WATCH: Kathy Griffin Speaks at Press Conference over President Donald Trump Bloody Head Controversy

WATCH: Kathy Griffin Speaks at Press Conference over President Donald Trump Bloody Head Controversy

New Sean Spicer Presser:

LIVE: Kathy Griffin Speaks at Press Conference over Bloody Head Controversy

BloomFirm Attorney at Law Press Release

Comedian Kathy Griffin and Attorney Lisa Bloom to Hold Press Conference

Kathy Griffin has hired high-powered attorney Lisa Bloom and will hold a press conference Friday to address the firestorm surrounding the viral image of herself holding the bloody, decapitated head of President Donald Trump and the “bullying” she claims she has endured at the hands of the Trump family as a result.
Griffin was fired from CNN this week, where she has hosted New Year’s Eve Live with network anchor Anderson Cooper since 2007

Kathy Griffin is holding a press conference on Friday to complain about the “bullying from the Trump family that she has endured” following the release of a photo spread showing the comedian holding up a bloodied head of President Trump.

Lisa Bloom, the daughter of famed feminist litigator Gloria Allred and Griffin’s newly hired lawyer, made the shocking announcement on Twitter.

Bloom says that she and Griffin will “announce the true motivation” behind the photo shoot.

Bloom posted the press release to her Twitter account, saying, “Proud to announce that I represent Kathy Griffin. We will be holding a press conference tomorrow morning. Here’s the details.”

Bloom, said “I lover her too” in response to a commenter on Twitter who said, “I happen to love kathygriffin. Witch hunts are exhausting. Brava, LisaBloom.”


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20 Responses

  1. KingGhostDragon says:


  2. Stink Finger says:

    Kathy Griffin knew exactly what she was doing… she was emulating an ISIS beheading video.

  3. jorge ruiz says:

    Kathy what the fuk were you thinking

  4. catherine chan says:

    Hey Kathy don’t used any excuses, what u did is wrong, please respect our president , you are a hateful person.

  5. Todd Schroeder says:

    This bitch is a piece of shit

  6. Jo Jo says:

    This press briefing only made things worse. They should never use it to bash Trump – this is Kathie doing!!!!! Kathy needs to be prosecuted and go to jail. They can retrain her for a new job in jail. Also, she needs psychological help to figure out why she thinks this is funny.

  7. Fantango says:

    “DEATH TO THE PRESIDENT” is not the same as negatively interpreted off comments. Kill yourself Griffin.

  8. Average Shitlord says:

    Of course she somehow spun this all around to be about sexism. She did something extremely provocative, she knew there would be backlash, and there was. She can’t even own up to her actions, it’s pathetic.

  9. Robert Hartmann says:

    Kathy fighting for her life for making a very disgusting decision. Desperation!!! Lawyer knows it’s pay day!!!!

  10. TheGingero1 says:

    So Griffin is the victim??? Now that is a joke. These idiots have no sense of accountability or responsibility. Actually the good news is that these fools just keep digging themselves into the holes they belong in.

  11. moistvagina says:

    Trump bullied her?

    Are you fucking serious lmao jesus liberals will never stop pulling the victim card. These people are fucking crazy dude its scary there’s so many.

  12. SonjaSmith says:

    This lawyer has Trump derangement syndrome.

  13. M85FSLUVR says:

    So she’s not sorry?

  14. Keep It Real says:

    Does she ever wash or comb her hair?

  15. Prot07ype says:

    *This Kathy Griffin press conference is a trainwreck.*

    “I’m literally shaking”
    “I’m sad”
    “I’m the victim”
    “It’s white men’s fault”
    “It’s because I’m a woman”

    Every excuse possible. Every single one. lmfao. If you want to do edgy humor be ready to deal with the blowback if the joke doesn’t land. She’s crying because people told her that her joke was shit.

    – MisterMetokur

  16. Ryan Henke says:

    I love it when B grade Celebrities and Lawyers dictate morality to the rest of us.

  17. lazerlazer says:

    The lawyer is using fake laughter everytime Kathy said anything remotely funny.

  18. George Winston says:

    I always suspected she was a bit stupid, but I didn’t expect her to be delusional… Everyone has freedom of speech, but no one has freedom from consequences of their speech.

  19. Bonekrusher1967 says:

    Lisa Bloom is what’s wrong with this country.Lying Lawyers who are good at manipulating the people.She is an Idiot.

  20. Golden State Times says:

    The Video Is Being Edited but for now the Press Conference Starts at 41:00

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