Water rescues caught on camera in Orlando after Hurricane Ian

Water rescues caught on camera in Orlando after Hurricane Ian

Katie Lagrone caught water rescues on camera in Orlando following Hurricane Ian. https://wfts.tv/3fvurOR

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24 Responses

  1. Tracey M says:

    This poor family. I hope everyone is ok

  2. Tricia inGeorgia says:

    There are many that just couldn’t afford to leave!!!! If I lived there I would have had to stay…because I can barely afford to eat, gas for work….much less my utilities! Praying for these poor people ❤️🙏🏻❤️

    • Z Killa says:

      Hurricane Shelters take people in. You just have to make it there. Some cant and I get that. I did not see it being this bad in Orlando area. Crazy. Im an hour north and got lucky.

    • Debriana Butler says:

      @Magoo when you move to a hurricane targeted state you need to realize that you should have a plan in case one does come your way.

    • Anabel Cowan says:

      FIMA WILL HELPS. YOU NEEDS TOO Feel up an application. The president already approved millions of dollars.

    • Tangi Coleman says:

      If they tell you to leave and get to higher ground you gotta go

    • Manangdi22 says:

      There are shelters designated for these. Theyre not asking to pay to stay in shelters. And according to the rescue, they’ve been back and forth asking to give them ride.

  3. daniel melo says:

    Praying for those brave men !!! Who willing to risk their life to rescue others

  4. leslie sorady says:

    Hope no vibrio cases. I would be afraid to be walking around in that water with alligators and snakes. Anyone rescuing animals? Prayers for all the victims, what a disaster!

  5. Champaigne Nicole says:

    The people who are declining rescue are in shock or praying that the water recedes quickly and when they snap out of it and realize thats not happening it’s a lot. This has been a very traumatic situation.

    • The Quaalude says:

      They’re just having fun playing in the water, leave em alone

    • Kelsie Fletcher says:

      I live in florida and we only got a little bit from ian. Our glass door shattered and ripped off and our yard was sopping. Its hard to feel relieved its a guilty feelibg for me. Because everytime i see this my heart breaks. I just moved here with my husband 3 years ago for work. I love it but i also do not like living close to water. Ive always feared the ocean. Ive been praying and praying for all of those people

    • B says:

      Or they have a safe full of lbs of gold that they are trying to keep track of

    • Victoria Kat says:

      Totally agree. I wouldn’t even be able to understand what was happening if it was me.

  6. Cathy Orlowski says:

    My prayers are with all of Florida and effected areas of Hurricane Ian. We go through this very frequently in Houston TX. I feel your pain.

  7. Nik Nat Patty Wack says:

    This is the worse I’ve ever seen in Orlando …Unbelievable

  8. D Season says:

    This may not be Normal but i have to give huge praise to Floridians who know how to survive these storms because if it was in my State we all would be Panicking !! Prayers Florida 🙏🙏🙏

    • Z Killa says:

      Luckily I live in Central Florida and usually only have to deal with power outages and a tree or 2. But this hit us pretty bad and we were already overloaded with Water. I expect big trees to continue falling from the saturated ground. I got lucky and plan to donate my generator to someone who needs it.

  9. N Stark says:

    Devastating to watch, but the rescuers are devoted – heroes all!

  10. Patty Aaron says:

    Those guys are heros as far as I’m concerned

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