Join Click as we play Hide ‘n’ Seek in Madame Tussauds Sydney.

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55 Responses

  1. Crayator says:

    I’ve never told anyone this but, I actually have a super power.

  2. Pj studio says:

    We want lannan describing every wax figure..

  3. GrifdogsChannel says:

    At the beginning who else thought bazza looked frozen. I did

  4. Diamondserver says:

    I went to a wax figure museum and there was this officer standing in the ghost busters section and my dad said β€œwow it looks so real” and the guy bent down and said β€œthank you” and my dad jumped like 6 feet back.

  5. Ben Bickford says:

    0:04 Marcus got way jealous and overprotective XD

  6. Ashlyn Shackelford says:

    Lufu: trying to kiss Chris Hemsworth

    Marcus: no no, *pulls her back

  7. Gerald WTX says:

    Cray is the MVP, Lannan missed him 3 times! Well done cray

  8. Andreu Seara Mora says:

    Lannan: “I know there not Wonder Woman”

    In the same room: Lufu dressed up as Cat Woman XDXDXD

  9. Stewart Johns says:

    Imagine being in that place at night when the whole thing is dark and you’re alone

  10. Metalmaddog says:

    Who else had a heartfelt moment when bazz said β€œmiss you” to Steve Erwin 😭

  11. Madeline Ha says:

    β€œWhat Lannan doesn’t know is that we brought costumes”

    *Pulls out Dollar Store costumes

  12. Never Down37 says:

    I was hoping Muselk would have been dressing like Elon musk and his in the perfect spot

  13. Just Ethan says:

    I laughed hard when Cray said Aquaman is short. He looked so happy.

  14. ry r says:

    Who else was hoping muselk would dress as Elon musk

  15. Bun Boy says:

    β€œI Have mastered the art of standing so incredibly still,i become invisible to the eye” – Cray

  16. GlaZe Rebirthh says:

    @ 7:29 Now that’s what you call “Hiding in Plain Sight”

  17. Squalo Oceano says:

    Let’s all be real though Cray really won this time.

  18. carrot games says:

    Elliot should have hid as wax Elon musk!!!! XD

  19. Ryzio 76 says:

    β€œCray’s the only one small enough”
    *says while less then 10 cm from cray

  20. Big Fudge says:

    Crays spot was clearly the best, Marcus’ spot felt a little cheap.

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