Watching the Most Disliked Videos – JonTron

Watching the Most Disliked Videos – JonTron

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Jon Jafari – Director/Editor/Writer
Sergio Torres – Director of Photography/Line Producer/Creative
Andrew Reynoso – Key Grip/Creative
Lewis Bown – Editor/Creative
Charlotte Jafari – Set Designer
Tom Ryan – Shire Music

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31 Responses

  1. JonTronShow says:

    Install Raid for Free ✅ Mobile and PC: and get a special starter pack 💥 Available only for the next 30 days 💥 Thanks to Raid for sponsoring today’s video!

    • Alex Charles says:

      I downloaded Raid to make sure JonTron got that money. I’m deleting that shit later, but get that bread Jon!

    • Angrynoodle Twenty Five says:

      think raid shadow legends has the wrong idea for advertisements… by putting themselves literally everywhere people look, people are far more likely to get annoyed and not download the app than actually download it XD I don’t Fault the creators who shill it. non-sponsored youtube just does not provide a consistent income and they gotta eat somehow… but I hate hearing about Raid Shadow Legends…

    • Grafton Gazaway says:

      Remember people, raid shadow legends is more important than starving.

    • Griggs Ritsu says:

      Like hell

    • toonlonk says:

      blink twice if you’re being held hostage

  2. Ham Radio Crash Course says:

    Jon getting dragged by his mom was truly heartwarming. Lol

  3. AnthonyCSN says:

    This man climbed into a dumpster for our entertainment, Thanks Jon!!!

  4. Flharryous says:

    Once it reached 15:40, I genuinely lost my shit out of fear and laughter. Fear of what that godforsaken egg was going to do next, and laughter for Jon’s and my shared fear.

  5. AnomalyINC says:

    As I understand it, “Grandmother and the Priests” is about a mean old lady who don’t like priests, and I think the priests in question are surrounding her because they heard she was talking smack.

  6. MercenaryJames says:

    Hearing his mom and their conversation, it’s clear where Jon’s sense of humor comes from. Love it.

  7. ThemStickers says:

    For those who don’t know. The infinite warfare trailer is so hated because after two years of futuristic call of duty games with jet packs and laser guns, the fans were begging for the developers to go back to “boots on the ground” gameplay in a modern shooter. Instead they went even further into the future and set the game in space. They also forced people to buy a special edition to get the remaster to Cod 4 which wasn’t available separately. So people dislike bombed the shit out of it

    • The MK says:

      Black Ops 2 was the perfect level of future, if they hovered around there more and spliced that with modern day stuff then they’d be doing well. And if they weren’t on a battlepass system that just serves warzone.

    • SOHAL-NINJA1 says:

      @Hat _ didn’t it have the best supply drop system and well compared to bo3 and aw

    • Hat _ says:

      @SOHAL-NINJA1 I dont really much care for the supply drops tbh, I just came here for the campaign, and the gunplay.

    • southreno says:

      At least the CoD community will always find something to bitch about!

    • TheLuneDelune says:

      Which sucks because infinite warfare was awesome. The campaign had an awesome story, and the zombies mode was super creative and fun. The only downside was the multiplayer.

  8. Carlene Medeiros says:

    Jon calling his mom was honestly the most funny and wholesome part of the video, Merry Christmas to you man and your mom too🎄

  9. Deepest Cut says:

    Damm even Momtron knows that when Jon says “soon” for a video she knows he’s lying and it’ll actually be at least a year until it comes out

  10. arwing20 says:

    The sad part about this video is that its the closest we’ve got to Jontron doing a video game related video in a LONG time.

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