Watch the moment I figure out this German Shepherds name at the shelter 😳

Watch the moment I figure out this German Shepherds name at the shelter 😳

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Princess is going to need a little time and I will keep everyone updated. I am heading back to the shelter tomorrow and will get all the information updated here: Good morning RK; here’s the link for Princess’s adoption page for that new video you put out!
Please hold on calling or emailing the shelter so we don’t overwhelm them but if you live close by and want to adopt or put a hold on this sweet german shepherd girl Princess please stop in! The shelter is Animal Friends of the Valley’s in Wildomar CA.

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34 Responses

  1. Rocky Kanaka says:

    What do you think? Will her owners come for her or abandon her?

  2. Karen Henley says:

    How in God’s name could anyone abandon this beautiful German Shepherd? I would be honored to have her.

  3. Peter Harper says:

    I’m so proud of Rocky for looking after this German Shepherd

  4. LeeMary Coziar says:

    My mom adopted a 5-6 year old female German Shepherd a few years ago. She’s the most wonderful dog I’ve ever met.

  5. Kara Muller says:

    I love how German Shepherds move their ears around like antenna ❤️

  6. ING says:

    She is beautiful! I would freak out if my dog went missing for 5 minutes! Can’t wait for an update and as always, thank you ALL!

    • Piper Tarin says:

      I, would freak out over any of My Fur Babies, got out or worse ” lost!”

    • Sophie K says:

      Me too, even if I know our pets are wandering around inside the house if I don’t see them for awhile I go looking for them just to make sure they are ok.

    • nonya biz says:

      Right. Me to my dog is my best buddy we talk all day long. Well I guess I talk and she Listens to me.

  7. Brinley the Siberian says:

    When I first rescued my german shepherd Ava. I had found out she had been neglected and abused. She didn’t know how to take a treat either. I keep telling her to take it nicely…take it nicely Ava, or something to that affect. Before you knew it, she was taking the treats so gently and so mindful of your fingers, every time you gave her treats. Talking to them, does make all the difference. 😊

    • Tricia C says:

      They are so intelligent.

    • kelly thomas says:

      @Tricia C They really are so smart .

    • Frank Herzog says:

      You don’t need to say anything, many dogs don’t know what the words mean anyway. Just lightly hang on to the treat and hold your hand perfectly still so that the dog has to pull or lick gently before you let the treat go. They all learn fast that way. Small children often train the dog in reverse, they offer a treat and then withdraw their hand in fear of being bitten which teaches the dog to lunge and chomp before the treat disappears on them.

    • dajtoad1 says:

      @Frank Herzogthey don’t understand words (except for a few key ones), but they understand tone of voice and body language. If you are consistent with your use of those, the dog will learn quickly. It’s when people change signals that the dog gets confused (because, as you say, they can’t understand the explanatory words you are giving them).

    • Suzanne Mark says:

      I am shocked that she understands adverbs! Most humans don’t. 😊

  8. C Sydney says:

    Princess has such pretty eyes… I would love to take her home, nurture her and give her the love she deserves !

  9. Foster Tales says:

    I have a German Shepherd, and all I could think of during this video is how grateful I would be if someone like Rocky would sit with her and comfort her if she were in that situation. My girl would be just as scared as Princess to be in that kennel.

    Note to my girl: “Cassie my Lassie, if I were notified that you were in a shelter, I’d be there in a heartbeat to pick you up.”

  10. TH says:

    I love how you sit with the dogs and tell us what you’re seeing Rocky it personalizes them. It’s also helped me when I visit them ❤. Heartbreaking to see an 8 year old in a shelter I’ll never understand why

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