Watch live: Donald Trump gives first speech to UN general assembly

Watch live: Donald Trump gives first speech to UN general assembly

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20 Responses

  1. Arik Stoops says:

    Beautiful speech. A man that actually cares about his country.

    Obama would go to the UN and kiss their feet.


    Let the butt hurt babies comment on this great speech. This man has done so much while you sit there and cry over fake headlines. Read articles, do research, and swallow your pride.

  3. Theospeak1 says:

    Great presidential speech. Can’t believe he’s just saying these things outright. That’s why it’s so great. So refreshing.

  4. instantsiv says:

    Trump: America is wonderful > Obama: America is terrible

  5. Brendan Ryan says:

    I feel like America has a backbone again finally

  6. TheFish says:

    Fantastic. What a refreshing change.

  7. Alex Andrews says:

    Damn, the president is throwing some serious shade, I love it

  8. Elfe Bobaca says:

    Bravo!! Finally a president that puts America first. Our modern Theodore Roosevelt.

  9. JB sparks says:

    WOW! I’m Diggin it! We may finally have a great leader in my time! Who would have thunk it would be Donny J? I’m getting more optimistic every day!

  10. Mondez Durden says:

    When it comes to the economy thanks Obama. This congress has passed nothing connected to the economy. Trump just got his regulation czar last month. He’s changed no regulations yet. We are skating in Obama’s economy and Trump is blatantly trying to take credit hoping his supporters will believe him and thinking other Americans are too stupid to know any better and because he has no accomplishment after going on a year in office. He’s only undone Obama’s stuff, not created anything himself. He’s weak.

  11. Mark Rixson says:

    Finally a REAL leader

  12. Sherry Koury says:

    Big Daddy Trump shows America’s strength and his strength

  13. Dude Monkfish says:

    He is the ultimate Strongman.

  14. cambridge123456789 says:

    God I love this man. His Poland speech was great but this is brilliant. Proud and unapologetic western chauvinism. It’s what the world needs after so many years of liberalist appeasement and relativism. I’m British and have a pathetic leader as PM, when I want to feel safe, proud and inspired I listen to Trump. He’s not perfect, beyond satire sometimes I must admit, but he is our champion.

  15. YusefDeeb69 says:

    Daddy 🙂

  16. Nancy Cao says:


  17. Cenepk101 says:

    That’s THE President of the United States of America 🇺🇸…. awesome speech

  18. Juliana McMahon says:

    GO TRUMP!!! No one sided deals any more! Trump wont let other country’s take advantage of America no longer! GOD BLESS AMERICA!

  19. Mass Vocals says:


  20. Harry Ballsagna says:

    President Trump called out countries that needed to be called out and basically just gave globalism a big fat middle finger. Excellent. Excellent. Excellent.

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