WATCH: Protesters Try To Shut Down Donald Trump Rally In Arizona FULL FNN COVERAGE

WATCH: Protesters Try To Shut Down Donald Trump Rally In Arizona FULL FNN COVERAGE

Donald Trump makes his third visit to Arizona. The rally takes place at Fountain Park in Fountain Hills, Arizona.

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20 Responses

  1. Collin Dixon says:

    lol, every undecided voter in the traffic jam is going to vote Trump to
    spite the protestors.

  2. Jer'vionnie Fields says:

    their white pride gonna be the death of the living….don’t trust this fool

  3. carolcheny says:

    2:16:40 The crowd suddenly dispersed. Looks like most of them are just
    pissed off blocked motorists. Them Arizona SJW don’t like to be arrested.

  4. trump winner says:

    Excellent. Now that the nazi libtards have revealed their true colors they
    can be identified, hunted, arrested and eventually dealt with. Trump for
    President. Trump for Victory! Trump in 2016!!!

  5. kimba007 says:

    Next Car to be towed! I hope the charge is $350 like in NY.

  6. Bombay One says:

    So building a wall to stop Mexican drug cartels and illegals is bad. But
    building a wall of cars to prevent your fellow Americans to attend a rally
    that you don’t care for is righteous? You stand up for terrorists and
    criminals while shutting down a highway that all Americans use including
    Hillary and Bernie supporters.

  7. GlobalistsR Traitors says:


  8. Mimi Cream says:

    I thought trump supporters liked walls

  9. john rankin says:

    REGRESSIVE SJW LOSERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO TRUMP

  10. Quoc Le says:

    Donald Trump for President of my ass.

  11. KING TJ says:


  12. Ruin Vulpine Vulpes says:

    Sigh as a bernie sanders supporter, This is uncalled for.. I almost wanna
    make my own thing at the next trump rally.. Where we give trump supports
    free water bottles to stay hydrated, And free snacks.. Because freedom of
    speech is what matters above all eles..

  13. videodread says:

    Trump suck mex were here before us

  14. Super1Pumpkin says:

    Yeeeesss! Shut that asshole down!

  15. Numa P says:

    Thanks ALL of you stupid, criminal trash for blocking the road. NOW more
    of us will vote for TRUMP

  16. Ricardo Barron says:

    F*#*Donald Trump??

  17. yatsuketa says:

    how are these idiots not in jail yet? impeding traffic is a crime.. I guess
    criminals oppose trump, haha you know the opposition of trump is desperate
    when they decide they are the only ones allowed to express freedom. All
    these protesters who are preventing other Americans from expressing their
    freedoms are an embarrassment to patriots everywhere.

  18. Frenchy Blaxk says:

    I’ve never witnessed a “candidate” divide a country the way trump has done
    and dude is not even a president smh

  19. Skull Gamer says:

    You can’t trust Donald Trump because he can’t take a decent photo

  20. Hump _dayy says: