Watch Tsunami Hit Tonga’s Coast After Underwater Volcano Erupts

Watch Tsunami Hit Tonga’s Coast After Underwater Volcano Erupts

EDITOR’S NOTE: The image at 1:07 shows what the volcano looked like after a smaller eruption that happened on January 14.

An underwater volcano off Tonga erupted on Saturday, causing a Tsunami. Giant waves also hit several countries in the Pacific.

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Watch Tsunami Hit Tonga’s Coast After Underwater Volcano Erupts

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51 Responses

  1. Emulate Me, The Universe. says:

    I am glad tsunamis approach like flood water rather than the ginormous monstrous wave from above. I think that would be even more devastating.

    • BigKev 182 says:

      @Ron McMartin well, yeah , there would be devastating earthquakes all over the globe which would cause there to be tsunamis in every ocean all while simultaneously dealing with possibly 9.0 or higher earthquakes everywhere. Most would die before they saw a tsunami

    • Ron McMartin says:

      @BigKev 182: AND what actually killed the mostly plant-eating, cold-blooded dinosaurs; the ash from the vaporized rock dust and volcanic activity circulating in the atmosphere. That killed the foliage, and created the cold(forming the pockets of coal & oil).

    • SANTHA C.K says:

      @BigKev 182 aq

    • I wish I was wrong but I'm not says:

      @Some Lady unfortunately i would have to call those people collateral damage. sorry.

    • I wish I was wrong but I'm not says:

      @broken AudioReact i don’t know of to many people who do want to die. but it is the only guarantee in life.

  2. Oktober Vanderslice says:

    I truly hope that the areas affected by this are able to rebuild what was lost and aren’t too badly damaged.

    • LeanMachine says:

      @ThE DuCk you’re probably one of those people who leech off the government go drown with cali too

    • David A says:

      @ThE DuCk right… so explain why everyone is leaving California, eh???? You’re a joke 🤡

    • ThE DuCk says:

      You’re prob someone who goes to family reunions to pick up women .

    • ThE DuCk says:

      @David A
      The economy of the State of California is the largest in the United States, boasting a $3.0 trillion gross state product (GSP) as of 2020 … What’s your prob Red State.. dweller?

    • moon glow says:

      Imagine the seashore life.
      They should get first priority for safety. Hope their homes arent destroyed.
      We know better we have to stop living near the ocean and show some respect because things like this are bound to come up. Of all the comments here all it takes is simple thinking but people make it so complicated.

  3. Richard Jones says:

    Was in San Diego yesterday and got the alert to get away from the water because of one to three foot waves in the San Diego area. There was absolutely nothing to worry about there but seeing this type of devastation is scary.

    • Support your Troops & Athletes says:

      @Tony Last California, Florida, Louisiana and Texas gets hurricanes the rest of the world does not experience that makes these look weak as hell just saying.

    • Puppy World says:

      Did you see Carolyn and John Wooten?… 😳

    • shrikant ingle says:

      Ar least you get alert but some terrorist country don’t give life saving warning very sad for this volcano erupt god help to recover soon

    • V for Wombat says:

      @Khenfu Cake “You only need a few centimeters of water to move a car.”
      still, not nearly as bad as that tsunami from the earthquake about 10 years ago.

    • Bubu2525 H says:

      3’❓ 😂 🤣 that’s not even a sneeze Cali people are too stuck into living with Drama

  4. shinjigami22 says:

    The image of the island at 1:07 is false. That image came about from an eruption on January 14th. We do not have any images of the current island look due to all the dust in the air.

  5. themonkeyhand says:

    The after eruption photo is after the first smaller eruption earlier in the week. You can’t get a clear shot like that right now.

  6. V V says:

    First, I do hope that everyone who is going through this survives and are ok. This does seem less severe than the Indonesia Tsunami or even the Japan Tsunami. On another note/question, Do we know if this type of seismic event is capable of changing our weather systems? I know that having smoke and ash in the air is bad but it also helps to block the sun’s rays.

    • Green says:

      Imagine living on a small island and alot of the ladt is flat then it could be devastating

    • GJ competition says:


    • venjen 233 says:

      It’s VEI (Volcanic Explosivity Index)5 valcano(maybe 6),the global average temperature will drop 0.2—0.3 degrees Celsius this year,but after this global warming will continue .

    • Bigjohn22 says:

      @moon glow definitely. We should all just live In the middle of the desert with no water.

    • V for Wombat says:

      @TrashPanda 5150 “10,000 years ago there was a similar “climate change” to what people are blabbering about now”
      natural climate change takes hundreds to thousands of years.
      this one is happening in under a hundred.

      “Nature is going to happen no matter what”
      forest fires have been happening for millions of years.
      they are going to happen no matter what.
      so no need to worry about throwing lit matches into the brush in forests.

      god, you ppl.

  7. Anniefanny Charles says:

    The pictures from space are really incredible.

    • Lil Pain says:

      @Genchaos 9 These images are from the Himawari-8 satellite, which you can get images from every ten minutes on their website in Ultra High Resolution.
      There are millions of VFX Artists in the world, both amateur and professional. Tell me why none have debunked these images?

    • Bobb Grimley says:

      @Quaalude Charlie you can’t prove the lies you tell.
      Are you still a 5 year old little boy?

    • 123TauruZ321 says:

      @lesmo whomever People aren’t stupid enough to believe bullshit like that anymore. 2000 years ago, yes. 2022, no. Go find a real job, scamming no longer works.

    • lesmo whomever says:

      @123TauruZ321 If you don’t know it, it’s bull waste? Then you live in a world of bull waste. The Andaman and Nicobar Islands don’t exist because you don’t know about them and the report that came from them? Oh FOX or Trump didn’t tell you. I apologize.

    • 123TauruZ321 says:

      @lesmo whomever Keep off the grass.

  8. Rachena Febriery says:

    I hope this year will not be as severe as 2020–2021. Stay safe and healthy, Dudes.

  9. Troll me. TROLL ME HARD. says:

    The before / after pictures, if I recall correctly, were from a smaller eruption before the _’omg, look, from space’_ one. I think island pictures are still pending from the tsunami-maker.

  10. Saunsiaray Broussard says:

    Wow! I hope everyone is going to be okay in Tonga, Peru, etc.! Prayers for y’all 🙏🙏🙏

    • Sorcerer Supreme says:

      🟥 Prayers are what dumb people offer because they are too stupid to offer any helpful advice.
      🟧 If God has a plan prayers are BS.
      🟨 Asking for prayers then going to the doctor is cheating.
      🟩 Prayer: How to convince yourself & others that your helping, when you’re really doing nothing.
      🟦 When prayers Fail, Terrorists play god.
      🟪 Their stupid Spells never work.

    • Danny451 says:

      Yeah, prayers. Thanks for those nothing burgers.

    • V for Wombat says:

      @Sorcerer Supreme prayers are also expressions of sympathy and support.

      no need to mock someone for believing in religion when their heart is in the RIGHT place.

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