Watford v. Liverpool | PREMIER LEAGUE HIGHLIGHTS | 2/29/2020 | NBC Sports

Watford v. Liverpool | PREMIER LEAGUE HIGHLIGHTS | 2/29/2020 | NBC Sports

Ismaila Sarr and Watford stunned Liverpool at Vicarage Road, beating the league leaders 3-0 to end their undefeated season and snapping their winning streak at a joint-record 18 matches. #NBCSports #PremierLeague #Watford #Liverpool #IsmailaSarr
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Watford v. Liverpool | PREMIER LEAGUE HIGHLIGHTS | 2/29/2020 | NBC Sports

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97 Responses

  1. Just Another Player says:

    I bet all of us were refreshing their page every second😂

  2. ZXC Matthew says:

    Last time I was this early Liverpool were unbeaten

  3. Seyd Ali Mahamed says:

    We’re gonna celebrate this loss more than liverpool winning the league 😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • livelove &laugh says:

      @Too Sweaty yes am mad, and its a feeling any Liverpool fun has not had since January last year. It’s like a drug winning all the time, and now that fix is gone. Watford deserve it, they played well. This is their sixth win and probably their sweetest win, they should celebrate. One loss and its back to the red zone.

    • Alan Serrano says:

      @Mario M when was the last time your team went on a 44 game unbeaten run? Your probably do disappointed with your teams form that you started watching Liverpool because you wanted to see what winning was like again. Sit down

    • YouTube Police says:

      Soccer Fan2003 we all know

    • The Blue Fox says:

      Johnny R I’m not a looser fool fan, but I do respect them. The only player I have no respect for is Sadio Flopé. They’re a good team. I have no respect for Man City however.

    • The Blue Fox says:

      Johann Flores and the 2003 either implies their birthday or when they became a fan. Both still mean that they are full of it.

  4. abhi ram says:

    We’ve got Super Nigel Pearson
    He knows exactly what we need
    Cathcart at the back
    Deeney in attack
    Pearson’s keeping us in the Premier League

  5. GOATMAN says:

    Sadio mane regretting teaching sarr his ways😂

  6. Faze Chino says:

    Salty Liverpool fans really blaming Dejan Lovern although they had still there best players. 🤣🤣

  7. Alex Calderon says:

    Foster: “ Did that just happen?” 😂😂

  8. Abs Juarez says:

    Liverpool: *Tries to go unbeaten in the league*

    Ismaila Sarr: *im bout to end this whole teams career*

  9. Biggest Uno Reverse Card says:

    Any team: Beats Liverpool

    NBC ad revenue: *STONKS*

  10. acreenos isaac says:

    Liverpool: We are going Unbeaten this whole season

    Watford steps in

    Liverpool: *Why do I hear boss music?*

  11. Jay says:

    8:27 Mane big up his countryman dem!

  12. Im BigFul says:

    Sarr is about to get a statue outside the Emirates for this performance lmao

    • syed sohaib says:

      @Thales87 G yea but football wasn’t played the way back then as it is now.. the record still holds meaning because if not records and tradition then what is left in terms of football culture?
      I agree with you somewhat tho.. this is an incredible Liverpool side..

    • Thales87 G says:

      @syed sohaib oh yeah i absolutely admit comparing any team now to 20 years ago is a bit of a flawed metric since tactics, pace, intensity and conditioning have all gotten better. I guess my point was if LP had won today and also went on to be unbeaten i, as a LP fan, dont think i would be any more proud of the team than i am now after theyve lost. What they have done since losing the champions league final in madrid goes beyond simple titles like ‘invincible’ or really even a single season. I guess my other point is more the whole ‘will they go unbeaten?’ is cared about (as a topic of conversation, not actually being invested) by everyone BUT liverpool and liverpool fans, i dont give an eff how they do it i just want them to get it over the finish line and see them lift the trophy ya know?

