Watch this beaker disappear

Watch this beaker disappear

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For this one, I want to make a regular beaker disappear. To do this, I’ll first put it in another 
beaker, then I’ll pour in a goopy liquid, then almost like magic, the beaker slowly disappears.

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39 Responses

  1. Totox says:

    Clickbait alternative title: “Creating a homemade blackhole effect!!! You won’t believe what happens!!!””

  2. kabukaze says:

    is it just me or anyone else was waiting for him to yeet the small beaker to a wall like HowToBasic?

  3. San says:

    I’m actually waiting for him to drop the beaker, or break it somehow.

    Well, nothing happened. Fortunately?

    • First Name Last Name says:

      I once found at a thrift shop what looked like a mason jar to the point to where if I couldn’t feel anything with my hands I would have thought it was glass. So I went up to my coworkers and would drop the mason jar causing them to jump.

      It was made of plastic and yes I regret not buying it.

    • ks hebbar says:

      Same lol

    • Gio Scacco says:


    • Raul Diaz says:

      You do know that if he did break the beaker during that flip thing, he could just re-take the shot with a different beaker. The question now becomes, is that the first beaker or the last.

  4. Shadid Qazi says:

    I gasped when he said “I wanna make it disappear”

  5. Doctadoone says:

    I was fully expecting him to just throw the beaker at full force when he uttered the words “make it disappear”

  6. Ahmad Rino says:

    I was fully expecting the beaker to be melted in a very horrifying way but this is cool too

    • AMOYY CERIIA says:

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    • EyadRBLX says:

      @AMOYY CERIIA you’re so sussy I know you are the imposter

    • julian says:

      I was hoping for HF.

    • Daan Wilmer says:

      @julian Same, but from the thumbnail and the second beaker it was quite obvious that wasn’t going to happen. Maybe next time though?

  7. Paelorian says:

    I think this is my favorite NileRed video ever. So simple and yet amazing. I’d love to do this for a class full of students and then use their curiousity to explain how light and vision work.

    • The Fountain Pen Desk says:

      that’s what my physics teacher did!!

    • Edward Tries To Science says:

      Cooking oil also works, if you want to take it up a notch, get some 6mm borosilicate tubing and coil it up in a bunsen flame, and you can stick that in a beaker of glycerin or oil, and when you blow air through the tube, the glycerin or oil gets pushed out and the glass reappears, its very cool

    • Edward Tries To Science says:

      Doesnt have to be a coil either, any shape as long as the glycerin/oil can flow back in will work, you could even spell your name if you have long enough tubing, the patience to work that much glass and a fishtank

  8. toftbread says:

    “This is just a regular universe, and i want to make it disappear.”

    -probably future NileRed

  9. AlisterCountel says:

    Could you do an interesting “physics defying” version of this, by filling and inverting the breaker so that there bubbles of the glycerin are trapped inside? Like, as all the rest come to the surface, there are some strange bubbles hitting an invisible barrier…

  10. CrushedParagon says:

    I thought you had a way to dissolve the glass, but then I realized that putting it in a bigger beaker wouldn’t really help if that was the case

    • Merennulli says:

      Yeah, the only thing I could think of was “well, he didn’t say the outside beaker was ordinary…” I’m honestly surprised the beakers both survived the video.

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