WATCH LIVE: Trump gives coronavirus update

WATCH LIVE: Trump gives coronavirus update

Members of the White House Coronavirus Task Force are expected to speak to reporters. Read more: Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube:

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81 Responses

  1. Pertinent Prick says:

    Two damn hours of blank screen because someone forgot to push the “Stop Broadcast” button.

    You had one job…..

  2. Tamandjam89 says:

    Our county schools are going to provide school lunch to the kids mon through Friday just have to pull up and get it I thought that was really nice

    • Your Toto says:

      @Johnny Matias Same around here. What’s 20 cents cheaper?

    • LookDebra Johnson says:

      We have I known cases in VA and they closed all schools and the store shelves are empty.

    • Rich Winder says:

      Trump bungled the virus outbreak,
      ‘cuz he thought it was deep state fake,
      and now that it’s true,
      he climbs out of the loo,
      to launch money, into its wake.

    • Tamandjam89 says:

      LookDebra Johnson that’s where I’m from

    • Natalino Carlo says:

      @Your Toto what do you want then? Free food with free home delivery? Maybe some cash for staying in as well?

      Wtf is wrong with people being so entitled. You should feel blessed this is even an option. Look at other countries who do not have any of these opportunities. You should be thrilled you are in this country with such an amazing opportunity to fight this issue.

  3. Dr.PoopMcTickle MD says:

    Where were you during the great TP famine of 2020?

  4. Mzmadame23 Mzmadame23 says:

    This is giving resident evil vibes

  5. Uncle Traveling Matt says:

    To little too late. No air traffic control made this happen.

  6. Blaž Veber says:

    Till the very end, you hear this is the next MARVEL movie plot.

  7. Commander21Ice [TR4] says:

    Peoples Logic in response to pandemics: buying alot of supplies from grocies stores.

    Also People later: *goes to restuarants and are packed with other people*

    • Deanna L says:

      life is but free will

    • kristi austrie says:

      Erika With a K well the ‘why’ is simple : when my boyfriend went shopping I told him to shop like we’ll be at home for 2 weeks. When people think of being locked inside (with water and electricity still working) things we go through quickly like toilet paper become the top priority. People are thinking of what they might run out of not necessarily what they need to live off grid as in a snow storm or hurricane (flashlights drinking water batteries). So food like non perishables and toiletries are the first that come to mind for quarantine. What more people should be thinking of is medicine. If you’re infected/quarantined but only have mild symptoms, toilet paper and hand sanitizer are way less important/comforting than cough syrup, ventilators, herbal remedies and vitamins… but what we’re seeing is mass hysteria and doomsday planning without much reason. The fact is most of us will contract this and not die but the tangible fear is what we will run out of if we can’t leave the house, whether sick or not, hence the toilet paper hoarding. I assume paper towels and cleaner are also being hoarded with the assumption you’d have to spray down and wipe everything but I think once it’s in your house everyone there will be more concerned with medicating and sustaining rather than thinking you can avoid spreading within the household. Unless you live with an older relative but even then your efforts to contain it within your house are probably moot given its spread globally so quickly.

    • Thomas Jefferson says:

      *Coronavirus rhetoric facts*
      1. When the WHO says that 80% of people infected will get mild to moderate disease this _DOES_ encompass walking pneumonia, Cold symptoms, Low Grade Fever.
      2. The remaining _(likely The demographic of 60+)_ will have severe complications that require ventilators and antiviral medications and well as antibiotics to prevent bacterial secondary infections.
      3. People need to realize that when the risk to Americans is _”low”_ this is untrue for most people definition of _”low”_.

    • Oni Volcano says:

      and in the USA, people tipping/giving away free money “because custom”

    • Big Papi says:

      @Vlad Tepes because some of us choose to not live our lives in fear

  8. MissAmazanda says:

    Straight to the comments section to get the opinion of the experts….

  9. Jim French says:


  10. Sammy Chung says:

    Rich people will always get those meds first

  11. The Watcher says:

    37:14 uncontrollably stuck in old habits, explains everything.

    • Ralph Calhoun says:


    • The Watcher says:

      @Ralph Calhoun lol, oh and you know he will after all this is over.
      “We handled it so perfectly, my top men were on it, no one could’ve done it any better.”

  12. Aidan Mann says:

    He sounds sick.. he got it. We’ll hear about it soon.

    • Fishdacuffs says:

      Erik wishing death on people! You’re just a bubbly ball of joy

    • Nathan Belmar says:


    • Elle Z says:

      simpsons already predicted his death thats what Im waiting for

    • J ronnn says:

      @Elle Z Why? You just want more welfare and illegal immigration? You people dont have a reason to dislike his policies, you just do/say what the media tells you lol. I really dont get you braindead people.

    • Ray c says:

      I know it sucks his humour and style are essential right now it bring stability. I really hope we can end the partisanship and corruption in Washington this should be a wake up call

  13. 734gman says:

    Tax credit? That aint helping people who live week to week…..

  14. Blue Lotus says:

    When you don’t TEST you have low numbers.

  15. Alexus McLeod says:

    Free coronavirus testing, says Pence. Well, it’s easy to offer something for free when it doesn’t exist.

    • Fecal Matter says:

      And just the testing part offcourse, so not the hospital charge, doctors appointment, or any incurring other costs. Not the south korean drive through system and accessible to all.

    • Andrew P says:

      Testing exists, but just like toilet paper there’s a limited supply. You can’t just give a test to everyone who wants it, or you wouldn’t be able to test those who are most likely to actually have the virus. As far as I know, testing in my state is restricted to those who are showing symptoms and have also traveled to high risk countries

    • issamemariheaux says:

      Just like he thinks smoking isn’t bad, conversion therapy works and thinks HIV/AIDS just needs thoughts and prayers.

    • Zoe Zzzarko says:

      Yup 😎😎😎😎😏🤑

    • steve zavala says:

      They’re giving away free unicorns with every test

  16. Claudio Tirado says:

    This guy looks sick.

  17. Boston Dean says:

    2019 – flexing money

    2020 – flexing toilet paper and hand sanitizer

  18. gmf nyb says:

    Does anyone really believe that he would admit to a positive test?

  19. damattice23 says:

    People are testing positive without symptoms. So how is testing only those with symptoms going to reduce the problem?

  20. John G says:

    This is the shtf event that we’ve been expecting. Some of you reading this will not understand, but things are going to get a lot worse.
    Do not be fooled, this will get very very bad.

    • Lauren Friedman says:

      John G No they’re not. Stop trying to scare us. Only old people with pre existing lung conditions are at risk. Everyone else is fine. This is completely hyped up by the media.

    • Larry Mitchell says:

      i agree and to shut down all sports, what a fu….. joke next will be a 24/7 curfew

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