WATCH: President Trump and the White House Coronavirus Task Force brief reporters

WATCH: President Trump and the White House Coronavirus Task Force brief reporters

President Trump and the White House Coronavirus Task Force brief reporters on the anticipated peak and deaths from coronavirus in the United States, medical supplies and testing, and the plan to build up infrastructure.
#coronavirus #PresidentTrump #COVID-19
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61 Responses

  1. Freedom Unrestricted says:

    Anyone got links to the slides, since no one thought to zoom out or to focus on them?

  2. Vic Martinez says:

    Why were the slides not shown – stupid camera work.

  3. Sasan Nawabi says:

    I know! Dude! What are you doing zooming on her!! Show the freaking slides!🤦🏻

  4. Sharp Sparty says:

    No wonder why Yahoo lost audience and keep going down. SHOW US THE FREAKING SLIDES!!!

  5. Alex Lopresti says:

    Ever since 2020 started it seems like a twilight ( Zone) show.

  6. Mission says:

    this camera work is absolutely ridiculous

  7. Debbie Miller says:

    Pick a smaller room and sit on top of each other. What the heck?

  8. Abel Mersha says:

    I would fire the camera man. We can’t see the graphs except the vertical line. Crazy

    • Create Mymy says:

      He got hired for his liberal activities. He don’t know charts.

    • Kelvin Lacewell says:

      Truly thee camera guy has the VIRIUS📽

    • Tom Sko says:

      It’s not the camera operator. He/She gets told what to focus on and does it. It’s the producer that decides what gets shown.
      This has no political bias. People are bad at thier jobs. You can’t even blaim the correct person for this screw up.

  9. David C says:

    Starts at minute 28:00 thank me later

  10. lime salts says:

    Great camera work.
    No one can see the graph, or what she is talking about.

  11. Roger DeBats says:

    Who filmed this thing? Talking about slide after slide and the idiots dont show them. Duhhhh

  12. Brooke Snelgrove says:

    how could they not show the data on the presentation slides?!?!? I was looking forward to seeing that IMPORTANT information. Yikes..*eye roll*

  13. Jeff Everett says:

    What about the needs of the truck driver, i hear nothing about them living like animals because they don’t have the basic necessities to thrive. We have truck drivers with only porta potties to use on the road, no supplies in truck stops, rest areas closed so no bathrooms and no sanitizers. What about the hours of service rules, these truck drivers are drowning and need help to keep supplies coming to the stores and hospitals!!

    • Sola Scriptura says:

      My autocorrect did not apply to a couple of words. My apology.

      Truck “rest” stops.
      “Fifty” states.

    • Dylan Batchelor says:

      @Gooo Cowboys!!! I run deliveries for Doordash. It’s like a episode of Hunger Game’s trying to get gloves, masks & hand sanitizer. I sat at home for over a week until I could get these item’s.
      I think if your job isn’t taking safety precautions you should notify the labor board and then inform your upper management you feel unsafe working there due to their lack of resources to help you do your job while keeping you and your family safe & you are quiting. They can’t argue with that. File unemployment but before you resign have a letter typed out stating why you are leaving & give the company a 2nd copy.
      No one is being turned down for unemployment.

    • Dylan Batchelor says:

      @Sola Scriptura ….. What part do you not fully understand that a majority of those places are shutting off access to the showers, restrooms AND are low on supplies… On any regular day, yes everything you mentioned would be accessible.

    • El Bandito says:

      @Sola Scriptura “Truck stops cannot accommodate all of us by any stretch.”
      Nearly 80% of truck drivers said in a survey conducted by the Department of Transportation that they struggle to find parking at night. Another survey of Atlanta-area truck drivers showed that 51% of them spend more than an hour driving around for a place to park.

    • El Bandito says:

      @Sola Scriptura dont get me wrong, some states like California are making sure the gas station and trucks stops are all open and running 24/7 just for the truckers but not all states. Just closing the rest stops, even the parking areas is really hurting them. And shouldn’t be washed over with, “well eventually they will find some place open.”

      Time matters when u need sleep!

  14. Trudy August says:

    I can’t see any line. Move the camera please

  15. shanya jacobs says:

    What about company’s that make workers come in to work in hot spots, but send their own families home and safe!

  16. Beer Squirrel says:

    Nice to see everyone keeping that 6′ distance…

  17. Donnell Mays says:

    Yes, Louisiana was hit late, just like your response!

  18. Tim Naumets says:

    Comment Section Summary: everybody’s mad about not being able to see the slides.

  19. Susanneh Nilsson says:

    ” believe we acted very early”…

  20. Lovin'Life2016 says:

    Louisiana’s surge was not “out of nowhere”. It was a direct result of idiots attending Mardi Gras and their idiot Mayor and Governor allowing it.

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