Water in My Cereal: Taste Testing Various Liquid Accompaniments to Raisin Bran

Water in My Cereal: Taste Testing Various Liquid Accompaniments to Raisin Bran

In which John eats his Raisin Bran with water, orange juice, black coffee, lemon-lime gatorade, and cow’s milk in an attempt to find the perfect way to eat cereal.
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20 Responses

  1. chocolate flower says:

    I don’t have a problem with the liquids, I have a problem with the cereal!
    Granola and muesli are so much better.

    (The best is orange juice, though)

  2. Charissa Barlow says:

    I’ve recently started drinking rice milk instead of dairy. Not because of
    allergies or anything, but I honestly prefer the taste. It’s naturally
    sweeter than cows milk but less rich and creamy than even skimmed milk :)

  3. TheCrimsonCurse says:


  4. deathbatgirlxxx says:

    Hi John, have you ever tried almond milk on cereal? That’s my favorite;
    it’s light and delicious!

  5. neo012410 says:

    Unsweetened vanilla almond milk

  6. Dorgilo says:

    This has to be one of the funniest videos I’ve seen in a fair while

  7. Punkin Pie says:

    what about milk substitutes like almond or cashew milk?

  8. MrHeems says:

    I like my cereal dry.

  9. Sara Rossell says:

    While I also don’t condone eating cereal with water, I think the world
    needs more John taste tests.

  10. dyslexic kangaroo says:

    Iced coffee and corn flakes 10/10. TRY IT

  11. Steffi Brooks says:

    I’m not a violent human, but I may or may not have wanted to punch you for
    this. How DARE YOU.

  12. I May (I Might) says:

    But John, why didn’t you try some other liquids like rice milk, almond
    milk, coconut milk, oat milk or kefir?

    One morning when I was super sleepy, I poured water on my cereal (I think
    it was Special K) before I realized what I was doing. Not wanting to waste
    food, I tried it and it was awful :/ I might give raisin bran and water a
    I once saw a classmate pour grape juice into her cereal (it was the
    colorful one called something apple…). I tried it and it was good, crazy
    sweet altogether, but good.

  13. Pharuam says:

    Hey John today I was doing school at the Indianapolis public library and
    there were some fashion designs on display for some sort of competition.
    One of the designs was made by Sara Green. I flipped out, but my mom
    suggested there might be more than one Sara Green in the Indianapolis area.
    Can you hep me solve this problem. Thanks, Maura

  14. Johanna Brown says:

    ewww cereal with water?!

  15. Everyday Joey says:

    My dad puts icecream in his cereal (with a little bit of milk too).
    Interesting stuff.

  16. nitsiehta says:

    It became completly normal for me to eat oats or muesli with water. I
    totally forgot about milk and now I don’t even like milk anymore. It’s just
    a matter of getting used to your prefered liquid and I chose the vegan

  17. TheRedRaccoonDog says:

    And people say I’m weird for putting nothing on my cereal.

  18. Xanrry says:

    That’s not milk, it’s creamer. Milk comes in bags.

  19. DisAsterism says:

    i eat my cereal dry whilst drinking a glass of milk… i detest soggy

  20. ricecristi says:

    I liked orange juice and fruit loops as a kid, but I rarely eat cereal
    anymore. I think cereal with liquids are an old people thing or a kid
    thing. Most cereal seems better dry to me.