WATCH: Trump gives coronavirus update at White House

WATCH: Trump gives coronavirus update at White House

The task force at the White House led by Vice President Pence is expected to give an update on the federal response to the virus that causes covid-19. Read more: Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube:

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57 Responses

  1. saved saved says:

    Starts about 45 46 min in Beautiful day out side

  2. Tammy Mintz says:

    Did you see the airports…..all the people in line ups breathing on eachother wtf

  3. Gab Gab says:

    They joke, it’s funny, isn’t it?

  4. Tania Thorkelson says:

    Looks like they are doing a great job with the “social distancing”!!🤣🤣

    • Drama Freak says:

      @Sassy Sandra Nonetheless, there’s something quite wrong to take this briefing update lightly. What those ppl said to the press is extremely important. Obviously they have consulted experts with experience. Nonetheless, I haven’t seen many follow their advice either at work or in other public areas. Americans are too complacent! You definitely have to learn hard lessons to be wise about your own life!!!

    • Robert Kessel says:


    • MyzteriousLadyX says:

      It’s a demonstration of human Domino’s. Push one and they all fall down!!

    • Robin Johnson says:

      Pence is turning orange too.

    • Robin Johnson says:

      Coughing in the background great.

  5. d z says:

    We have all the grocery store CEOs here to calm your toilet paper fears! Relax! We’re doing great! Stop buying stuff. Wtf

    • carpo719 says:

      😀 totes. What a joke. They are clueless.

    • Kayy says:

      Them telling people not to buy stuff is smart actually because people are litterally buying all the food medicine, sanitizer face masks. Now there are none left. Wats so wrong with that?. People need to learn to ration their food or live every day like they normally would if there wasn’t a pandemic. Unless people want a limit on food to because that’s wat it’s coming to..

    • Mrs Kovalchuk says:

      It’s because they stopped putting out more than needed since everyone was taking more than needed. I spoke with the store associates and they told me this the exact reason why. Everyone is going insane like it’s the end of the world.

    • Kayy says:

      Mrs Kovalchuk not that we stopped putting out more. We keep it in the back and hand everyone what the limit is which is one or two or whatever the limit is for that store. Because people are taking everything and not leaving crap for anyone

    • Francisca P says:

      @Kayy But that’s why both parents leave their kids and go to work. So they can buy whatever they want instead of just getting what they need. Now they will have money to do that, shame is they don’t have the brains to keep an extra 20ct package of toilet paper under the bed. So they go out and cry when they can’t find any.

  6. Trip Gently says:

    Interesting she mentioned “if you’re doing HIV viral load” because measuring viral load is what should be happening, but isn’t. These tests are not showing how much and how fast the virus is replicating, which is what causes illness.

  7. Arash S Zadeh says:

    Would you buy a second hand bike from half-penny?

  8. Brennan Martini says:

    That lady is straight staring at trump😂

    • Nataliemissesu Allthetime says:

      She sending SOS signals with those blinks

    • Bret Weinraub says:

      Dr Blinky

    • Marc Joshmar says:

      O Oh…that lady is looking at Trumpy with adoration. hehe cute:]

    • Marc Joshmar says:

      she’s been spending every day with him in meetings hehe!

    • barcelonnette says:

      look when she goes behind the us surgeon at the end off the conference. She is whispering behind him. he is listening and knows this is bad. As a European i love your country and what you do for us. Please too all Americans. President Trump and Vice president are not fit for this crises. You can see the US surgeon is very worried.

  9. Abhinandan Aelgani says:

    beautiful day???

    • Guardian Commander says:

      Yup. He belongs in a home coloring in books not in the oval office. And his staff know it.

    • Sola Scriptura says:

      Yes, the weather was beautiful. Keeping it light. That’s what a leader does for a nation that is already in distress. We all know the depressing facts.

    • AGreatImage says:

      That’s his style; some like it, some don’t, but that doesn’t matter. What matters are the results of this administration, which are far better than the sick “O” joke that weakened America in every way for 8 years before.

  10. LauriD62 says:

    let’s ger our hands on the old ones.. so we can give them the … whatever we’ve got!

  11. Gilmer Vega says:

    1:46:31 That background screen lol !

  12. Arturo Zabardi says:

    So.. Coronavirus is not “just a flu” then.

    • Robin Johnson says:

      Or a hoax.

    • Tim Dunk says:

      @Robin Johnsoncovid = fake news.

    • Robin Johnson says:

      @Tim Dunk Really? Dunk is your last name?…Like I would like to dunk your head in some cold azz water to wake up your dummy butt.

    • Robin Johnson says:

      @Tim Dunk Fake? That’s a good one. I have real fingernails, real tits, beautiful real hair, pretty natural face, no blemishes. Believe me…there is absolutely nothing fake about me….I also have 3 real degrees from the university.

  13. Snarky Snickers says:

    Yeah take no questions …… useless robber baron. At least he didn’t infect all the doctors who need to get back to the lab!

  14. Robert Hawksley says:

    Amazing we have to rely on charity for daycare under any circumstances in the richest country that has ever existed in the history of the world

    • AGreatImage says:

      Because the stable two-parent, one income earner, traditional family model is broken with delusions of “personal liberties.”

    • Francisca P says:

      People don’t want to be poor until their kids go to school so both parents go out and work and leave their kids. Like we did for our kids, they want things for themselves.

  15. Randy Keith says:

    It’s amazing that the people standing behind him stay there with straight faces.

  16. Robert Hawksley says:

    I know BS when I hear it he says the testing pods can do 1000 or 2000 people a day that’s a pretty big difference

  17. Steve's Shed says:

    I’ll pay a dollar to see prayers make even ome bit of a difference to the folks that will suffer the total collapse of America that’s comming ! Aint gonna happen
    We need intelligencet leaders with real plans !!!

    • Joshua Knehans says:

      Prayers make a huge difference. Religious or not. 63% of cancer survivors are “christians”. I’m personally not religious, but the fact is the mind is a powerful thing. Convincing your mind you are going to survive is proven to help

  18. Hemi Pinto says:

    Do not understand why people bother to infect themselves listing to this pathological liar in chief🙏

  19. Thomas Moeller says:

    We don’t need extra capacity to handle “hundreds”. We need additional capacity to handle 10’s of thousands or more.

  20. Sid Adams says:

    as Trump walks away loud NOISES loll and then someone’s “bars and restaurants close” echoes lol then VP Pence takes over rofl

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