerly known as Vesylum says:

      or that’s just how the world is and you’re a psychotic

    • mrtran22 t says:

      couldnt have agreed more, these moronic questions are more or less of the same social issues bs. let’s talk abt jobs and the economy .. the $$$.

      i’m not even a republican, but i hope Trump wins again just to show how stupid the Democrat party has evolved

    • Lonnie White says:

      These “questions” are written by the medias “softball” teams!

    • Shana the Multiboxer says:

      MSNBC has been corrupt with an agenda for two years, but their viewers are so brainwashed, they literally think Trump supporters are stupid bigots.

  7. D Dr.Extra says:

    WHY IS BIDEN IN ALL THE THUMBNAILS NBC?!? We are not voting for him! Just Stop!

    • Thiquid says:

      @Carmen Santiago-Brieske he’s a creep

    • Closeoutracer says:

      Because when Bernie “kills evil wall street” .. All Americans with retirement accounts will be gutted.. and Cities wont’ be able to get Bonds or Loans.. Wall Street underwrites them. The other Dems have equally poor financial IQ’s.

    • Hunter says:

      Steven Mamba that just shows how truly uneducated you are if you support that corrupt POS, you need to delve a little deeper into Biden and who he is. He doesn’t care about you, he cares about his corporate masters, oh and he’s a pedophile

    • Okraknife says:

      @Charles L what did he say that was racist.

  8. Men at Arms Martial Arts says:

    The moderators should have the ability to turn off a candidates mic once time has elapsed to avoid all the political peacock strutting that went om in this debate.

  9. FlamingSC says:

    It’s not even Saturday night yet and Saturday Night Live is already airing? Amazing.

  10. wowboo says:

    Some ppl are saying andrew yang was was a no show, but I disagree. Ppl had no idea who he was when he first started running. The fact that he was up on the stage tonight and will be for rest of debates, his voice is going to resonate throughout the country. MSNBC will not be able to silence him. Only hide hide this comment.

    • Tony F says:

      wowboo there is evidence that his mic was muted at parts of the debate when he tried to add to the conversation.

  11. Daniel Billingslea says:

    It’s so good to see Andrew Yang finally on stage!

  12. G-Dub 85 says:

    Poor Yang just up there chilling ?

  13. arminrmhp says:

    Highlights of the debate? seems more like a reality show “previously on” recap. Only showing drama and exciting portions. Gotta watch the entire debate to really understand each candidate’s stance.

  14. Joe Billy says:

    NBC played Andrew Yang dirty. I’m still 100% yang gang. All the other candidates just gave emotional anecdotes.

    • Chris Brown says:

      The best way to get back at the media is to vote for Trump.

    • The Daily Review says:

      I support Trump but Yang and Tulsi both have ideas worth hearing and they’ve been totally ignored by the jew media machine.

    • oscar bortZ says:

      Yang just didn’t speak up. His answer on UBI was so much weaker then what I have heard before.

    • Ghostin ' says:

      @oscar bortZ because they didn’t give him enough air time(60 seconds), even when he tried to speak his mic was muted. Nbc rigged this whole thing

    • Tommy Leo says:

      @ImpalerGaming The fact that you recognize people want/need money is the whole point of Yang’s campaign. What are you attracted to, then? The other candidates’ emotional anecdotes? Same old political rhetoric?Economics is the foundation. None of the other “programs” matter if citizens don’t have enough financial capacity.

  15. Q says:

    Biden should’ve said “I have a black friend”

  16. SuperDynamite666 says:

    Wise intelligent action oriented ppl dont talk much, they do the work..Go YANG2020! Its not audition for Hollywood, its for the Presidency

  17. CSeyoum says:

    Ridiculous to let Networks organize this stuff. The whole thing is a joke, the DNC never learns.

    • DadPlayerPro says:

      CSeyoum if this is what the Democratic Party stands for, who in their right mind would vote for them? Come on people wake up

    • Lonnie White says:

      You’re confused, the DNC is the joke, this is just crafting theatrics…

  18. BiPolarB33r says:

    This was more of “My life is worse than your’s” TED talk than an actual productive debate

    • DadPlayerPro says:

      I think Kamala Harris won the victim Olympics tonight

    • Nick Cassetta says:

      dude…thats the entirety of the US lol. your *perceived* hardships are an excuse for your failures now…

    • CensorAndrewYang S says:

      this is the consequence of Muting Andrew Yang’s Mic.
      if they let Andrew Yang talk as other candidates, you will see the difference.
      Check out ****JRE1245**** and ****ShapiroEp45**** to enjoy a logic talk on policies help all American People!

  19. 3 says:

    Props to Yang for deciding to boycott the circus and move forward to solve the problems we face today

  20. free lance says:

    Hi NBC,
    Why did Andrew Yang’s Mic Turned OFF During the Debate??

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