Watch Live: Trump on Paris Climate Accord

Watch Live: Trump on Paris Climate Accord

President Trump announces his decision on U.S. participation in the Paris climate agreement. The address follows days of speculation and weeks of intensive lobbying.

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20 Responses

  1. Francesco Brambilla says:

    “Clean coal” is a euphemism. Even if you remove part of sulphur and nitrogen, burning coal still releases more CO2 than any other fossil fuel

  2. Francesco Brambilla says:

    What an orange criminal

  3. Frederik says:

    the renewable energy industry is far bigger than the coal industry and China has half the CO2 per person of the CO2 produced by one person in the USA

  4. righthandstep5 says:

    there is no clean fossil fuel. all excess co2 (not co2 we breathe out) should be declared a pollutant like methane and nitrous oxide

  5. EcgameGyor says:

    It’s time for sanctions against the US

  6. James Ochmanek says:

    I can’t even watch this monster. Trump doesn’t deserve the air he breathes.

  7. Owl says:

    Trump walks out at 39:37

  8. D S says:

    The Paris accord is just another globalist bureaucracy designed to siphon money (1.3 trillion) off from the U.S. to fund green energy in the rest of the world instead of investing in green American infrastructure. Rationality rules the day instead of climate fear mongering. Good deal Trump.

  9. edgar pierre says:

    How does melting Antarctica protect Americans ???

  10. kfm b says:

    Good news for the rest of the world. The USA won’t be blocking the future negotiations within the Paris accord. The trillions and trillions of investments in third world countries will also more likely be given to remainers, such as European and Chinese companies for renewable energy. I think this man just cut into America`s own flesh. He pulled out of the treaty and gave away influence and thereby weakened the American companies which are trading with new technologies.

  11. Ryan says:

    Why is Trump pandering to coal workers? Can’t we all just admit that coal mining is unskilled labor? We could invest in cleaner forms of energy and simply re-train these people to perform slightly different tasks. Bills and energy costs go down long term and with the US’ huge workforce, we could become leaders in renewable energy and make massive profits from smaller countries. But I guess why get out ahead of a global business trend when you can pander to an unskilled group of workers in an attempt to satisfy campaign promises, right?

  12. Jay W says:

    I had no idea how liberal climate change policies would’ve have destroyed the lives of so my families by stripping away their income. So sad that they wouldn’t take that into consideration. And they say Republicans don’t look out for the working man. smh

    Edit: This was so obvious that it was a globalist NWO plot to collapse the west. Look how they didn’t even make china and other asian countries adopt green policies. They just want to destroy our economy. And no, the NWO isn’t a “conspiracy theory” topic anymore than Hillary’s emails now days. Its gone mainstream and rightfully so. Get your facts checked, you have google, use it.

  13. Dutch Man says:

    Trump is the biggest covfefe in the world.

  14. Ariadna Corral says:

    So we are going backwards.

  15. TheDragonSmasher says:

    people cheering? What? sarcastically?

  16. Zee S says:

    so this guy just hates obama that much, that he literally is just undoing all the progress the dude made?

  17. Brainbuster says:

    Now more Americans can pursue their dream job in the coal mines!

  18. Gabriel Oliveira Borges says:

    dear future generations… we’re sorry

  19. Jeff J says:

    How can you not love this guy. Best thing for America

  20. Arturo Garza says:

    What a great day. I wonder if liberals are going to stop driving their cars, or stop using airplanes or electricity?

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