WATCH: July 4th Fireworks at the National Mall

WATCH: July 4th Fireworks at the National Mall

Enjoy our stream of the 4th of July fireworks as they burst over the National Mall in D.C.

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16 Responses

  1. Gladys Lopez says:

    Thank you for the video. We couldn’t see the fireworks out where I live but we could hear them. My 2 year old was scared so I showed her this video and it helped her figure out what was happening. Thank you. 😊

  2. Melanie Solomon says:

    I’m so happy my kids and grands were there. The grands will always remember this night !

  3. Manta Core... Tejah says:

    That was a spectacular show. Thanks for the awesome footage! 🎆

  4. Rune - Medizin - メディック says:

    Thank you for the video, due to family fights and things like this I missed my town’s shows so this was good timing.

  5. Lisa Cody says:


  6. Miles Huff says:

    Cameraperson shouldn’t have zoomed in/out so much. It really impeded the viewing experience.

  7. Mia Makrach says:

    It’s amazing having 4th of July kids so happy of joy amazing !!

  8. JayJon D. says:

    sucks that im watching this at home instead of watching fireworks firsthand.. but this is a great sight!

  9. Julie LaBonte says:

    Thank you for this seat with you, on our National Mall. This is my Hometown which I do miss.
    Big Love, from the ❤️ of Texas

  10. Jim Skelton says:

    I feel like I’ve had an intimate night with that random guy in the ballcap 500 yards away because I’ve been staring at the back of his head for 1/3 of this video. Thank you cameraman.

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