Join Click as we play Hide ‘n’ Seek in Madame Tussauds Sydney.

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55 Responses

  1. Crayator says:

    I’ve never told anyone this but, I actually have a super power.

  2. Pj studio says:

    We want lannan describing every wax figure..

  3. GrifdogsChannel says:

    At the beginning who else thought bazza looked frozen. I did

  4. Diamondserver says:

    I went to a wax figure museum and there was this officer standing in the ghost busters section and my dad said “wow it looks so real” and the guy bent down and said “thank you” and my dad jumped like 6 feet back.

  5. Ben Bickford says:

    0:04 Marcus got way jealous and overprotective XD

  6. Ashlyn Shackelford says:

    Lufu: trying to kiss Chris Hemsworth

    Marcus: no no, *pulls her back

  7. Gerald WTX says:

    Cray is the MVP, Lannan missed him 3 times! Well done cray

  8. Andreu Seara Mora says:

    Lannan: “I know there not Wonder Woman”

    In the same room: Lufu dressed up as Cat Woman XDXDXD

  9. Stewart Johns says:

    Imagine being in that place at night when the whole thing is dark and you’re alone

  10. Metalmaddog says:

    Who else had a heartfelt moment when bazz said “miss you” to Steve Erwin ?

  11. Madeline Ha says:

    “What Lannan doesn’t know is that we brought costumes”

    *Pulls out Dollar Store costumes

  12. Never Down37 says:

    I was hoping Muselk would have been dressing like Elon musk and his in the perfect spot

  13. Just Ethan says:

    I laughed hard when Cray said Aquaman is short. He looked so happy.

  14. ry r says:

    Who else was hoping muselk would dress as Elon musk

  15. Bun Boy says:

    “I Have mastered the art of standing so incredibly still,i become invisible to the eye” – Cray

  16. GlaZe Rebirthh says:

    @ 7:29 Now that’s what you call “Hiding in Plain Sight”

  17. Squalo Oceano says:

    Let’s all be real though Cray really won this time.

  18. carrot games says:

    Elliot should have hid as wax Elon musk!!!! XD

  19. Ryzio 76 says:

    “Cray’s the only one small enough”
    *says while less then 10 cm from cray

  20. Big Fudge says:

    Crays spot was clearly the best, Marcus’ spot felt a little cheap.

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