    • Keaten Terry says:

      @Thales87 G They may…MAY….be a superior team overall, but if you don’t remember….Liverpool had ALSO drawn a few games as well so your point is pretty much moot. It would be an entirely other matter if they had actually won each of the other games and finished it off through the end of the season…but alas they couldn’t manage. They just lost the claim to unbeaten with that loss as well, which means ONLY Arsenal still holds claim to that title. There is a good chance that Liverpool also tank out of the champions league against Athletico too with the way they have been playing recently, which would bring this team’s claim to history down even more. Most football fans would argue to the death that the Arsenal invincibles and United treble team of ’99 were superior to this Liverpool team due to the ACTUAL greatness they achieved, not just the promise they had. For example, most people would also say that the United ’08 CL/PL winning team was probably technically better than the ’99 team as well, but they only managed to win the double and not the treble. There is a reason only one team has won the treble (Man City domestic treble does not count, cant have a treble without the Champions league LOLOLOL. Also…cheaters 😉 and only one team has gone unbeaten…it’s incredibly difficult and a fair amount of luck and determination also has to be on your side. Watching that liverpool team today….gutless. VVD looked like he didn’t have a bone in that big body..other than when he destroyed Deu’s leg and forced him out on a stretcher…:o

    • Por la razon O por la fuerza says:

      This team has nothing when compared to Henry’s arsenal. That team oozed class, this team has little character… they are fierce when things go their way but ultimately dull when they have to fight for it

    • The Beaver says:

      F it… place it up outside the Etihad as well! 🤣

  13. catch your dream says:

    Had to search for this match to watch. Couldn’t believe when I saw the score line. Thank u Watford

    • FUCK ALL BRITS says:

      @Nati25 Come back when you win the league undefeated like Arsenal

    • John Cannon says:

      Yall need to stfu who cares if they dont finish as invincibles like arsenal. Winning the league is far more important than going unbeaten

    • John Cannon says:

      Yall need to stfu about invincibles. Who cares if they dont finish the season unbeaten? winning the league is far more important.

    • Ahnad Kabbani says:

      Thank you for what?

    • Zachariah Rizk says:

      @John Cannon the point is that Liverpool fans were acting Luke this team was the greatest thing to grace a football pitch (when they are not). This loss will ensure that they will not be anything other then a team that won the league this year.

  14. steven g says:

    10:23 Odion ighalo is celebrating the goal

  15. LeoAngel67 says:

    Atletico dismembered Liverpool after that game 😂😂

    • Brandon McFarlane says:

      @Daniel Stan 1 game?😂😂😂😂 where have u been for the rest of the season💩

    • Daniel Stan says:

      @Brandon McFarlane They have lost 1 EPL game this season sir. And no..they will still progress in the CL over Atletico. If Barca can take 4 at An-field barely 10 months ago then Atletico will take a beating. And for your info..i am a United Fan. I am very happy they did not go unbeaten but i am not as deluded as some of you who all of a sudden think that LFC are horrible just because they lost to a relegation team.

    • Brandon McFarlane says:

      @Daniel Stan not saying their horrible but they have been playing bad lately not to mention they have lost a couple of games this season. They could lose to atletico if alexander-arnold does not improve in defense because atletico has carrasco who’s very hard to deal with on that left wing area.

    • Pan African says:

      @Nooraksi if griezmann was still there or if Felix wasn’t injured it would have been easily 3-0 if it weren’t for that useless morata

    • YouTube Police says:

      Dagmawi Haile Oh the irony

  16. Tanvir Bhathal says:

    Van Dijk at fault for both of sarr’s goals….

  17. Official.jake7 says:

    2019: “Corner taken quickly.”
    2020: “Throw-in taken quickly.”

  18. gooner0909 says:

    Liverpool: You’ll never walk alone

    Sarr: You’ll never walk again

  19. Ian Cole says:

    Serious question: why is Watfords mascot a bee when they have a moose as their logo?

  20. Farid Toom says:

    Liverpool: We’re going invincible!

    Watford: Hold our Mané 2.0

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