watching grass grow, but literally.

watching grass grow, but literally.


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  1. Travis Quiambao says:

    i like mycelium more than grass😎😎😎

  2. Otaku 76 says:

    Me waiting for my health and mana to Regen: 👀

  3. Arber Dedja says:

    Finally someone did it fairly
    Now I can die in peace

  4. Nicholus Stevagus says:

    Grass become overconfident and threw the match

  5. Ethan Zappelli says:

    I love how the gas gas part overlapped with mycelium catching up lol

  6. Mihai Tverdohleb says:

    Its like, the grass is tesla (with a very hich acceleration) and the micelium is a bugatti (with a very high max speed but a loqer acceleration)

    • Water type Pokemon says:

      Acceleration is to get to top speed. This is a quarter mile. The 2.0 gets to the end of it immediately because it can get to its top speed faster. Please know your shit before you comment

    • Aryo Puspito says:

      @Water type Pokemon
      Acceleration is m/s²
      Meanwhile Speed/velocity is m/s
      Right? I forgot about that phyisic (and English grammar, hope u can read it)

    • straight white male says:

      @Water type Pokemon Dude we’re talking about grass, 0-60 for grass would take a couple months, not seconds.

    • Water type Pokemon says:

      @straight white male no? Its on max tick rate

    • straight white male says:

      @Water type Pokemon I meant 0-60 miles not block lol

  7. Friday night funkin’ boyfriend says:

    Green grass: I’m gonna end this grasses whole career
    Other grass: not this time

    • FTT_Flasher _YT says:

      @Stringless geology is about maps biology is about plants,animals and human body podzol is a soil, mycelium is a something like root but for mushrooms and grass is well grass

    • FTT_Flasher _YT says:

      @EMERALD168 thanks finally someone who went to school

    • Stringless says:

      @EMERALD168 we know

    • Stringless says:

      @FTT_Flasher _YT nope, geography is about maps, biology is about humans and animals. I found out its not geology either but it is botany, a branch of biology which is the study of plants

    • Stringless says:

      @FTT_Flasher _YT also mycelium is used like a root for mushrooms yes, and grass can be use to grow taller grass or flowers and all that.

  8. monkE says:

    Grass fans: “It Can’t Do That! Shoot It, or Something!”

  9. karmer killer says:

    And this is a lesson that you should never be over confident

  10. SpectateYT says:

    If anyone is wondering how to get grass to grow so quickly just hold down alt and klick f4

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