Watch Kanye West Ditch Uber And Gets Ride From The Paparazzi!

Watch Kanye West Ditch Uber And Gets Ride From The Paparazzi!

Tuesday, March 15, 2016 – Kanye West leaves the gym after working out with wife Kim Kardashian, still inside. West looks around for a black Uber sedan, supposed to take him to celebrity trainer Harley Pasternak’s gym, but it’s nowhere in site. So when photographers offer him a ride, he ditches the Uber saying, “I don’t need Uber anymore, I just have the paps take me where I want to go!” Pasternak has a big laugh when photogs drop Kanye off. And when asked about reports he supports Trump and Kim supports Hillary, Kanye says, “I don’t want to give any political opinions. You know, we had a very intense past month, and um, right now I want to focus on my family, and just making good music and good clothes.” And on going more guerilla with his fashion shows, he responds, “Yeah, I’m going Mad Max!”

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20 Responses

  1. ::J:: KAMM! says:

    Damn, i guess he really is broke. don’t even have his own ride ?

  2. Tashdeed Faruk says:

    This is the Kanye West that no one is Kanye Blessed enough to know. Kanye
    West just came out from working out his Kanye Chest and feeling his Kanye
    Best. Being his best Kanye Dressed, he was on a Kanye Quest to find his
    uber, but ditches it for a ride with the paparazzi aka Kanye Pests.

  3. Koalakylie says:

    He could have totally gotten murdered or kidnapped????

  4. HitMeQuick says:

    Stop encouraging him. If everyone just ignores him, he will eventually go

  5. jbonecamero13 says:

    this guy is on a down hill spiral.

  6. Tree “Tree CHOPPERS” Chopper says:

    Mr Plinket gives kanye a lift.

  7. Caleb Mischeski (Clab) says:

    shout out travis

  8. P.M Me Your Kitty! says:

    Kanye takes Uber huh lol!?

  9. Juan Toledo says:

    donde se inscriben los animales exsoticos


    haha yeezy

  11. Branden Adams says:

    Can’t be staged can it? I wanna say no

  12. Andrew Smith says:

    “Uber Everywhere, shout out to Travis”….damn, no love for Madeintyo.

  13. Mike Heller says:

    do they even lift

  14. the big chalupa says:

    I give him a ride but I want some gas money shit isn’t FREE

  15. Ralph Daddie says:

    it’s official, kanye is a joke. he may as well go get in line for welfare.

  16. David Hollis says:

    He doesn’t seem like a douche in this one..? Life makes no sense.

  17. Merk S says:

    I’ll tell Kanye I’ll give him a lift but then push him out in a random

  18. Jamilex F says:

    Looks staged …… But if not wonder if he gave them gas

  19. CheEsEToUcH666 says:

    is shoenice holding the camera?

  20. justelvin says:

    nobody gives a shit