Watch Live: Jeff Sessions Testifies Before Senate Committee

Watch Live: Jeff Sessions Testifies Before Senate Committee

Attorney General Jeff Sessions is appearing before the Senate Intelligence Committee as part of its investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election.

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19 Responses

  1. Niccolò Machiavelli says:

    “[H]e who seeks to deceive will always find someone who will allow himself to be deceived” – Niccoló Machiavelli 1532

  2. weiistone says:

    The session defense…”I don’t recall”

  3. Phoenix MatadorTV says:

    This is Bull &$@” spending the taxpayer money for this, Comey already said the Russian thing was all made up make em pay court fees 😂

  4. Matthew says:

    he certainly is a man who does not know or recollect very well…

  5. Nads says:

    Sessions got them to BTFO

  6. Kay Keelan says:

    Maybe I missed it- did any Democrat actually ask Sessions if Trump asked him to leave the room as Comey said?

  7. Dale Ray says:

    Senility, is a terrible affliction. Naiveté, as well!

  8. PublicFreakout says:

    Wow I’ll be super shocked when nothing comes out of this again. Democrats need to accept that their candidate sucked and their message was rejected. Rebrand, regroup, or die out so a new party can take over and show some actual competence.

  9. cdkingking says:

    Stop the crap.  You are after the wrong people about Russia…Get the Clintons on the stand they are the ones who “thought they won” the election.  Such confidence yields to the necessity of what gave them such confidence.

  10. Chris Edward says:

    Good job Sessions. These Democrats couldn’t pass a Las Vegas bar exam or sixth grade social studies class. Do you think there were any ‘backdoor’ talks when Obama flew, in the middle of the night on a blacked out plane in Swiss franks, 33.6 billion in cash to Iran and also forgave 1.3 billion in interest? I say we have a hearing.

  11. Jackie Rom says:

    he is literally smiling on their faces

  12. We the People United says:

    Once again the dems look like fools

  13. Hoof Hearted says:

    Q What is your name Jeff Sessions? A I don’t recall

  14. Annemarie McKenny says:

    This is such a waste of our money. Thanks, DNC.

  15. Read deeply says:

    The air is so thick. This is about so much more than just Comey, feels like watergate and ’72 all over again.

  16. Pat Hansel says:


  17. Mili S says:

    “i dont recall” ” i dont think so” what r u doing working in the government if u cant remember things that has happen or people ur not sure if u have spoken to before. useless! this guy can be having meetings, calls with russians n just say i dont recall n thats it?! wtf

  18. Israfael D. says:

    lying piece of garbage!
    I don’t trust anyone with Frank Underwood’s accent lol 😃.

  19. Mythic says:

    That boy ain’t right. Must be all that marihwanna.

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