WATCH: Trump and White House Coronavirus Task Force hold news conference – 3/20 (FULL LIVE STREAM)

WATCH: Trump and White House Coronavirus Task Force hold news conference – 3/20 (FULL LIVE STREAM)

President Trump and the coronavirus task force hold a news conference at White House. Global restrictions are dramatically ramping up amid the growing coronavirus outbreak, with U.S. officials urging Americans abroad to return home or prepare to shelter in place and the entire state of California going into effective lockdown. Read more: Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube:

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50 Responses

  1. Jim Titus says:

    Mango Unchained!

  2. BearlyMHere says:

    Glad you posted the whole thing. Good.

  3. The Real Phantom Beats says:


  4. campbell412 says:


  5. Blue Eyed Devil says:


  6. osama binladen says:

    Im giving free tips on how to live in a cave, you must have a camo jacket first

  7. gene foster says:

    I love the reaction from Dr Fauci after Trump made the comment about the Deep State, at 1:08:40. Hilarious.

  8. katy bourassa says:

    You’re seeing very few empty shelves. hahahahahahahahaha!!

    • katy bourassa says:

      @λdam No, he hasn’t. He thinks you need a drivers license in the grocery
      store to buy bread and milk.
      I couldn’t hardly find any meat at the grocery store yesterday.
      All that was left was a few roasts and steaks. What does that say?
      People are financially hurting.

    • gatchaman88 says:

      No $h!t, this guy doesn’t get out much!

    • WINNING says:

      katy bourassa Stores are stocked just fine. Maybe if you didn’t live in bumfuck with 1 store within 100 miles things would be different.

    • gatchaman88 says:

      @WINNINGNot bfe, Los Angeles county, canned goods, meat, paper goods are cleaned out.

    • gatchaman88 says:

      @WINNING Sams club, Costco,Walmart, numorous grocery stores within 5-10 miles.

  9. MsWillita8 says:

    No one in this room is practicing social distancing🤔

    • Wally Davidson says:

      @Flyer So wine was no big deal..

    • Endangered Mexican says:

      @MsWillita8 were not even half way through the day and 1,300+ already died today. You want to please check you facts this is not something we want to take lighly worry about others around you not just yourself

    • Klafeunf says:

      Problem is, they may be tested but what use is it if they all have their social contacts and clearly don’t keep social distance and now all meet up in this tight room… the worst part is as nation leaders, they should go ahead with a good example. how can they expect their citizen to follow the rules if they don’t do it… laughable.

    • Vanessa Lennox says:

      It’s a set up and they’re all in on it

    • King Slime YSL says:

      Everyone in that rooms been tested most likely. If no one in the room has it, then guess what, no one in the room can spread it.

  10. Alex Matakos says:

    1:08:42 is the reason you came here

  11. Dat Meme says:

    Let’s all think this through. Trump says no national shutdown because in some places it’s not that bad. So we should wait until it gets bad first? Now that’s real leadership.

  12. Nick Williams says:

    Fauci for president

    • Strong Roots says:

      Nick Williams the guy looks so exhausted. I feel for all these people. They all deserve a round of applause

  13. Alyson Clegg says:

    OMG it’s worse than I thought lol!🤣🤣🤣

  14. matrox says:


  15. Rayhan Gulaid says:



  16. Marc Hammond says:

    They all look very tired

  17. shiftdnb says:

    1:37:50 “the ships are very clean” “the virus can last for days on certain surfaces and hours on some of them” 🤔

  18. breal mymy says:

    No other president could handle the coronavirus like President Trump has! Trump 20/20

    • Strong Roots says:

      breal mymy FACT. Especially with these a hole reporters level of disrespect pushing up against him

  19. Skye Holiday says:

    Nation Wide Shutdown! I cannot believe it hasn’t started. We know where we will be by looking at Italy.

  20. frog shit says:

    the washington post can rot in hell

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