Watching ONLY the FIRST and LAST Episode of *NEW GIRL*

Watching ONLY the FIRST and LAST Episode of *NEW GIRL*

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0:00 – happy Monday
0:50 – Pilot
9:47 – Episode 2
14:50 – 2nd Last Episode
20:51 – Series Finale
26:46 – Season 6 Finale


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40 Responses

  1. Marilia Gontijo says:

    It pains me to see Dylan missing out on the best seasons of the show (specially because Coach is in them)

    • HouseMDaddict says:

      Dude or Schmidt becoming likeable. Cece and Winston “mess arounds” and Cece and coach being awesome besties. SO good! I actually liked Megan Fox ‘s episodes because the other characters were already really strong and established and she was so different from Jess so I enjoyed the different dynamic.

    • Alexandra Thill says:

      Dylan I know you don’t take recommendations but I think you should actually watch the full thing and do beer and a movie with it because you would love the middle part. Season 7 was the worst

    • WaywardAF67 says:

      @Yeori Chan there are not many shows that can survive all that New Girl did. It’s a very special show. Literally adding Megan Fox added such a refreshing take. There were real stakes in Nick growing up and moving on. I was so nervous when Jess left, but the show never needed her. They all work perfectly together.

    • Hana Cesar says:

      I know and Winston’s character is the BEST too

    • The Caped Watermelon says:

      Puzzlinnnn, Winston is about to do some puzzlinnn, bout to get into some puzzle troublinnn~~

  2. Daisy says:

    three things Dylan really missed out on not watching the whole show: winston being the best character (and his cat), the return of coach and the episode with prince in (who was a massive fan of new girl btw) also the actor who played coach did another pilot at a similar time to this pilot and when both shows were set to go ahead, he chose the other show

  3. Naomi ASMR says:

    So here’s the thing: New Girl is one of those shows that requires some level of investment. Sure, the 7th season isn’t great, but to people who followed the journey of the characters for months or years, it’s a lot funnier and just makes more sense in general. Honestly, I just recommend watching the show the whole way through. Completely worth it!

  4. S says:

    The Nick finally publishing a book joke is funnier if you saw how it’s been a running joke that he’s been meaning to finish writing that book and had this goal of publishing a book for so many years but kept giving up, which is something you can relate to with your book you’re totally writing that may or may not ever get released lol

    • Bovine Joni says:

      I’m relatively confident the showrunner stole my life somehow. My name is literally Nick Miller, I took the LSAT and applied to law school and then changed my mind before I even started, wanting to be a writer instead, but now I can barely bring myself to write anything and languish away in service industry jobs. I’m not from Chicago, but I’m from close enough in the Midwest that I’m a Chicago sports fan. I even look a bit like him, at least in broad strokes, and I share a lot of the neurotic qualities that come off as quirky for a character on a show but are actually pretty debilitating in real life. It’s too much to be coincidental. Hell, at one point in the show he calls himself “Nicky Blue Eyes” in spite of the fact that the actor doesn’t have blue eyes. But you know who does? Goddamn straight. They gave him a nickname that fits me better than it does the character. It’s uncanny.

    • Alex says:

      So Dylan?

    • Roba .13 says:

      Oh yeah! He would have related to nick on a more personal level if he had watched the hole thing

    • Quella says:

      Omg Dylan is Nick lol

  5. Miracle Madkins says:

    Dylan is giving me Nick + Schmitt energy and one day he’ll understand if he actually gives the show a chance.

  6. Edla Pettersson says:

    winston becomes the best character over the seasons, he’s insanely hilarious !! i’m sad dylan didn’t get to see his development properly 🙁

  7. Grace Hoffpauir says:

    It hurts that Dylan didn’t get to watch Winston’s storylines. He’s literally my favorite character

  8. jaylecia davila says:

    For the record they didn’t “get rid” of Coach. He wasn’t in the second episode and most of the rest of the show because the actor who plays him Damon Waynes Jr. chose to do another show, Happy Endings, instead. Also Winston’s character get so much funnier over time.

    • Bovine Joni says:

      It took them too long to stop trying to make Winston a replacement Coach and allow him to just become “the weird one” in the group.

    • Lesley Fairbairn says:

      He is the best part of Happy Endings. I could have watched that show a lot longer.

    • Rachelfromdowntheroad says:

      It was nice of them to bring coach back now and then, would’ve loved for him to stay the whole show

    • David Husari says:

      yes except he was contractually obligated to do happy endings and he only signed on to new girl because he didn’t think happy endings would get picked up

  9. S says:

    actually there was a time when the joke with nick and old man who doesn’t speak was funny! his first appearance in an episode was hilarious!! they have great chemistry lol

  10. Sarah Simone Åbacka says:

    here’s the thing: New Girl is HILARIOUS. So so good!! Grand slam jokes. Like, the way you laughed with the second episode, that’s how it continues (although it goes down a biiiit not gonna lie.) But it is GOOD! Last season is a flop and i expected so much more it. Guh.
    Coach was awesome. I missed him. Nick is A GEM. *chef’s kiss*
    Winston gets funnier and they really find who his character is by season 2!
    DYLAAN! You have to watch it!. Funny.

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