Watch Murray State, Ja Morant roll past Marquette in first round of NCAA tournament

Watch Murray State, Ja Morant roll past Marquette in first round of NCAA tournament

Watch a condensed version of Murray State vs Marquette as Ja Morant led the Racers with a triple-double and into the second round of the NCAA tournament.

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61 Responses

  1. Joseph Li says:

    Murray State proving why they were a popular pick to make an upset ?

  2. Caleb Garr says:

    I was right 🙂 Thank God ._.

  3. Tosh T says:

    Way to have your team ready, Coach Woj. ??????

  4. WHY WHY says:

    Ja is clearly the second pick in the draft

    • The gaming Cheese says:

      Also Ja morant is carrying his team so he looks way better that he actually is(he is good but not the best)

    • Mike Taylor says:

      +The gaming Cheese didn’t trae young carry ok last yr? Isn’t he in conversation for r.o.y ? Ja pt to ast. Ratio shows he gets his teammates involved, they aren’t just sitting rd watching him score

    • Todd Kelly says:

      +Alex Raw Of course he would be the primary ball handler with Phoenix. Booker is a shooting guard.

    • Nathan Cook says:

      +Zoruastrianism we might move sexton to SG since he isnt getting that many assists and put Morant at PG

    • Russian Bot says:

      DeafArch NY gets Zion Suns get Morant and Cavs or bulls can hope for Barnett.

  5. Aj Holmes says:

    I picked Murray State to upset Marquette. They did not disappoint.

  6. Anthony Wilson says:

    Ja Morant hometown kid Sumter SC stand up!!!

  7. Finesse LbYunginTxBaby says:

    Been ballin since Carolina days at Crestwood…Ja is a Future Chicago Bull???
    Da NBA aint ready for a De’Aron Fox Rusell Westbrook package in one player?

  8. Matt M says:

    Easiest upset I ever picked. Ja Morant is FILTHY!! Hope to get him on my Cavs

  9. Evan Lyon says:

    He sure would look good replacing Dunn for the Bulls!!

  10. Scott Walters says:

    Please, baby lord Jesus, let all of the Phoenix Suns’ problems be solved by Ja. I deserve this. Amen.

  11. Kevin McConkey says:

    God I did not realize how good of a passer ja is

  12. Travis Rehder says:

    D wade is crying right now ?????????

  13. Henry McKenney says:

    If u didn’t have Murray state for this game u were lackin ?

  14. Jacob Kittipol says:

    the real MVP is the March Madness channel with these condensed highlights. Truly a gift from the Basketball gods!

  15. poeticalvision says:

    Ja is an NBA POINT GUARD


  16. TruBallerDidDat says:

    Ja Morant Easily The #2 Pick In the NBA DRAFT……………………………..Wow!!!!!Court Vision Unreal

  17. TG3 says:

    11 rebounds 16 assists 17 points ?

  18. Jose Garcia says:

    Number 11 got crossed he just Played it off. 8:52

  19. Demarcus mckinney says:

    We not gone act Marcus Howard wasn’t dropping buckets

  20. Pres. P says:

    Pause at 3:58, Ja is guarded by 5 players at once and can still make a good pass to the corner.

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