Watch what Whipped Cream Does in a Vacuum Chamber

Watch what Whipped Cream Does in a Vacuum Chamber

In today’s video we’re finding out if you can de-whip whipped cream and meringue in a low pressure environment.

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This video is only for entertainment purposes. If you rely on the information portrayed in this video, you assume the responsibility for the results. Have fun, but always think ahead, and remember that every project you try is at YOUR OWN RISK.

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49 Responses

  1. Charles Mego says:

    you should put popcorn in the chamber

  2. Timothy Ralph says:

    What happenes to cheeze in a vacuum chamber

  3. Shingala Punit says:

    How many weight can pick up 6 ft or more larger ballon filled with helium and them with other gases?!!!

  4. Joseph Park says:

    I have 4 ideas that I think are going to be pretty cool! 🙂 Please try them!
    1. Grind up some sparklers and make homemade thermite
    2. Put some lithium in a divot in a block of dry ice with some water and see if it will burn
    3. Run a ridiculously large amount of voltage through some light bulbs in a series circuit and make them simultaneously pop
    4. Put a stun gun or some electric current near a metal spinning fan blade

  5. Antonio Sanchez says:

    What happens if you put liquid nitrogen in the vacuum chamber?

  6. DjAlon3 says:

    Could you ingnite a termite inside a vacuum chamber with sunlight?

  7. Jorge Rodriguez says:


  8. Ignacio Gonzalez says:

    What happens to Jell-o in a vacuum chamber

  9. jayant says:

    Hey,how to make hybrid fruit…
    Try it looks cool..

    • Adequate Bros. says:

      i dont think genetic splicing and such is a d.i.y sorta thing
      adding “try it looks cool” wont bump its chances of being done

  10. Fyterfrogs Endeavor says:

    Can you cook an egg in a vacuum or by pressure

  11. Fyterfrogs Endeavor says:

    Can you make metal foam in a vacuum

    • Fyterfrogs Endeavor says:

      Maybe by adding air to liquid melted metal then vacuuming?

    • Adequate Bros. says:

      if the glass managed to hold the metal w/o breaking, the metal is super dense so the air wouldnt just mix in, and since its liquid hot the air might make it pop (3rd degree burns arent fun) then vacuuming might help it cool off at best,

    • Fiction Donut says:

      Adequate Bros. I think he’s talking about a metal like gallium that is linguistic at room temperature

  12. MyPeopleNeedMe says:

    What happens when you put oobleck in a vacuum chamber?

  13. Brad Mullins says:

    Create a Mini Tesla Tower!

  14. The Neat Llama says:

    The people who watches Aphmau is shook…

  15. The Nocturnal Alchemist says:

    I need to make a vaccum chamber. Lots of cool things to try with it

  16. Sam Derham says:

    What happens when ice cream gets heated a lot, or put in a vacuum chamber??

  17. Dimitar Stefanov says:

    You should whip it again after returning it to liquid! The egg whites, too. Very curious to see if it will get whipped again, 😀

  18. Fuc kYourAds says:

    Put a freshly severed head in a vacuum chamber. Curious if the brain expands and pops out the eyeballs.

  19. miami_legacy ! says:


  20. SpykiD Ley says:

    Put 2 different tasting things in the Vacuum chamber and see if they blend

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