WATCH LIVE: President Trump and the Coronavirus Task Force hold news conference

WATCH LIVE: President Trump and the Coronavirus Task Force hold news conference

President Trump and the coronavirus task force hold a news conference at White House. White House officials are working with congressional Republicans on an emergency stimulus package that could send two $1,000 checks to many Americans and also devote $300 billion towards helping small businesses to avoid mass layoffs, according to two senior administration officials and a Treasury Department fact sheet. Read more: Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube:

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72 Responses

  1. Ginger Nightmare says:

    With the Canada ban for essentials, what is going to happen to all the Americans that go to Canada for the insulin that they cannot afford here?

    • Ruru Home says:

      CarlosChip Morales you Americans are so hilarious. Canada can do what they want and can deny entry to US citizens. They just chose not to do so for mow probably for the economic interest of Canada. But yeah US citizens can still get into Canada, which is crazy cause the US is one of the biggest carrier of corona right now.

    • Ivan Shivolski says:

      Insulin is free with a coupon. Each one is good for 1 year. I get all of mine for free right here in Pennsylvania.

    • Just another Mother says:

      Can you not have them ship it?

    • Tasha Ford says:

      Ruru Home yeah don’t let us in, I mean until this dies off we should have been more careful with travel before this

    • MisterBright133 says:

      Ginger Nightmare Same thing all the Canadians will go through that can’t wait a year for a doctors appointment. “Got an kidney stone? You’ll survive. See me in a year.”

  2. T Reichard says:

    Mexico has change their mind. They want to build and pay for the wall now.

    • April Gutierrez says:

      And they say mexico goverment is corrupt

    • Peace and Joy Be With You says:

      @J Mack if only this was my house because unfortunate I’m renting or else I would of have all 20 of you here. Why not, we are all brothers and sisters. The problem with society now and day is that, they don’t have no care for the world and I don’t blame them because of one person spoiling the trust of someone, they spoiled it for others and now the world have trouble trusting people and they tend not to help others. We got to change that and grow the trust and love and be together as one. In God, we must stop the hate and spread the love. This world use to be; all in one piece, before it got separated into 7 continents. So back then, there wasn’t a wall or boarders and the people was free to rome every where.

    • Renata Velez Bejar says:

      Im mexican

    • Stephanie Drake says:

      Martine Mikita, how? The wall doesn’t deport anyone.



  3. Boston Dean says:

    46:16 btw

  4. California Girl says:

    Dr. Berg should become Surgeon General. She clearly is doing this job anyway.

  5. Amanda Parker says:

    There’s definitely more than 10 people in there.

  6. 213gixxer says:

    What about grocery workers. They are in the front lines with no protection

    • J Mack says:

      Actually if people would stop rubbing their eyes and nose without washing their hands right before that would help a lot.

    • Sciley Neufeld says:

      Yeah wtf

    • Nick Navarro says:

      And also vendors

    • Tasha Ford says:

      Warehouse workers making your food, too but obviously medical field needs it more

    • Stephen Colwell says:

      @Renee Tucker Are you serious? I get it truckers are important, but to say they are as much as risk as health care workers how dare you? My spouse and I are both nurses, and have a pregnant daughter and 6 yr old grandson who live with us. Nurses treat the sick ppl all day every day.

  7. Chell B says:

    I’ve been practicing social distancing for years.

    I am prepared. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Chell B says:

      @IronCowgirl* Bree lol! I felt that in my soul!


      Let’s try Butt distancing 😛

    • Dylan Hobbs says:

      Facts 🤣

    • Shablé says:

      Are you women single? Not asking personally, Im just asking because these days being online is safer than putting yourself out there as single and its hard for ppl to meet unless its in a social situation around friends, and meeting nice strangers is hard enough already today. Plus, ill say it, ppl just suck in general most of the time they are self centered, and finding caring ppl can be an emotional battlefield.

    • Eva Burnz says:

      congratulations, your social anxiety/distaste has put you in good stead for a temporary crisis of which although proceeding for a prolonged period of time, will likely still be a brief period of your life.

      Same goes for me.

  8. Lisbeht Vega says:

    This is why if I’m going grocery shopping I go alone ! My 1 and 2 year old stay at home with my husband when he comes home from work .

  9. Glenda Lewman says:

    Why are they all standing so close together?

  10. Jeff Gourley says:

    The first question is directed at him directly 🤦‍♂️ incredible

  11. Tyler C says:

    Only takes 1 person and the whole gang needs to be isolated

  12. Siera (The Chosen One) says:

    I genuinely hope all of you will fight through this and find the strength to not panic like everyone else is. We calmly need to work together and we can slow down the spread of the virus by being wise. If your panicking it will only make things worse and everyone will lose their minds and do worse things. Just relax, stay calm, constantly wash your hands and avoid groups of people. I pray for America and the rest of the world to heal physically, mentally, financially. We can beat that virus back to hell together! Anything’s possible, never lose hope as long as you’re alive! ❤❤❤

  13. Haley Marotto says:

    52:02 homeowners, rent, etc. issues addressed Housing and Urban Development (HUD). He is working to suspend foreclosures, evictions until end of April.

  14. lenandov says:

    Maybe we can use our time in more productive ways. Playing the blame game and gotcha politics is a bit obscene at this time.

    • Caroline Bennett says:

      You mean that he shouldn’t label this as a virus owned by another country? If so, I agree. It’s despicable to use that terminology.

  15. Burghtown Music Group says:

    Level 3 to level 7…..did she just make a Mario Bros reference?? 🧐🤨😂

    • Pugile MoltoBene says:

      Yeah but was it level 1-3 to 1-7? Or level 3-1 to 7-1? BIG difference there!!

    • Billy File says:

      Remember that warp pipe hidden on level 2 “I think” that took u to level 4, and warp pipe thing hidden on that level. That could take u to level 8, and the final battle with Bowser. You can beat the game with in 5 mins this way, start to finish.

  16. A A says:

    Japanese man has the virus again after showing a clean blood test… something is wrong. It might be mutating

  17. Janie Buck says:

    He’s about to put me to sleep. Just give us the bottom line.

  18. Gabrielle de Cuir says:

    Dr. Berg talks without notes. Cogently. And in full sentences. Love her.

  19. nh says:

    Good thing I’m quarantined at home so I can find the start of the actual video.

  20. patrick connolly says:

    We never expected this. What about the movie contagion or outbreak. I say you did expect this.

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